Fuerteventura report

It becomes summer on the “Isla Tranquila”. The trade wind began now also here on Fuerteventura fully. While on the neighbour islands Teneriffa and Gran Canaria prevailed in the spring sensational conditions, it was here so far rather calm.

January gave some days with „down the LINE “- conditions in Majanicho with properly pressure from east southeast and a wave, which could not more cleanly have run longer and to us, yet also such noble moments came fast into oblivion, if continuity is missing.
Over the entire winter regularly beautiful Swells rolled to the coasts of the island. That left actually never bores arises, since various good Spots at the Northshore invited to paddles.

But the large storm was missing. Even the Sotavento beach in the south was not always so windy in this season, as the normal wind statistics lets expect.
But starting from May there was nothing more to then deplore wind-moderately, because the offer was plentiful: of normal days in Punta Blanca up to extremely clean conditions at the Glass Beach.

Up to seven days at the piece the local scene on the water and the spectators could enjoy ashore the sight logo to mast-high sets and it were photographed and filmed which things held.
Relatively much Stuff landed each day on rock - harm (and expensively) particularly for those drivers, who do not carry Sponsorensticker in the sail.

Everything could be photographically held, there my fingers much more frequently to the fork than at the pusher active was, but a few memories be remained.
The established local sizes made that best ones from the world class conditions and although the Spot was partly hopelessly overcrowded against afternoon - to the general Siestazeit -, the tendency remained itself for few friendly to affectionate, under the well-known faces.

Suitably the conditions the priorities were because of the Glass Beach particularly on radical wave rides, Aerials and Wave360ern. Partial one sees even cleanly landed baking loops from the Angleitphase raus - everything sounds after age school, is however the common program, since always unterpowered and very waveorientiert one drives.
A excursion into the south showed, like strongly in that resident clique of the Risco del Paso the Freestyle fever rages there - nearly everyone files at the most current moves.

The Vorfreude on the coming wind season is thus large, whereby hopefully also the waves will not completely be missing, because at the beginning of of July will take place here a route stop of the Canarian Waveriders Events. Then the World Cup station in the south makes a little later. More to it with next time.
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