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Since I have started in October with my study in Münster, I already have a fever on the vacations linked with it. Now, actually, a travel report on Capetown should stand here, however, the money was over and thus a cheaper destination had to be headed. The look at the weather chart promised warm temperatures in Tarifa and the possibility linked with it to sleep in the "Bulli", did the trip affordably.

With comfortable 80 km / h jogged Martin and I direction Leucate where we wanted to spend the first night. We came one day later than planned, for itthere was wind for 4.5him.
The next morning was without wind and was used for the second leg of the journey. After we had completely got lost in Barcelona without every orientation and spent a next night briefly behind Valencia, finally, we came in Tarifa.

The first day in Tarifa was a rainy day. Fortunately, there should remain the only one of the whole stay. We spent the day in the narrow Bulli with read and indulged themselves in old Tarifa recollections.
Tarifa has budget purpose with magnificent conditions a long tradition as a Low. Poniente and the Levant give reliably wind and often also wave mountains and do the spots all around Tarifa a favorable alternative suited for winter to expensive flight sighting.

Deductions it is a matter in winter and spring at the temperatures of doing: During the day warmly, at night partly damn cold.
Who checks carefully the conditions, wind finds, actually, always somewhere. We were during our vacation almost daily on the water. Tarifa offers a variety in surfing terms which help(assist) for steady changes and against a camp rage
ndeed, land road, the spot between Rio Jara to camping and the Dos Mares, is not the best, but spending the night is patient here by the police if the camping places are full. Otherwise Multas are pronounced.

Indeed, the parking bay looks like a land road, however, deals nothing with an airport. Bolonia works very well with the Levant and if of the Levant also in Bolonia became too strong, we have gone to Canos de Meca.

After a few weeks one meant to say goodbye. We had a brilliantvacation behind and an extremely long return journey before ourselves. We expelled the time to us by actions like the key in the car enclose...

On the left to the called Tarifa advertisements with advertisement map from the DailyDose advertisement data bank:

- Land road
- Bay of Bolonia
- Canos de Meca

Other Tarifa advertisements:

- Campo de Futbol
- Casa de Porro
- Conil de la Frontera
- El Palmar
- Hurricane
- Punta Paloma
- Rio Jara
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