Dubai .As salaam alaikum!

Simply only unreal, the building between the palms at the snow-white sand beach a scene as from 1001 night, no further wind banks far and broadly, that are my thoughts, before I introduce neck in the crystal-clear water….

Not the Karibik, not Australia, not South Africa, but Dubai, one of the 7 emirates, which united to the united Arab emirates, was our goal for a Kurztrip during the European winter. Which we found on the Arab peninsula, exceeded our conceptions which the Surfmöglichkeiten concerned and was beyond that a country of full contrasts.

Where otherwise in the world in the Strandbars are the heating emitters put on in the evening, as soon as the temperature sinks toward 20C mark? Where otherwise can one change 7 stars from the luxury hotel in a Beduinendorf? Where are the contrast between old tradition, religion, customs and modern trend, progress and luxury larger? 1001 night in the 21ten century, that is an appropriate description for Dubai.
Starting point for our investigation route was a simple consideration; where much water borders on much dry and hot country, wind would have to actually blow. And at the latest with the reading of travel guides we encountered an interesting detail: Wind towers.

These forerunners of the modern air conditioning systems are since old times skillfully designed towers at the dwellings, the wind by damp cloths cooled and the inside the dwellings led over in the hot summer months cooling to create. And still for another reason, the wind played so our travel guides an important role for Dubai.

With amazingly fast traditional boats, the Dhaus in such a way specified, operated and thus began that the native lively trade around Persian Gulf to strengthen the call Dubais as commercial centre of the region. DO buy - buy loosely - this Slogan from the modification of the name Dubai, shows concisely exactly this long commercial tradition of the emirates. Due to exemption from duty Dubai is a Shopping Paradies and shows thereby equal also its safe side; Crime and criminality do not give it quasi.
Our contact man Simon took us at the airport in receipt, enthusiastically, to show us his Surfspot. Windsurfen is particularly possible at the routistic opened west coast in the European winter. Along the beaches, which are publicly accessible nevertheless altogether, gesäumten with luxury hotels, perfect conditions are offered for beginners and progressing. Caribbean water colors and appropriate temperatures provide apart from feinsandigem beach without obstacles and safe conditions for clear Surfspass. The native Surfer are glad over each strange Surfer and divide gladly their district and their enthusiasm with the guests. The wind, that due to the thermionics usually against noon schrägauflandig begins moves usually usually in the relaxed range between 4 and 5 Bft.

The local scene, nearly all members one that south the city convenient yacht club, is British coined/shaped. According to the maritime tradition Britanniens is pronounced hospitality strongly and after a meeting on the water appears one fast at one of the bars in merry society. Directly before the hotel beaches at present the project is „The Palm “in the building, an enormous artificial island in form of a palm. Thus south of the hotel of the superlative, the Burj aluminium Arab an artificial bay was created.
Exactly this bay and the artificial islands developing now were our playground for the next days. With the conditions usually the choice between Freeridematerial or Freestylematerial remained. No wave clouds the learning possibilities, either relaxed Cruisen around the artificial islands, small Funraces with the LOCALs or Freestylen in the bays, which always desires the Surferherz for well-being feeling. From the bed on the board a thing of few meters and no empty Slogan are definite from each of the beach hotels.

In addition, is worthwhile oneself in the direction opposite of the water in Trip. A Overnightsafari into the desert, which begins after the words of a native one directly behind the beach hotels, is definitely a further highlight of a Trips after Dubai, if really against expecting no wind should be.

Even the LOCALs becomes it sometime during the summer too warmly. But then everything is packed for a Camp route, on the other side of the peninsula, to Wavespots with almost arctic temperatures around 25 C. thus better than nearly each German summer… the next flier goes soon…. it gives still much to enzdecken; As salaam alaikum!
Travel information:
Flights: Starting from 400. - EUR fly Allitalia, emirate and Lufthansa of all large airports to scarcely 8 hours to Dubai. Materials handling on request. One receives visa with entry at the airport, inoculation is not necessary. 3 hours of Zeitverschiebung to Europe

Live: Favorable overall offers on very high level inclusive. Flight gives it already starting from 700, - with EWTC

Driving a car: Very good road system with high standard, rented car gives it at the airports, gasoline prices reminds of times in Europe, long passed. Taxi-drive is very favorable, with non-governmental taxis before fixed price negotiate!

Temperatures: During the winter months perfect beach weather, caution with the sun!

Money: National currency is Dirham.

There are no Surfshops, Surfmaterial in most hotels is (still) not on the newest conditions. Therefore is recommended taking along, boards around 95-130lit, sail rarely smaller than 5.3. Shorty for people those fast freeze, otherwise Shorts and Lycra are enough as sun protection.

No dangers, neither ashore nor on the water.
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