Wind, wind, wind! Much better cannot season-ended at all to be. With 22 Windsurftagen in March Teneriffa showed again times its best side. The last days of February rang an unbelievable wind period: 17 days at the piece with partly brutal conditions made Windsurfen already the Schwerstarbeit.
Sometimes we gave ourselves the second in the afternoon session, because for the next days to Windguru already again everything was announced “red/pink”. In addition the Swell swivelled also repeatedly after east/northeast, which let the typically moderate wind wave rise to up to mast high.
Dany was again full in its element and tried obviously its own high jump records to break. The proof pictures were to be found in each case current also in the Internet.

It became calm against it around beard David, who likewise, particularly provided in the last years with strong wind, for halsbrecherische show with monster jumps and Doppelfronties.

It has still large problems with its foot injury, which can be solved probably only by a further operation. One deer-to-ASS-ASS is wave riding, since without loops the foot joint is preserved.
Now beard is much too moved, in order to let the Windsurfen be whole: He dismounted simply the foot loops and shows that it goes also in such a way.

It jump does why not? To land, thus away things do not have to be! Reliably none shows radical wave rides with extreme Cutbacks completely without foot loops like it. The Brandungsqueren with 9 Beaufort without loops is already pure Artistik! We wish it beard property improvement and press the thumbs that it can give soon again full power.
In such a way geil the strong wind on the water actual sometime catches it also a little at to nerves, if one does not find anywhere peace.

It tiles in the most remote angles of Médano, on which Terasse that beach bar of “Flashpoint” one gesandstrahlt, Böen lurks behind each corner, the lane at the “Amazon” to the Cabezo Beach is nearly impassable and constant has one the feeling sand between the teeth to have.
The western part of the island lies against it totally in the lee, then one finds in e.g. already read America after 20 minutes drive idyllische holiday-maker conditions without a wind breath.

Due to the unusual Swell direction there were at the beginning of March only mini waves there, which were however always sufficient for the Longboards of the storm refugees.

To 13. March had we one in this winter very rare northwest day in LA. Few people on the water, mad waves and wind for four two made the day for me a special experience.
To the monthly center it became somewhat calmer and Windsurfen determined for the time being no more the routine of the day… The northeast tendency continued however, so that the Kiter, which had rather remained with 45 to 53 knots at the beach, came at its expense.

To 20. /21. there was then already again large waves and properly pressure in the small sails. To a few days break it continued to go with strong north wind for Güimar, which pivoted however the correct direction for Médano and for a zünftigen season conclusion provided.
Contrary to the many Tiefdruckgebieten, which blocked the trade wind in the last winters and brought for it many unusual rains, it was this time clearly better.

The average wind statistics for this season of over 50% also reached without alternative Spotsuche well and perhaps gives it in the next winter season still more trade wind, how one knows it from more than 10 years ago still. We wait for it.
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