Sports Travel: Fortaleza... the kitesurfing capital of the world!

From Fortaleza, it's only an hours drive to the best kitesurfing spots in the world. From June to January, the wind blows from the South constantly giving you winds up to 30 knots about 6 days a week!!

If you don't kitesurf, there are dozens of kitesurfing schools around Fortaleza and you are almost guaranteed to master this sport during your stay. It's safe, fun and gives you a great workout at the same time!

If you don't feel you are up for the challange, then drive up to the spots anyway and watch the pro's fly!! It's very entertaining, and many of the surf spots, such as Queba Mar in Paracuru has it's own restaurant on the beach wich gives you a great view while relaxing with a cold beer!

Equipment: Kitesurfing requires a kite, wakeboard and a harness. You can rent this in Combuco, and possibly in Paracuru, but this is included if you take a kitesurfing lesson of course.

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Directions: Paracuru has the best spots, but Combuco and Taiba are also good locations to enjoy this sport. Just take the main road north of Fortaleza and follow the signs. Paracuru is the farthest from Fortaleza and takes about an hour to drive.

Good Luck!!
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