Capetown 06/07

A Capetown report of Alexander Gley, which in the middle of November already letzen yearly the “summer attendance” at the cape began and a few windy days of the so far less good Surf season so still secure itself could:

On 18 November it went finally on the long desired Kapstadt Trip. Without my two Surfkumpels Stefan and Markus, but with my surfenden, friend photographing but. To our journey with Lufthansa/SAA of Hanover via Frankfurt after Capetown proved at the beginning somewhat problematic, because naturally there was stress at the Lufthansa switch times again because of the Surfgepäcks (Bag with approx. 60kg total weight).
With 160, - EUR fee was then however even the affair 40, - EUR more favorably, than the Servicehotline of SAA had originally communicated to me. For us anyhow still better than the alternative with LTU over Duesseldorf or Munich, if one to it-counts drive, park fees and overnight accomodation.

The further process of the outward flight ran problem-free. Finally arrived, it lasted only short time, until we already were outside of the airport building - at the passport check they apparent already practice for the football WM 2010.
Fast still with “Catalyst Carhire” the lease signed, the Boardbag on the car fastened and off went it to Table View.

After we had supplied ourselves with Pick'n Pay (has also Sundays opened) with a leckeren breakfast, we made ourselves against 14:00 clock on at the Sunset Beach. And the promised southeast wind actually came: approx. 2 meters of wave and wind for the 5,8er sail (later then for the 5,3er) were a beautiful entrance on the large Waveboard.

Although the wind did not blow in the following three weeks always from southeast, I came nevertheless actually nearly each day with my 75 - or 98-Liter-Board and sails of 4,1m ² - 5,8m ² at the Sunset, in Big Bay or at the Rietvlei on the water and into sliding.
The weather was this year nevertheless different, than we know it at this season. On four days morning drizzle weather, some days with good SW-wind - sufficient to the Freestylen on the Rietvlei, one day with storm from size - diagonally auflandig and North Sea chaos at the Sunset (in Böen too much for my smallest combination of 75l + 4,1m ², so that I stopped after one hour of Kampfsurfen voluntarily).

Also one day with very ruppigem “Black South Easter” participated. Only against evening the sun came raus, with the small Waveboard and 4,7er had I then into the Big Bay nevertheless still another very beautiful session.

Really impressing by the way was the Surf level of the young wild Freestyler on the Rietvlei, which seems to rise each year.
Apart from the atypical wind conditions there was in addition, in this year sufficient the used then days for 4er to 5,3er sail and wave between 2 to 3 meters at the Sunset Beach, so that I could make exactly that, what for me than “Waveridernormalo” the most beautiful at our sport is: Jumping and Wellenabreiten.

Sadly to look at it was that after building rage in Blouberg the Big Bay Beach Resort with the kultigen Surfrider cafe was flat-made simple and everything a dirty building site was. A new Beach Resort is to probably develop, because before we left briefly became both the dunes fastened and with lawns bepflanzt, and wooden transitions built. I did not receive more exact information in addition, with the Blouberg tourist information.
Apart from the fact that or other day without wind in the “advanced” Surferalter harms the regeneration not straight, it gives it in Capetown and its surrounding countryside numerous alternative possibilities of employment, so that it becomes boring actually never.

The Greenpoint African Market at the stadium (only Sundays), the Waterfront with the Two Ocean aquarium, the Wildlife with the penguins in Boulders, the Game Reserves like e.g. Aquilla, the large white ones in Gaansbai, the seals island with Hout Bay, various purchase temples and naturally the Wine Estates.

A beautiful small spot and an in any case attendance worth are e.g. Groot Constantia in close proximity to Kirstenbosch at the foot of the board mountain massif.

During a cape city stay one should have been naturally at least once on the board mountain. Who would like to have thereby its peace, best national guards go to the Nursery Ravine or the Skeleton Gorge to foot up from the Kirstenbosch. It is important to carry sufficient water forward since one comes properly on a covered day into sweating.

Arrived on the plateau, one has a grandiosen view over Capetown and the Falsebay - guarantees without Touris with Stöckelschuhen (contrary to the summit station at the aerial ropeway).

This year I gegönnt myself in addition the Thrill to book with “White Shark Project” and look at me the large white sharks in Gaansbai times from the proximity.
Due to the partial high heave some the boat passengers of the Haianfütterung with Chum (fish liver, - meat and - blood, everything beautifully zermatscht) still their own note attached. It nevertheless took a full hour to itself the first shark showed. Into that altogether four hours on lake were to be seen several large white ones. An unforgettable experience! Who does not suffer from a Haiphobie, that should not miss!

The last day before the home flight I could enjoy then once again wind for the 4,1er and 2m wave, whereby I had talked myself firmly the fact that it in the board bay not so many sharks as in Gaansbai gives…

Before the takeoff there - one suspects it nearly - was again stress at the SAA switch because of the Surfstuffs. It meant, the luggage was allowed to weigh maximally 50 kg, otherwise I must send it by cargo.
Thus the 2,80-Meter-Monsterbag had on the normal luggage balance - so which I did not have so far in Capetown yet experienced. Owing to my balancing arts I could settle down the balance rather exactly with 50 kg. This hurdle would be created thus, thought I. Transport to Frankfurt should now, how planned, 100, - EUR to cost, for the further transport to Hanover with Lufthansa I however 1,000 should, - EUR over luggage to pay!

The SAA service Hotline had insured me however before takeoff that this inclusive was! After endless discussions with various SAA coworkers, including the “manager” we agreed after approximately one hour on thus 160, - EUR. Some pearls and nerves including. But independently of it, also this vacation will have been last not my in Capetown…
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