Links to Bonaire related pages

Links to Bonaire related pages

Sports Travel: Fortaleza... the kitesurfing capital of the world!

From Fortaleza, it's only an hours drive to the best kitesurfing spots in the world. From June to January, the wind blows from the South constantly giving you winds up to 30 knots about 6 days a week!!

If you don't kitesurf, there are dozens of kitesurfing schools around Fortaleza and you are almost guaranteed to master this sport during your stay. It's safe, fun and gives you a great workout at the same time!

If you don't feel you are up for the challange, then drive up to the spots anyway and watch the pro's fly!! It's very entertaining, and many of the surf spots, such as Queba Mar in Paracuru has it's own restaurant on the beach wich gives you a great view while relaxing with a cold beer!

Equipment: Kitesurfing requires a kite, wakeboard and a harness. You can rent this in Combuco, and possibly in Paracuru, but this is included if you take a kitesurfing lesson of course.

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Directions: Paracuru has the best spots, but Combuco and Taiba are also good locations to enjoy this sport. Just take the main road north of Fortaleza and follow the signs. Paracuru is the farthest from Fortaleza and takes about an hour to drive.

Good Luck!!
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Bonaire travel tips

You've just found the best site for all sorts of information about the island of Bonaire, located in the Dutch Caribbean.

The InfoBonaire site is managed and maintained locally on Bonaire, which guarantees you the most current information about Bonaire, and it's hosted on U.S. servers to provide speedy response time.

Bonaire is a small island located in the southern Caribbean (see the maps) known for its pioneering role in the preservation of nature, in particular the preservation of the marine environment, and for its excellent scuba diving, snorkeling, and windsurfing, among other things. Kayak in the mangroves, the gentle bay or venture out into the open ocean for a real challenge. Enjoy the nature of the land cycling or mountain biking.

Sardinia windsurfing

We are then times away… Thus at the beginning of of April our slogan read, following Hape Kerkelings best-seller. And this short sentence met it rather exactly, even if we not on a Pilgerpfad on the search for God, illuminating or on the way were, but on the way on the search for wind, waves and sun. And all that must nevertheless actually have to be found on the Mediterranean island Sardinien at this season… thought in such a way we anyhow. But: This year of everything was somehow differently than meant and it seems as if the climatic change does not make for no more before the Mediterranean area stop. Already the wind forecasts before our departure looked, now, not straight rosy. But on an island, there a beach with wind from the correct direction should to be nevertheless actually always found be able.

And in such a way we also actually appeared ourselves in hoped for sunshine at the northeast coast, after a spectacular sunrise on the island had welcomed us. With the sunshine associated also wind, 15-20kn, with it an almost unbevölkerter beach and fantastic water colors nearly for us alone, since most of the numerous Touri Surfer try, in the Getümmel of postage Pollo mutually umzufahren themselves. Thus the first day passed already once exactly after plan, which in Italy in principle more is than unusual. But actually we wanted to measure also times the a few nice sardischen waves. Our native informants actually announced for the next day useful conditions in Chia, at the south end of the island. Thus short hand in the protection of the darkness the island was once lengthwise crossed, which however is really recommendable only if one at least to some extent knows the distance.

Here is a module over Italian, and/or their increase, i.e. sardische roads permits. While the routing is already not determined actually in Italy compellingly by the principle of the shortest distance from A to B, but to follow, this seems to rather creative and spontaneous ideas still supplemental by the condition of the roads, in whose impact holes already whole small cars are to have disappeared, and which complete absence of sign-posting of respectively purposeful disinformations. A good example is at present - and as it also still looks for longer time at the local entrance of Putzu Idu at the west coast. There by means of sign at the local entrance traffic is authoritarianly rerouted. If one asks native ones after the reason, it turns out that only one forgot to remove this sign after a stationary in the summer 2006 again… Describing and roads to the defiance awaked we on the next morning in Chia had however somehow necessarily the feeling into southern and thus warmer direction to have really driven. It was simple rat cold… But at least the Mediterranean from its moved side and also the wind showed up came sideshore of left a dream! The beach was relatively full, since the there straight Italian Wave championships should be delivered. Who had however expected, which would give it a taut organization with strict schedule, inclusive. Beach blockage because of the Contests… now… that not yet often was in Italy. Rather we could get to know that the competition should approximately possibly probably begin so about against 12 o'clock.

Became it with the DWC so an Regatta organization gebenm would have that immediately a giant-large protest wave and a Gezeter for hours the consequence! In Italy one is there substantially more relaxed and all participants worked very loosely. In view of traffic on the water the bent spectator would have tapped probably however rather on a Slalomregatta as on a Wave Event, whereby the native ones could be differentiated of course-traveled easily at the neoprene hoods and Langarmanzügen. With 5.3 we had anyhow much fun in the waves, even if one them itself partly with floats, abandoned material, Kitern, Surfern and which had to also otherwise still divide.

Contest technically Flo with its Goiter attempts would have far in front been appropriate for Best Crash with the Rausfahren at least in the category „“, while Chris accreted in such a way with the Wellenabreiten spontaneously on its sail done without and board and Rigg separately. Anyhow those had been worthwhile themselves approximately 350, mind you sardischen, kilometers. But completely inakzeptabler rain and less wind from suboptimaler direction were announced, thus unfortunately for Chia for the next day? Thus in the dusk back to the west coast, to Daniele, our sardischen contact man was. Daniele coordinated as owners of kiosk at the beach of Putzu Idu with Capo Mannu not only the there Surfszene but seems to have developed also in the surrounding restaurants a special Zahlungssystem. Anyhow our attempt failed to invite it to the meal pitifully and ended with the fact that we did not pay our Riesenpizzen, but of the Wirtin still money did not get… however one must also everything understand….

Actually Daniele does not live perfectly directly at one the best Wellenreitspots of the Mediterranean, but… tja, without wind waves. Thus remained for us only, a new record in the Cappuccino drink to set up, because the wind and weather forecast for completely Sardinien promised nothing property. Who experienced however Flo already once after a bottle Cola, an approximate conception of can make itself how hibbelig it is after 4-5 Cappuccini. In order to thus place and remove particularly from Danieles cafe machine it somehow calmly, we made ourselves into the north, direction postage Liscia, in the rain pouring in the meantime, which should remain intending also for the next 48h in different variants. For us thus only to change over to calm air occupations such as Scrabble with quadruple word value for words with Surfbezug…. mast seal or Vorlieksstrecker remained nearly inevitably the victory would thus have brought. Briefly before the camp vest occurred came then at night wind, what led to the fact that Flo aufriggte already in the morning-grey hectically in the Neo - in the still pouring rain - and we were shortly thereafter at temperatures and water colors, which had to be assigned rather to the Ijsselmeer on the water again, while the Italians at the beach original with ski gloves and Wollmützen their material aufriggten.

Unfortunately the wind at noon, but thus at least also the rain disappeared, so that at least the Touri program made along the north coast now sense. Here also a trip is recommended, above all however after Castelsardo with its castle mountain because of the small Ristorante of mummy Angela. Those was afraid in view of our hunger a little for contents of its aquarium, but with double dessert portions the worst could be prevented. A zero Diät for short term weight reduction would be at the following weak wind days however rather indicated being it was now, directly „flautig, “. So much flautig that even Flo placed itself from despair on the course racer around itself with the 11er sail convulsively/desperately to sliding to pump. And that wants already which is called… The whole did not have the merry side effect that at the other end of the bay some Surfer aufriggten hectically, only over then to determine it to the sliding threshold corrected strongly downward by Flo near came.

Briefly before itself Flo was so far to announce itself for the complete DWC season in the course running both weather services and our native sources announced again wind naturally at the southern and thus against set end of the island: In Chia. But we already knew the distance, and which are already a few sardische kilometer more…? Actually both the announced wind and sun came for the locking days, both in the south and in the north, so that we could back-work ourselves slowly toward Fährhafen, up to finally the last kilometers without Sardinien before us lying and although we in the meantime maps to do and the distances blindly, and/or in the half sleep could drive… unfortunate actually. But the remaining kilometers in warm Germany trösteten a little, just as the prospect on the next Trip, after Sardinien or where also always, if it means again; „We are then times away! “

Australien Westcoast

10 years passed since my last west Coast stay in Australia. At that time I lived three months in Ford a Falcon station Wagon and exclusively nourished myself from a cool box, each quantity wine from cardboards as well as “Emu bitter” - beer.

What changed in the meantime? Instead of 3 months time I had this time only one, everything else remained with the old and that was also well like that!
Arrived at Perth, I spent the first night at the air haven, in order mean buddies from Munich, arriving later, in receipt to take.

The Vorfreude on it was enormous, since he had not only his own, but also my entire material with itself. Through this fox idea we saved some Euronen for the over luggage and I the always pre-programmed stress with the Einchecken.
Our first goal was Yallingup. 250 km south of Perth convenient, our SWCCC (Strategic west Coast COMMAND center) for the campaigns was furnished here along the coast.

After our Headquarter was set up with our acquaintance Andy in its semifinished house consisting of straw balls, the first employment was long in coming not, because in only 40 km removed Margaret River suspicious white Schaumkronen at the horizon were announced.

In the afternoon the Sea Breeze coming from southwest did not leave us in the next days in the pass.
Caution was however always required, since not only the powerful waves, but also the far scattered, scarcely under the water surface lying reefs always for surprises ensures. After I explained to my colleague for a long time, where that was about 500 meters distant Channel for crossing the Reefbreaks, I heated full euphoria on it too.

The Vorfreude was however fast to end as I with full speed on the reef to the centrifuge fall set. “Fortunately” I ruined myself only the fairing and the fork tree. With some grazes and rather frustrated paddelte I to the beach back.
10 days later it was time for the north. Stage way worked ourselves we over Lancelin and Geraldton the coast up. My buddy set at short notice to the hunger strike to come in order to loose-will the Pounds set in the south again, there it according to own statement with light wind of problems had into sliding.

Our goal was the Gnaraloo lying beyond the civilization. After we examined daily the waving and wind forecast, we already suspected, what could expect us - the best Swell of the season!
At the object of the longing arrived, we let once in detail explain only the “reef situation” and were surprised that nearly all Windsurfer carried shoes. A dutchman, who still asked me with the entrance in the water: “You're going out there without booties???” still mine increased self-confident its.

After I successfully crossed the shore BREAK, happened that, what one expects to few. For instance 1km of the mainland removes fallow with the first neck my mast.
A Swiss named Neil and Heinz from Germany rendered in the not whole harmless situation first help to me and brought fork tree, mastfuss as well as Extension safe ashore, during I (times again) on my together-rolled sail the home journey began.

The bank lying in the distance was explained as the goal of the daily and successfully reached under observation of the underwater world after approximately one hour.
On the next day, as expected, the large Swell came. With mulmigem feeling in the stomach and full reverence it went into the first sets. Mast-high waves showed me clearly, where it went long - down the LINE, fast! One was recompenced with up to eight turns on a wave! My initial fear yielded slowly a constant Dauergrinsen - A perfect day!

The wave of the daily by the way got a Belgian, who was fed by 6 meters a Wasserwand with alive body. Material as also it remained as by a miracle intact.
After approximately one week we decided to break itself open again into the south. With a mouse as blind passenger in the car we left in the express speed the Camp occupied of flies and still on the same day with a 5,3er evening session in Geraldton were recompenced.

To short pause in Lancelin, where we came into the benefit of the first fresh water shower after approximately three weeks, it went back to the SWCCC to Yallingup.
The last days were coined/shaped due to the removing Sea Breeze 4WD Offroad expeditions along the singular coast, solid wave riding as well as extremes Wine Tasting route by the excellent wine wine cellars of the Margaret River AREA - life CAN good…
Also the mouse found a new at home. She lives now in the 1500km removed, cooler Albany. Whether it pleases her there, we do not know.

Us it did to Australia in any case again and with security to come we in the next years again.

Capetown 06/07

A Capetown report of Alexander Gley, which in the middle of November already letzen yearly the “summer attendance” at the cape began and a few windy days of the so far less good Surf season so still secure itself could:

On 18 November it went finally on the long desired Kapstadt Trip. Without my two Surfkumpels Stefan and Markus, but with my surfenden, friend photographing but. To our journey with Lufthansa/SAA of Hanover via Frankfurt after Capetown proved at the beginning somewhat problematic, because naturally there was stress at the Lufthansa switch times again because of the Surfgepäcks (Bag with approx. 60kg total weight).
With 160, - EUR fee was then however even the affair 40, - EUR more favorably, than the Servicehotline of SAA had originally communicated to me. For us anyhow still better than the alternative with LTU over Duesseldorf or Munich, if one to it-counts drive, park fees and overnight accomodation.

The further process of the outward flight ran problem-free. Finally arrived, it lasted only short time, until we already were outside of the airport building - at the passport check they apparent already practice for the football WM 2010.
Fast still with “Catalyst Carhire” the lease signed, the Boardbag on the car fastened and off went it to Table View.

After we had supplied ourselves with Pick'n Pay (has also Sundays opened) with a leckeren breakfast, we made ourselves against 14:00 clock on at the Sunset Beach. And the promised southeast wind actually came: approx. 2 meters of wave and wind for the 5,8er sail (later then for the 5,3er) were a beautiful entrance on the large Waveboard.

Although the wind did not blow in the following three weeks always from southeast, I came nevertheless actually nearly each day with my 75 - or 98-Liter-Board and sails of 4,1m ² - 5,8m ² at the Sunset, in Big Bay or at the Rietvlei on the water and into sliding.
The weather was this year nevertheless different, than we know it at this season. On four days morning drizzle weather, some days with good SW-wind - sufficient to the Freestylen on the Rietvlei, one day with storm from size - diagonally auflandig and North Sea chaos at the Sunset (in Böen too much for my smallest combination of 75l + 4,1m ², so that I stopped after one hour of Kampfsurfen voluntarily).

Also one day with very ruppigem “Black South Easter” participated. Only against evening the sun came raus, with the small Waveboard and 4,7er had I then into the Big Bay nevertheless still another very beautiful session.

Really impressing by the way was the Surf level of the young wild Freestyler on the Rietvlei, which seems to rise each year.
Apart from the atypical wind conditions there was in addition, in this year sufficient the used then days for 4er to 5,3er sail and wave between 2 to 3 meters at the Sunset Beach, so that I could make exactly that, what for me than “Waveridernormalo” the most beautiful at our sport is: Jumping and Wellenabreiten.

Sadly to look at it was that after building rage in Blouberg the Big Bay Beach Resort with the kultigen Surfrider cafe was flat-made simple and everything a dirty building site was. A new Beach Resort is to probably develop, because before we left briefly became both the dunes fastened and with lawns bepflanzt, and wooden transitions built. I did not receive more exact information in addition, with the Blouberg tourist information.
Apart from the fact that or other day without wind in the “advanced” Surferalter harms the regeneration not straight, it gives it in Capetown and its surrounding countryside numerous alternative possibilities of employment, so that it becomes boring actually never.

The Greenpoint African Market at the stadium (only Sundays), the Waterfront with the Two Ocean aquarium, the Wildlife with the penguins in Boulders, the Game Reserves like e.g. Aquilla, the large white ones in Gaansbai, the seals island with Hout Bay, various purchase temples and naturally the Wine Estates.

A beautiful small spot and an in any case attendance worth are e.g. Groot Constantia in close proximity to Kirstenbosch at the foot of the board mountain massif.

During a cape city stay one should have been naturally at least once on the board mountain. Who would like to have thereby its peace, best national guards go to the Nursery Ravine or the Skeleton Gorge to foot up from the Kirstenbosch. It is important to carry sufficient water forward since one comes properly on a covered day into sweating.

Arrived on the plateau, one has a grandiosen view over Capetown and the Falsebay - guarantees without Touris with Stöckelschuhen (contrary to the summit station at the aerial ropeway).

This year I gegönnt myself in addition the Thrill to book with “White Shark Project” and look at me the large white sharks in Gaansbai times from the proximity.
Due to the partial high heave some the boat passengers of the Haianfütterung with Chum (fish liver, - meat and - blood, everything beautifully zermatscht) still their own note attached. It nevertheless took a full hour to itself the first shark showed. Into that altogether four hours on lake were to be seen several large white ones. An unforgettable experience! Who does not suffer from a Haiphobie, that should not miss!

The last day before the home flight I could enjoy then once again wind for the 4,1er and 2m wave, whereby I had talked myself firmly the fact that it in the board bay not so many sharks as in Gaansbai gives…

Before the takeoff there - one suspects it nearly - was again stress at the SAA switch because of the Surfstuffs. It meant, the luggage was allowed to weigh maximally 50 kg, otherwise I must send it by cargo.
Thus the 2,80-Meter-Monsterbag had on the normal luggage balance - so which I did not have so far in Capetown yet experienced. Owing to my balancing arts I could settle down the balance rather exactly with 50 kg. This hurdle would be created thus, thought I. Transport to Frankfurt should now, how planned, 100, - EUR to cost, for the further transport to Hanover with Lufthansa I however 1,000 should, - EUR over luggage to pay!

The SAA service Hotline had insured me however before takeoff that this inclusive was! After endless discussions with various SAA coworkers, including the “manager” we agreed after approximately one hour on thus 160, - EUR. Some pearls and nerves including. But independently of it, also this vacation will have been last not my in Capetown…

Maui Hookipa

++ we have here at present wind force 9 from left in Hookipa and Jaws, the waves are epic to closeout ++

The Kona storm given apart from some humidity from above also fat waves. Jaws and Waimea are “on” with 20 Hawaiian Feet, and/or Waimea this morning with 35 Feet. The river precipitates, the roads lies full trees, on Oahu stands some under water. No sock is on the water, yesterday afternoon has we Michi Schwaiger in Hookipa windsurfen nevertheless briefly to see. He got 6 waves. Although we sat above on the skirt in Hookpia, it often disappeared between the waves for 1-2 seconds.
Then it has it zerissen and it without material of Lanes clean-swam. Rausgekommen is it Pavillions….

Yesterday - 31.01. - was again around numbers better, actually unbelievably. Robby Naish, Jason Polakow, Robby Swift, Michi Schwaiger, Kevin Pritchard were outside and Lanes gerockt. Otherwise none, and it gave the tendency actually tyische for Jaws: ahhhhs and ohhhhs of the inspired quantity

Teneriffa 06/07

Little spectacular prelude 2007 on Teneriffa: The statistics of 17 Windsurftagen can to be seen be able, but created it rarely the wind to lure smaller sails and boards auf's water. The weather services constantly promised best conditions, but usually the 5,3er and the Freestyler had on the little hilly Atlantic.
In addition it blew one nearly always ticks too east, the Médano nozzle thereby is repealed set. Turn of the year-caused there was a proper holiday-maker attack on Cabezo.

Also DWC Youngster Vincent of long ones gave itself again times the honour and found perfect conditions for Race training.
At the 11. /12. the wind turned then again times on southeast, which actually mad “haven Tack” - conditions in read America to mean can, but was not fat enough unfortunately the Swell and the wind stood more frequently on “break” than on “Play”.

Other alternatives such as Mountainbiken and wave riding in LA had to hold. The end of the month it became once again correctly interesting: To 27. reached us after 12 weeks Ruhepause serious Tiefdruckgebiet with plentifully rains.

The directly auflandige wind does not come by the powerful luffing back-up of the mountain massif in the back of Médano so correctly into the courses, pushed however one partly over mast-high “North Sea-wave” into the bay.
On afternoon the sky something, the rain got thinner heard on and for one hour went somewhat between the gigantic waving close gene. A handful of Windsurfer fell itself into the tides and got a session, as one can experience it otherwise only on Sylt or Römö.

Our side /sideonshore used local one yokes had to swim several times for a long time its Stuff afterwards, had however again and again luck - the material remained welfare.
Actually the next day should bring back and similar water haven conditions to continuous rains, but instead the wind turned the south Teneriffas on northeast and stormed clear.

Was monster-waves as weggezaubert, but went along it over 40 knots correctly to the thing. 3,7 fit perfectly and after short time was also the usual wind-wave again there.
On it Dany break had waited obviously, after long Windsurfabstinenz (it was only in LA times also thereby) rockte it Cabezo with jumps in the upper floor and showed its new cheats like Tweaked Pushloop and Backside Wave 360er.

To the end of the month there was nice day with Bumb'n'Jump conditions in El Socorro and Güimar with for Médano to northern Briese still another.

February is generally acted here as the best winter month (the statistics of the last years to underline) - schaun' we times whether it can hold, which it promises. Whether' s is correct can it on Andrés Webcam pursue.

Irland Brandon Bay

Rain marks a liquid precipitation with a droplet size from usually 0.6-3 mm. Below 0.5 mm is it drizzle (also drizzle). Rain, outside of the polar areas the quantitatively most meaning form of the precipitation, is measured in “mm Niederschlagshöhe”. 1 mm precipitation corresponds 1 litre per square meter. Rain develops from ice crystals in the upper troposphere, which serve as condensation germs for the accumulation of further quantities of water. If they fall then due to the force of gravity to the earth's surface, they melt because of the air friction and receive a drop form. The droplet size varies. The largest drop photographed so far had a diameter of 9 mm; usually a drop already zerplatzt starting from 6 mm into smaller. (Source: Wikipedia.de)
Rain - which was so rather first, which occurred to us with the thought at Ireland. The fact that the first thought is usually the correct should prove to be true with our Trip to the Brandon Bay on the Dingle Penisula. There one might experience definitely all worth knowing one over rains very closely, and believes one the rumors, then the Irish for rains have similarly many expressions as Eskimos for snow… But that it rains in the southwest of Ireland so frequently has a reason, which makes this corner of Europe interesting for Windsurfer also again.

When Vorposten Europe is appropriate for Ireland in the middle in the course course of the Tiefdruckgebiete, which ventilate straight in the autumn regularly the Brandon Bay well and in addition for sufficiently water movement provide.
This meteorological information was confirmed us by some English Surfer, and after to a large extent windless summer 2006 Ireland, despite rains in all variants, appeared to us - the DWC Cuppern Christian Opitz, Florian Söhnchen and Chris oats - as an enticing goal.

A urgemütliches house directly at the cliffs over the bay was found fast, just as fast a flight, with which we were allowed to experience, how uncomplicated it can be to carry 3 young with enormous amounts at Surfmaterial. Only the organization of a suitable driving support turned out as the larger task, since in Ireland no rented cars with roof luggage carriers are rented and transporters to goods in short supply are apparent.

After we had already considered the local Pony lettings as plan B, we created it nevertheless still, in place of “Pimp my Ride” in the literal sense to take at the airport a bus in receipt. Naturally in the pouring rain, pardon, after Irish yardsticks light fog or also “liquid sunshine”.
With our arrival in the Brandon Bay the “fog” had at least so far gotten thinner that we had a view over those entirely bay; and on the perfect LINEs, which in-rolled with down the LINE conditions picture-as shown by the books with Side offshore wind from left to the appearing almost endless beach.

No miracle thus that it might have been new Aufriggrekord, until we were on the water in the middle between relaxed LOCALs and long, cleanly breaking waves.

After we also our cars surely by the beach from the wet sand excavated and considering the Irish traffic rules - which blökt, has right of way - to our accommodation, waited as beginning and for outward warming up and for internal warming up a glass of Irish Whiskey had brought a flickering peat fire for us…
Whiskey is an alcoholic beverage won from grain by Fermentierung and distillation. The word Whiskey, for the first time 1736 mentioned, leads itself of Irish uisce beatha (spoken: ischke baha or ischke ba) and means life water (uisge/uisce = water, beatha = life). “Water of the life” is called uisge/uisce well beatha. The anglisierte form usquebaugh has itself from the gälischen discussion form uskeba developed, how one finds it often also in Scotland, Ireland and Wales with place names, however today uskvebaw (“u” as in CUT, “aw” as in law) or yuskibaw is spoken. (Source: Wikipedia.de)
One must have drunk probably also some at Whiskey, in order to become halfway powerful either Gäli, that from celtic coming language, which is still far common straight in the southwest of Ireland, or measure around itself with ex-Hurricane Issac.

Kilcummin offered wrecks stranded with Side Onshore wind of perfect conditions for the 3.7er, one not at the remainders there of the 1846 probably with similar conditions failed at least so long and the fate of the crew did not divide.
This probably is on one of the numerous old purged cemeteries - the perfect window blind for each Grusel and ghost film.

We had more luck, in particular Flo, which landed finally Pushloops more or less accident-free, with what we again a reason had, against evening directly from the beach - in the meantime experienced in the excavation of the car - the Pubs to head for… however one needs one in addition actually a reason?
The Pub (majority: the Pubs) is in Great Britain, Ireland, Brittany a tavern and has there its firm place in the social life. The designation „Pub “is an invention of the Viktoriani age and meant originally decreases/goes back on the Roman Besatzer of the antique ones and „public house “(public house). Pubs differ from usual taverns, by being furnished with wood and carpets predominantly. Likes is standing at the bar or at high tables. Dartboards and Billardtische are very frequently. Sounded windows cover the view from the outside and give to the whole one a somewhat schummrige atmosphere. The Umgangsformen are uncomplicated, one introduce themselves on the islands by first name. Is drunk traditionally beer from a rich selection, which one must get oneself at the bar. Enterprise comes correctly into the Pubs, if after end of workday to a beer together-find themselves an employing of the surrounding enterprises still fast. Later associate the evening guests with while the regular customers seemed to be anyway always already there. (Source: Wikipedia.de)
With which we would be again with the beginning, the rain. There is an Irish proverb: “RK leases it doesn't rain into the Pub!”. The weather is surely one of the reasons for the high number of Pubs as escape places, because even in a place, which consists only of 3 houses, one is with security a Pub and thus a much more than a simple tavern. It is rather a place, at which one meets, eats, talks, really celebrates… a trick and a pivot of the Irish life.

Even during the week are in almost each Pub Lifebands, which fill the sober definition of a Pubs likewise with lives like the friendly native ones, which emerge somehow and somewhere, until the Pub is crammed and one feels somehow at home.
And during itself Fischer with rubber boots beside distinguierten gentlemen in the Tweedanzug at the bar comfortably to a “Craig” and a “pint”, a Schwätzchen and a Guinness meet, which sizzle chimney fires and the black Gebräu drives us out after a further grandiosen Surftag the salt taste, already curve our thoughts for the planning of our next Trips, of which one will lead us with security also again into the Brandon Bay.

Perhaps we still another a Guinness or Whiskey on the local holy ones should drink, so that it carries providing for our imminent return…
Brendan the traveler (* about 484 possibly in Annagh on the Dingle peninsula; † 577 in the monastery Annaghdown CO. Galway;) was an Irish holy. Brendan became a probably 512 priest and created numerous monasteries. The different reports on its life are legendary nearly all. Only secured date is the establishment of the monastery Clonfert (in the county Galway) around 560. Admits is it by the Navigatio Sancti Brendani, a report common extremely popular in the Middle Ages and over a sea voyage, which it is to have undertaken between 565 and 573 with twelve companions. The goal of this journey (with a Curragh one undertook), was the “Terra Repromissionis”, a promised island in the west. On the way to these Brendaninsel (in several medieval maps is registered) he experienced a great deal adventures. The description of its journey arranged to in 18. Century expeditions to the search for Brendans island. Since that 19. Century besides was tried to adapt the descriptions of the different islands on material islands in the Atlantic. The assumptions hand America from the Kanari islands over Iceland until, can however in none of the cases conclusively be occupied, what will be possible probably also never in view of the mythisch religious character of the travel description. 1976 knew Timothy Severin however actually with a Currach to America sails, which lets assume that a discovery America was at least possible at this time. (Source: Wikipedia.de)

As a name giver of the Brandon Bay Saint Brandon, both protection patron of the travelers and sailor, is and probably also the Surfer. Because these are constant on the journey, the expedition, the search, after the perfect place, the perfect conditions, the perfect moment.
We found both also in the following days, in the Brandon Bay in Ireland. In view of the name patron not necessarily a coincidence…
Thus it means for us: Until soon - Slan leat!
For the entry to Ireland only a valid identity card is not necessary, currency is the euro, duty fees.

Weather information

Either by ferry with own car starting from approximately 300, - € (zzgl. Spritkosten); is worthwhile oneself only with longer stay. Alternatively by airplane, e.g. starting from Frankfurt cock after Kerry or from Luebeck and/or Duesseldorf Weeze to Shannon (over London) with Ryan air (www.ryanair.de). Return ticket gives it starting from approx. 40, - €. Material taking along costs 30 during previous registration for each luggage item approx., - €, nice-proves uncomplicatedly and without restriction of weight!

Rented car
Rented cars are generally relatively expensive in Ireland and are subject to age restrictions. At all well-known rented car companies (Sixt, budget, Hertz, Alamo, etc.) no roof luggage carriers are offered (but expressly forbidden), so that one should rather book a category more largely. The search for a transporter remains alternative, approximately with www.enterprise.com (very friendly and uncomplicated!).

Approximately over the Brandon Bay is houses for several persons particularly in the Nebensaison affordable and recommendable. Info. gives it among www.dingle-peninsula.ie, www.spillanesbar.com or Maralyne Spillane, 066 7139509/Eileen lynches, to 066 7139108/John Joe Flynn, 066 7139553.
The Spots lies side by side in the Brandon Bay. Approximately around the Brandon Bay everything one orders, which a Surfer can wish itself, to inclusive Flachwasserspots. Due to the form of the bay Sideshore conditions are during almost each wind direction, whereby the waves break depending upon Spot on sand or reef and become of various sizes. Here in sequence, from west to east:

Fermoyle - Beachbreak with west wind and alternative, if the Swell at the other Spots becomes too large.
Kilcuminn - something similar as Fermoyle, at ebb-tide rises up left from the river the remainder of a sunk ship out of the water.
Gowlane - Beachbreak in the Worldcup format. SW-wind is Sideoffshore and in the bank range easily böig, but the waves can become largely and above all clean!
Stradbally - something similar as Gowlane, perfectly if in Gowlane completely offshore wind is.
Dump - with wind from right here good ramps are for jumping, the current continue to increase at the end of the bay.
Mossies/Shitties - Reef and Beachbreak at the end of the bay, directly in relation to the cult Pub Spillanes. Here break waves over flat reef, therefore absolutely on LOCALs respect, which the time window, in which this Worldcup Spot is mobile, perfectly. With material fracture it becomes long swim a home.

More information are also in the Kite and Windsurfing Guide Europe!

Ex-Worldcupper Jamie Knox leads in the Sandy Bay a Surfschule, here can one material rent, pieces of advice, information and in case of emergency also substitute get: www.jamieknox.com

Teneriffa travel

After moderate January expectations were large for the second month of the yearly, but those were powerfully disappointed for the time being: Only Kiter could heat still initially with large kites over the flat Atlantic and had trouble to hold their height.
At the 2.Februar nevertheless still the 5er went into El Socorro - the wind came too north for Médano. As to the Hohn Winguru & CO announced. for the coming days strong wind for completely small sails, but wieder auf's new ones our hopes were always disappointed.
” The next three-day-long kit period gave it then at the 10ten - only on one day it was nevertheless enough for large Freestylezeug. To the monthly center it should loose-go obviously: one day for running hot with the large Trixbrett and then finally Vierkommazwo and waves. We gave full power, as if there would be our last Surftage: Oskar Hollmann surprised the johlende local scene with its extremely vertweakten Shovits and fast whirled Twistern and stole boss Dany a little the show. Loosely stood, high in-handle baking loops have Oskar now also in its repertoire.
After successful study to the dentist inclusive doctor titles, he takes himself here again a five-month time-out to the Surfen and can about its son Viktor (6 months young) worry besides intensively.
Again against the promises of the Onlinemeteorolügen the Spuk was after two days past, because the actually still strong wind turned after north. Who drove to it stubbornly afterwards, had at least still another additional day in El Socorro or Güimar (a half autohour of direction Santa Cruz), in order to up-polish its private vacation statistics.
On day after functioned again Cabezo/mole and pig bay for large Wavesegel quasi as prelude for the arrival of the Boddenstyler around front man Michi. But already on the next day: Again calm air! At the 23sten for it fat Swell placed itself in read in America and who in addition had the “Cojones”, dared with the Surfboard into the megawaves.

Also Dany and Oskar serrated the monsters and yokes caught breath-robbing Impressionen with its waterproof camera for us. At the same time then finally, the long wind period and the last days of leidigen February continuing still started ballerten, as if the trade wind would have again learned to pusten.

Venezuela El Yaque

“Ladies and Gentlemen, incoming goods wants arrive RK our destination Porlamar del Carribe in A few minutes. Please chamfered your seatbelt!” The announcement of the Cabin crew tore me out means dreams. Had I thus finally created it? Was I only few minutes distant from the Freestyleparadies El Yaque? Fast pulled I mean seat belt again firm, before the machine touched down gentle on venezuelanischem soil.

When entering the flight stairs me a warm wind blew immediately into the face. Now I could forget the wet-cold weather in Germany finally.
I had to only get accustomed to the warm conditions, I nevertheless straight only the cold North Sea had experienced. At temperatures around 30°C and blue sky I knew however, why I had completely taken the long way from the ostfriesischen islands to after El Yaque on me.

After I was welcomed in my first evening with a beautiful sunset in El Yaque, it went directly on the next day on the water. The water was quite kabbelig, but at a temperature of 27°C and 30°C air temperature I may deplore myself probably not much.
The driving level on the water was generally very high. It was stated by Gollito, André and Antxon, which motivated me immediately with their style of driving. When I unite 15-jährige LOCALs observed, which learned in only three weeks moves, for which I needed one year, I understood finally, why El Yaque was crowned to the Freestyleparadies.

Because not only the warm temperatures, but also the constant wind from January to May make it the ideal training district. And there I during my entire stay each day wind for the 5er sail had, can I afterwards the wind statistics only confirm.
After the Surfsession, which went mostly until to sunset, there was nearly each evening a excursion to the Happy Hour bar. The drinks, like Choco Monkey or Caipirinha, were not only very good, but also it condemns favorably then I had to always watch out that I forgot the dinner not completely.

Since the travel budget had its borders, quartierte myself I with Mike in the Elyaquemotion in. It was not only very inexpensive but also clean and I felt equivalent in a friendly manner taken up. Besonderst worth mentioning is the large roof terrace, on which we us allabendlich boarded and which was Treff of all inhabitants.
Which concerned the night life in El Yaque, I was a little sceptical at the beginning of. Because in the Beachbar Gaby's Voodoo Lounge ran to Billard and Dart nearly each evening the same music and also the Habana club, which was directly in the Elyaquemotion, had not very many more to offer.

A correctly good Reggae party with live music in the Gaby's and the opening celebration converted lot of the Piratas tuned me then however nevertheless over. And on the next morning I was annoyed not too much that the wind increased always only at noon in strength.
While we moved only in the evening toward bar, already at midday sometimes particularly on weekend the Margariteneos had looked a little too deeply in the glass. For car at car stood then with roaring basses directly at the beach and the passengers enjoyed Caipis and the native polar beer.

This should be probably a small Vorgeschmack on Easter Semana Santa, if before louder dancing people masses some Surfschulen must stop their enterprise.
After one week El Yaque was to be changed it at the time for the Spot. With friends I drove to a Flussmündung, which offered absolute shallow water, but so strongly to Kloake stank that I before each outlet mouth and nose desperately zupresste.

The LOCALs tried to convince me of it that the Gestank of the algae would come, my stomach proved to me however some days long something else. I was not completely repealed set after these sessions, but rather made myself I on the search for new places the Freestylen.
A true Traumspot found I then few days later in a Mangrovenwald. At the foot of the mountain San Juan extended an enormous seawater lake, which was connected with the sea by small water routes.

And through one of these deltas I pumped myself from a Böe to the next, because the close Mangrovenwald filtered nearly the entire wind. As soon as I had reached however the lake, a true Freestyleparadies spreads forwards means eyes out.
Türkiesfarbenes and above all smell-neutral water, gesäumt of Mangroven and rock, let me and my friends tempt to true joy jumps. This Spot supplied perfect training conditions to us with to the Freestylen.

For each trusted friends me the Spots and native ones became, my too good Spanish knowledge close always with a friendly smile did not acknowledge, the more near moved the day of my departure to me. After three weeks the strongly stressed material was again packed together and direction airport was gekarrt.

When then the machine rose into the dark night over the Isla de Margarita toward Germany, I already looked forward to the moment, if it means again: “Welcome on board on our flight tons of Porlamar del Caribe…!”

Travel information:
Favorable accommodation gives it with elyaquemotion.com; favorable flights with the CONDOR starting from Frankfurt; Material storage locally e.g. with the Happy Surfstation.

Gran Canaria

North shore Gran Canaria - a Spotrepot of Marcos Pérez

The north coast of Gran Canaria is almost unknown with Windsurfern, because only on few days in the year here sufficiently wind for a session blows.

Wave riders however come here regularly at their expense, because innumerable reefs are pre-aged to the coast and winter-wave the Northern Hemisphere roll without brakes to the beach.
Who would like here on the water, will be earliest successful in the winter term, because then occasionally the rare days with wind and waves pair themselves.

World Cup professional Marcos Pèrez (E-7) schwärmt of these conditions, it as the best island designates.
How does one arrive into the north?

From the south coming it goes on the Highway GC1 to briefly forwards read Palmas de Gran Canaria. Starting from the exit toward Gáldar a new distance leads past at the city directly to the North shore since short.

After 10 minutes one is at the coast, the road follows the process and nearly all Spots is from the car to be seen.

Who would like far to the west to the Spots Bocabarranco and El Agujero, “Carretera del Norte” drives first by the places Bañaderos, Quintanilla and San Andrés over the road. Turn with Guía Gáldar Agaete. The road leads across the largest and highest bridge of Spain, Barranco de Silva mentioned.

Far geht's on the Highway to it the sign with the Aufschrfit “Sardina del Norte” see. There right turn and the way to the Playa del Agujero follow, where both Spots lie.
Where one gesurft?

Windsurfen is left possible with wind of on the right of and, the best wind months is Decembers until February. To recommend because of the rock coast and the innumerable reefs however only for experts!

It is difficult to lift a Spot out as the best because depending upon wind and Swell direction times the one, times the other one is the better choice.

Also the local one recommends: Always throw a view from the car and the Spot select, which runs best. Often this Quintanilla, the matter Enanos, is El Picacho, El Paso and Bocabarranco.
When does the wind blow?

If it blows in the south of the island with at least 16 knots from east, the probability for ‚wind of on the right of' conditions at the North shore is large. Best Spots is then usually the matter Enanos, El Paso and El Agujero.

Wind from left functions, even if it blows in the south of the island with at least 16 knots from west. In the north then lot Enanos, Bocabarranco and El Picacho should function.Still tap? Not escape to let one should an attendance in San Felipe, after a session at the Spot El Paso gets itself one in the restaurant of the same name the best fresh fish of the island. Marcos recommendation: Under the week there is a menu for 7 euro here.

Dubai .As salaam alaikum!

Simply only unreal, the building between the palms at the snow-white sand beach a scene as from 1001 night, no further wind banks far and broadly, that are my thoughts, before I introduce neck in the crystal-clear water….

Not the Karibik, not Australia, not South Africa, but Dubai, one of the 7 emirates, which united to the united Arab emirates, was our goal for a Kurztrip during the European winter. Which we found on the Arab peninsula, exceeded our conceptions which the Surfmöglichkeiten concerned and was beyond that a country of full contrasts.

Where otherwise in the world in the Strandbars are the heating emitters put on in the evening, as soon as the temperature sinks toward 20C mark? Where otherwise can one change 7 stars from the luxury hotel in a Beduinendorf? Where are the contrast between old tradition, religion, customs and modern trend, progress and luxury larger? 1001 night in the 21ten century, that is an appropriate description for Dubai.
Starting point for our investigation route was a simple consideration; where much water borders on much dry and hot country, wind would have to actually blow. And at the latest with the reading of travel guides we encountered an interesting detail: Wind towers.

These forerunners of the modern air conditioning systems are since old times skillfully designed towers at the dwellings, the wind by damp cloths cooled and the inside the dwellings led over in the hot summer months cooling to create. And still for another reason, the wind played so our travel guides an important role for Dubai.

With amazingly fast traditional boats, the Dhaus in such a way specified, operated and thus began that the native lively trade around Persian Gulf to strengthen the call Dubais as commercial centre of the region. DO buy - buy loosely - this Slogan from the modification of the name Dubai, shows concisely exactly this long commercial tradition of the emirates. Due to exemption from duty Dubai is a Shopping Paradies and shows thereby equal also its safe side; Crime and criminality do not give it quasi.
Our contact man Simon took us at the airport in receipt, enthusiastically, to show us his Surfspot. Windsurfen is particularly possible at the routistic opened west coast in the European winter. Along the beaches, which are publicly accessible nevertheless altogether, gesäumten with luxury hotels, perfect conditions are offered for beginners and progressing. Caribbean water colors and appropriate temperatures provide apart from feinsandigem beach without obstacles and safe conditions for clear Surfspass. The native Surfer are glad over each strange Surfer and divide gladly their district and their enthusiasm with the guests. The wind, that due to the thermionics usually against noon schrägauflandig begins moves usually usually in the relaxed range between 4 and 5 Bft.

The local scene, nearly all members one that south the city convenient yacht club, is British coined/shaped. According to the maritime tradition Britanniens is pronounced hospitality strongly and after a meeting on the water appears one fast at one of the bars in merry society. Directly before the hotel beaches at present the project is „The Palm “in the building, an enormous artificial island in form of a palm. Thus south of the hotel of the superlative, the Burj aluminium Arab an artificial bay was created.
Exactly this bay and the artificial islands developing now were our playground for the next days. With the conditions usually the choice between Freeridematerial or Freestylematerial remained. No wave clouds the learning possibilities, either relaxed Cruisen around the artificial islands, small Funraces with the LOCALs or Freestylen in the bays, which always desires the Surferherz for well-being feeling. From the bed on the board a thing of few meters and no empty Slogan are definite from each of the beach hotels.

In addition, is worthwhile oneself in the direction opposite of the water in Trip. A Overnightsafari into the desert, which begins after the words of a native one directly behind the beach hotels, is definitely a further highlight of a Trips after Dubai, if really against expecting no wind should be.

Even the LOCALs becomes it sometime during the summer too warmly. But then everything is packed for a Camp route, on the other side of the peninsula, to Wavespots with almost arctic temperatures around 25 C. thus better than nearly each German summer… the next flier goes soon…. it gives still much to enzdecken; As salaam alaikum!
Travel information:
Flights: Starting from 400. - EUR fly Allitalia, emirate and Lufthansa of all large airports to scarcely 8 hours to Dubai. Materials handling on request. One receives visa with entry at the airport, inoculation is not necessary. 3 hours of Zeitverschiebung to Europe

Live: Favorable overall offers on very high level inclusive. Flight gives it already starting from 700, - with EWTC

Driving a car: Very good road system with high standard, rented car gives it at the airports, gasoline prices reminds of times in Europe, long passed. Taxi-drive is very favorable, with non-governmental taxis before fixed price negotiate!

Temperatures: During the winter months perfect beach weather, caution with the sun!

Money: National currency is Dirham.

There are no Surfshops, Surfmaterial in most hotels is (still) not on the newest conditions. Therefore is recommended taking along, boards around 95-130lit, sail rarely smaller than 5.3. Shorty for people those fast freeze, otherwise Shorts and Lycra are enough as sun protection.

No dangers, neither ashore nor on the water.

Caribbean Aruba

Aruba's world-class windsurfing conditions attract competitors from around the world every June for the Hi-Winds World Challenge, one of the region's most popular windsurfing competitions and the only Professional Windsurfing Association Grand Prix event in the Caribbean. Wind speeds on the island are best in May, June, and July, when they average 20 to 25 knots, and calmest from September through November, when they range from 10 to 20 knots.

The area around Malmok Beach and Hadicurari, or Fishermen's Huts, is the most popular windsurfing spot on the island. Sailed by novices and pros alike, it features slightly gusty offshore winds, minimal current, and moderate chop. The water is shallow more than 60m (197 ft.) out from the shore. Boca Grandi, on the extreme eastern coast, is for advanced and expert wave sailors only. The very strong current here moves out to sea, and on-shore waves rise from 1 foot to mast high on the outer reefs. Around the island's eastern tip, the calmer waters of Rodger's Beach are excellent for beginner and intermediate windsurfers. Offshore winds are moderate, the current is slight, and the waves have negligible chop.

Most windsurfing operations cluster around Malmok Beach, where equipment rental averages $35 to $40 for 2 hours, $45 for half a day, and $55 to $60 for a full day. Two-hour beginner lessons with equipment are about $50; 6-hour introductory courses are $135. Operators include Aruba Boardsailing Productions, L. G. Smith Blvd. 486 (tel. 297/586-3940; arubawindsurfing.com); Aruba Sailboard Vacations, L. G. Smith Blvd. 462 (tel. 297/586-2527; arubasailboardvacations.com); Unique Sports of Aruba, J. E. Irausquin Blvd. 79 (tel. 297/586-0096; visitaruba.com/uniquesports); and Vela College of Windsurfing, next to the Marriott, a joint operation of Pelican Adventures (tel. 297/587-2302; pelican-aruba.com) and Vela Windsurf (tel. 800/223-5443; velawindsurf.com). Like any good college, Vela has prodigious course listings; its offerings include Intro to Harness Use -- Da Cool Stance and Modern Science of Body Drags. Aruba Boardsailing Productions, Aruba Sailboard Vacations, and Vela are windsurf specialists -- a good bet for novices.

Kitesurfing--With the help of large inflatable kites, about 27m (89 ft.) of flying line, and small surfboards with foot straps, kite surfers at Malmok Beach skim across the water at 48kmph (30 mph) and launch themselves 3 to 15m (10-49 ft.) in the air. Kite surfing has many of the same elements and thrills as snowboarding and windsurfing, but with a relatively easier learning curve. Aruba's calm, shallow waters make the island ideal for giving it a whirl. Kite Surfing Aruba (tel. 297/586-5025 or 733-1515; kitesurfingaruba.com) has 2 1/2-hour introductory lessons for $100. Only comfortable swimmers at least 10 years old need apply. Vela Windsurf and Kite Surf Center, next to the Marriott, is a joint operation of Pelican Adventures (tel. 297/587-2302; pelican-aruba.com) and Vela Windsurf (tel. 800/223-5443; velawindsurf.com). It offers a suite of introductory classes that break the art into specialized segments (which means more instruction time and a higher price tag)


Master Windsurfing Instructor, David Dorn, has been visiting the Islands for over twenty years and now lives here permanently. He knows that traveling combined with Windsurfing presents its own unique set of challenges. Use some or all of Dave's tried and proven hints and you'll survive many of the common pitfalls that beset the Maui greenhorn.

Rent your windsurfing equipment.
No hassles with the airlines, The latest gear is always available, and you can exchange it to suit the conditions of the day. You also get the chance to try all sorts of different equipment. If the wind don't blow (which hardly ever happens) you can exchange it for Surfboards, Snorkel gear or simply take a *Lay Day

Take Windsurfing Insurance (for the gear).
Maui is pretty tough on the gear and accidents do happen. If you insure the gear before you sail, you wont get stuck with a hefty ding repair bill.

Know the Rules.
Get to know the *Rules before you break them. Windsurfers have to share the water with fishermen, swimmers & surfers. To avoid conflicts, a strict set of rules has been established. Access for windsurfing is denied at many beaches and there many other localized conditions that must be observed when windsurfing. Did you know that there is no windsurfing before 11:00am ? Ask the guys at the shop where to go and get a copy of the *Sail- Safe guidelines.

Pick your Beach
The Maui coastline offers a wonderful variety of beaches. Many beaches are off-limits to windsurfing, and some beaches are best left to experts only. You will always find a beach that will challenge you level of ability without endangering yourself (or others). Remember that there is no rescue service that will 'tow your board in' should you break down. So take a responsible attitude when deciding when and where to sail.

Wear Booties.
Maui is a big piece of lava covered with coral, and even the sandiest sailing beaches have many nasty sharp things that will slice up your feet, even the grass areas on some beaches are covered with Keawe (pronounced 'Key-ahh-vay') thorns. A pair of booties will save you feet from most scrapes and cuts. Keep your feet in good condition because you can't sail without them. Rip Curl and O'Neill both make excellent booties with thinner soles and split toes that give you good feel and work well with footstraps.

Know the conditions
Most shops can tell you what's happening each day. You may find that the wind is twice as strong at another beach or on the other side of the island. Foreknowledge will save you driving all over the Island looking for a spot, and will mean that you bring the right size sails to the beach.

Rig on the grass
If you are renting your equipment or have your own, you are better off rigging and de-rigging on the grass & out of the wind. This keeps sand and sharp objects away from your gear. This way you keep your rental guy happy and your car clean.

Secure your Sail
Always carry your board to the water's edge first then bring your rig down on your second trip. Attach the rig to the board straight away. (rig pointing downwind please). This way you will avoid a "fly-away rig" which is a dangerous and extremely anti-social thing to do, even by accident.

Watch your equipment
Boards have been known to disappear from the beach fully rigged. Windsurfing gear is expensive stuff and it tends to "grow legs" if you turn your back on it for too long. Whatever you do, don't leave your equipment on your car overnight. If you go to a restaurant on the way home from the beach, park your car right outside where you can see it at all times.

Sail with a Smile
Whenever we are on the water or even in the car park for that matter, remember that we are there to have fun, even if you get frustrated (which hardly ever happens in windsurfing) remember that the other guy is here to have fun too. Don't force your right of way because there are still many sailors who don't know the rules yet. A good sailor will always give way to the novice and give them plenty of room. If you keep smiling on and off the water, you will soon meet many sailing buddies who can give you; advice, praise, smiles back (and maybe even a tow-in if your gear breaks).

* Lay Day = Return your gear and you don't pay for that day.
* Sail-Safe guide = A free booklet available from windsurf shops.
* Rules = Just like driving your car, there are 'Right of way' rules, Flat Water sailing rules, special wavesailing rules, some sailing area restrictions, and some basic Hawaiian rules ( "Kapu"); E.g.; Don't mess with a guy who's trying to catch his dinner!
Source www.actionsportsmaui.com

Interesting Travel Secrets To Make Your Travel Cheaper

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In short, becoming a travel agent is the way to earn megabucks in your traveling vacations. These travel secrets and more are exposed at http://www.travelindustrysecrets.com/index.html, a website that can make you a travel agent in less than twenty minutes. The website gives you a travel agent card, which authorizes you for all the travel agent concessions at every step of your travel. And what's more, this card will certify you as a genuine travel agent, and you can even conduct business if you wish.

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Becoming a travel agent, or at least getting the card, is indeed a very good option to save heavily on your next travel. Give it a serious thought – if you are one who travels a lot, you can just imagine the savings and consider what you ought to do.

Source www.netscape.com

Great Traveling Tips For That First Time Travel

I am a WWW baby. For almost all my travel needs, I am greatly dependent on what the World Wide Web has to offer. At the click of my mouse, I see what needs to be seen. For my budget travel needs, aggregators and other online travel tools help me in selecting what I think is the best for me.

There are still those, however, who would still rather talk to a person… a travel agent who they trust would give them the better deal. A travel agent whom they deem more informed of the offers that are out there.

Then when you finally go abroad, you can not only lose money to a petty thief that single out tourists, you can also make unnecessary expenses (akin to losing money, in my book!) if you do not take care HOW you bring money with you during your trip. If you have to withdraw from an ATM, make bigger (hence, fewer) withdrawals to cut the number of transaction fees charged by your bank.

When exchanging to foreign currencies, note that there is loss or gain in the exchange rates. When changing money in exchange bureaus (bureaux de change), make sure that you choose one that shows both their selling and buying rates. If you see both rates, you’d be able to see the bureaus corresponding profit margin which should be around 5%. Lack of transparency (only selling rate is posted) may mean that the profit margin is high.

Having checked the above, it would still also be best to still check and compare total cost of transaction since a good exchange rate are sometimes offset by high commission charges or no commission charge may mean a bad exchange rate.

Then there are those times, just as you are about to leave on a trip, Murphy’s Law intervenes. We find ourselves not willing or not able to leave. This time, the airline is not at fault. What now? When you cancel, would you be allowed to re-book your ticket or get a refund? It all depends, of course, on the kind of ticket you have, your reasons for canceling and each airline’s policy.

Read from Budget Travel Online - 10 Tips to Cancellation, Change and Refund Policies. It prepares you for what you can expect. In addition, there are links to several of the airlines contract of carriage and refund policies.

Remember; don’t give up after you get one negative answer. Dig deeper and you might just save yourself from wasting a plane ticket.
Author: Faye Bautista

Source http://www.dailypiffle.com/


Wind, wind, wind! Much better cannot season-ended at all to be. With 22 Windsurftagen in March Teneriffa showed again times its best side. The last days of February rang an unbelievable wind period: 17 days at the piece with partly brutal conditions made Windsurfen already the Schwerstarbeit.
Sometimes we gave ourselves the second in the afternoon session, because for the next days to Windguru already again everything was announced “red/pink”. In addition the Swell swivelled also repeatedly after east/northeast, which let the typically moderate wind wave rise to up to mast high.
Dany was again full in its element and tried obviously its own high jump records to break. The proof pictures were to be found in each case current also in the Internet.

It became calm against it around beard David, who likewise, particularly provided in the last years with strong wind, for halsbrecherische show with monster jumps and Doppelfronties.

It has still large problems with its foot injury, which can be solved probably only by a further operation. One deer-to-ASS-ASS is wave riding, since without loops the foot joint is preserved.
Now beard is much too moved, in order to let the Windsurfen be whole: He dismounted simply the foot loops and shows that it goes also in such a way.

It jump does why not? To land, thus away things do not have to be! Reliably none shows radical wave rides with extreme Cutbacks completely without foot loops like it. The Brandungsqueren with 9 Beaufort without loops is already pure Artistik! We wish it beard property improvement and press the thumbs that it can give soon again full power.
In such a way geil the strong wind on the water actual sometime catches it also a little at to nerves, if one does not find anywhere peace.

It tiles in the most remote angles of Médano, on which Terasse that beach bar of “Flashpoint” one gesandstrahlt, Böen lurks behind each corner, the lane at the “Amazon” to the Cabezo Beach is nearly impassable and constant has one the feeling sand between the teeth to have.
The western part of the island lies against it totally in the lee, then one finds in e.g. already read America after 20 minutes drive idyllische holiday-maker conditions without a wind breath.

Due to the unusual Swell direction there were at the beginning of March only mini waves there, which were however always sufficient for the Longboards of the storm refugees.

To 13. March had we one in this winter very rare northwest day in LA. Few people on the water, mad waves and wind for four two made the day for me a special experience.
To the monthly center it became somewhat calmer and Windsurfen determined for the time being no more the routine of the day… The northeast tendency continued however, so that the Kiter, which had rather remained with 45 to 53 knots at the beach, came at its expense.

To 20. /21. there was then already again large waves and properly pressure in the small sails. To a few days break it continued to go with strong north wind for Güimar, which pivoted however the correct direction for Médano and for a zünftigen season conclusion provided.
Contrary to the many Tiefdruckgebieten, which blocked the trade wind in the last winters and brought for it many unusual rains, it was this time clearly better.

The average wind statistics for this season of over 50% also reached without alternative Spotsuche well and perhaps gives it in the next winter season still more trade wind, how one knows it from more than 10 years ago still. We wait for it.

Spanien Tarifa

Tarifa: Top advertisements - Low budget

Since I have started in October with my study in Münster, I already have a fever on the vacations linked with it. Now, actually, a travel report on Capetown should stand here, however, the money was over and thus a cheaper destination had to be headed. The look at the weather chart promised warm temperatures in Tarifa and the possibility linked with it to sleep in the "Bulli", did the trip affordably.

With comfortable 80 km / h jogged Martin and I direction Leucate where we wanted to spend the first night. We came one day later than planned, for itthere was wind for 4.5him.
The next morning was without wind and was used for the second leg of the journey. After we had completely got lost in Barcelona without every orientation and spent a next night briefly behind Valencia, finally, we came in Tarifa.

The first day in Tarifa was a rainy day. Fortunately, there should remain the only one of the whole stay. We spent the day in the narrow Bulli with read and indulged themselves in old Tarifa recollections.
Tarifa has budget purpose with magnificent conditions a long tradition as a Low. Poniente and the Levant give reliably wind and often also wave mountains and do the spots all around Tarifa a favorable alternative suited for winter to expensive flight sighting.

Deductions it is a matter in winter and spring at the temperatures of doing: During the day warmly, at night partly damn cold.
Who checks carefully the conditions, wind finds, actually, always somewhere. We were during our vacation almost daily on the water. Tarifa offers a variety in surfing terms which help(assist) for steady changes and against a camp rage
ndeed, land road, the spot between Rio Jara to camping and the Dos Mares, is not the best, but spending the night is patient here by the police if the camping places are full. Otherwise Multas are pronounced.

Indeed, the parking bay looks like a land road, however, deals nothing with an airport. Bolonia works very well with the Levant and if of the Levant also in Bolonia became too strong, we have gone to Canos de Meca.

After a few weeks one meant to say goodbye. We had a brilliantvacation behind and an extremely long return journey before ourselves. We expelled the time to us by actions like the key in the car enclose...

On the left to the called Tarifa advertisements with advertisement map from the DailyDose advertisement data bank:

- Land road
- Bay of Bolonia
- Canos de Meca

Other Tarifa advertisements:

- Campo de Futbol
- Casa de Porro
- Conil de la Frontera
- El Palmar
- Hurricane
- Punta Paloma
- Rio Jara

Pozo/Gran Canaria report

Cutre Segelmacher Daniell Bohnhof and Christoph Ulrichs report on pieces of news from the Highwindrevier on the Kanari islands. Wind and wave-rich winters the 06/07 on the Kanaren expanded also since the spring.

March presented itself with hoists, which one knows otherwise actually only from the summer months - paired with large Swells, which reached the bay of Pozo, as well as aroused the adjacent Spots Mosca POINT and Salinas to the life.
Up to mast-high waves again sorted the stones at the beach of Pozo, broke some masts and created in Mosca POINT of perfect down the LINE conditions. These could not be escaped naturally many LOCALs, the Jensen of brothers, Jonas Ceballos, Eleazar Alsonso and the Moreno Twins and like that were accordingly high the level on the water.
Long the Spot showed up half April then from the other side. Mirror-smooth water and total calm air alternated with 5.0er Freestyle conditions.

The Kalima, a desert wind, which blows direct from the Sahara toward Kanaren, brought temperatures of 35 degrees and more with itself, paired with much fine dust in the air, which into each still so small niche set off.
This invited to the Windsurfen into Shorts, although the summer was still some distant for time.

Despite other forecasts the extremely strong wind becomes generally accepted ever more and in such a way brought May already some days for the 3.7er with beautiful waves, which used Pozo' s new generation talent Eleazar Alonso (E-42) to some impressive training units.
Unfortunately these conditions should not persist up to the first Contest of the Canarian Waverider (Secondreefevents.com). Many LOCALs of the other islands had come to Pozo, in order to participate in this very well organized Contest, which takes place in the connection also on Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Teneriffa. So a result could be brought in only with an one-day extension.
Many drivers had to however already again work, so that only 25 drivers were thereby, from those itself Dario Ojeda as the dailybest interspersed.

Completely according to the rule presented itself Pozo in the days after the Contest with perfect 3.7er conditions, which suggest hopefully a good summer.

Fuerteventura report

It becomes summer on the “Isla Tranquila”. The trade wind began now also here on Fuerteventura fully. While on the neighbour islands Teneriffa and Gran Canaria prevailed in the spring sensational conditions, it was here so far rather calm.

January gave some days with „down the LINE “- conditions in Majanicho with properly pressure from east southeast and a wave, which could not more cleanly have run longer and to us, yet also such noble moments came fast into oblivion, if continuity is missing.
Over the entire winter regularly beautiful Swells rolled to the coasts of the island. That left actually never bores arises, since various good Spots at the Northshore invited to paddles.

But the large storm was missing. Even the Sotavento beach in the south was not always so windy in this season, as the normal wind statistics lets expect.
But starting from May there was nothing more to then deplore wind-moderately, because the offer was plentiful: of normal days in Punta Blanca up to extremely clean conditions at the Glass Beach.

Up to seven days at the piece the local scene on the water and the spectators could enjoy ashore the sight logo to mast-high sets and it were photographed and filmed which things held.
Relatively much Stuff landed each day on rock - harm (and expensively) particularly for those drivers, who do not carry Sponsorensticker in the sail.

Everything could be photographically held, there my fingers much more frequently to the fork than at the pusher active was, but a few memories be remained.
The established local sizes made that best ones from the world class conditions and although the Spot was partly hopelessly overcrowded against afternoon - to the general Siestazeit -, the tendency remained itself for few friendly to affectionate, under the well-known faces.

Suitably the conditions the priorities were because of the Glass Beach particularly on radical wave rides, Aerials and Wave360ern. Partial one sees even cleanly landed baking loops from the Angleitphase raus - everything sounds after age school, is however the common program, since always unterpowered and very waveorientiert one drives.
A excursion into the south showed, like strongly in that resident clique of the Risco del Paso the Freestyle fever rages there - nearly everyone files at the most current moves.

The Vorfreude on the coming wind season is thus large, whereby hopefully also the waves will not completely be missing, because at the beginning of of July will take place here a route stop of the Canarian Waveriders Events. Then the World Cup station in the south makes a little later. More to it with next time.