Teneriffa travel

After moderate January expectations were large for the second month of the yearly, but those were powerfully disappointed for the time being: Only Kiter could heat still initially with large kites over the flat Atlantic and had trouble to hold their height.
At the 2.Februar nevertheless still the 5er went into El Socorro - the wind came too north for Médano. As to the Hohn Winguru & CO announced. for the coming days strong wind for completely small sails, but wieder auf's new ones our hopes were always disappointed.
” The next three-day-long kit period gave it then at the 10ten - only on one day it was nevertheless enough for large Freestylezeug. To the monthly center it should loose-go obviously: one day for running hot with the large Trixbrett and then finally Vierkommazwo and waves. We gave full power, as if there would be our last Surftage: Oskar Hollmann surprised the johlende local scene with its extremely vertweakten Shovits and fast whirled Twistern and stole boss Dany a little the show. Loosely stood, high in-handle baking loops have Oskar now also in its repertoire.
After successful study to the dentist inclusive doctor titles, he takes himself here again a five-month time-out to the Surfen and can about its son Viktor (6 months young) worry besides intensively.
Again against the promises of the Onlinemeteorolügen the Spuk was after two days past, because the actually still strong wind turned after north. Who drove to it stubbornly afterwards, had at least still another additional day in El Socorro or Güimar (a half autohour of direction Santa Cruz), in order to up-polish its private vacation statistics.
On day after functioned again Cabezo/mole and pig bay for large Wavesegel quasi as prelude for the arrival of the Boddenstyler around front man Michi. But already on the next day: Again calm air! At the 23sten for it fat Swell placed itself in read in America and who in addition had the “Cojones”, dared with the Surfboard into the megawaves.

Also Dany and Oskar serrated the monsters and yokes caught breath-robbing Impressionen with its waterproof camera for us. At the same time then finally, the long wind period and the last days of leidigen February continuing still started ballerten, as if the trade wind would have again learned to pusten.
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