Gran Canaria

North shore Gran Canaria - a Spotrepot of Marcos Pérez

The north coast of Gran Canaria is almost unknown with Windsurfern, because only on few days in the year here sufficiently wind for a session blows.

Wave riders however come here regularly at their expense, because innumerable reefs are pre-aged to the coast and winter-wave the Northern Hemisphere roll without brakes to the beach.
Who would like here on the water, will be earliest successful in the winter term, because then occasionally the rare days with wind and waves pair themselves.

World Cup professional Marcos Pèrez (E-7) schwärmt of these conditions, it as the best island designates.
How does one arrive into the north?

From the south coming it goes on the Highway GC1 to briefly forwards read Palmas de Gran Canaria. Starting from the exit toward Gáldar a new distance leads past at the city directly to the North shore since short.

After 10 minutes one is at the coast, the road follows the process and nearly all Spots is from the car to be seen.

Who would like far to the west to the Spots Bocabarranco and El Agujero, “Carretera del Norte” drives first by the places Bañaderos, Quintanilla and San Andrés over the road. Turn with Guía Gáldar Agaete. The road leads across the largest and highest bridge of Spain, Barranco de Silva mentioned.

Far geht's on the Highway to it the sign with the Aufschrfit “Sardina del Norte” see. There right turn and the way to the Playa del Agujero follow, where both Spots lie.
Where one gesurft?

Windsurfen is left possible with wind of on the right of and, the best wind months is Decembers until February. To recommend because of the rock coast and the innumerable reefs however only for experts!

It is difficult to lift a Spot out as the best because depending upon wind and Swell direction times the one, times the other one is the better choice.

Also the local one recommends: Always throw a view from the car and the Spot select, which runs best. Often this Quintanilla, the matter Enanos, is El Picacho, El Paso and Bocabarranco.
When does the wind blow?

If it blows in the south of the island with at least 16 knots from east, the probability for ‚wind of on the right of' conditions at the North shore is large. Best Spots is then usually the matter Enanos, El Paso and El Agujero.

Wind from left functions, even if it blows in the south of the island with at least 16 knots from west. In the north then lot Enanos, Bocabarranco and El Picacho should function.Still tap? Not escape to let one should an attendance in San Felipe, after a session at the Spot El Paso gets itself one in the restaurant of the same name the best fresh fish of the island. Marcos recommendation: Under the week there is a menu for 7 euro here.
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