Sardinia windsurfing

We are then times away… Thus at the beginning of of April our slogan read, following Hape Kerkelings best-seller. And this short sentence met it rather exactly, even if we not on a Pilgerpfad on the search for God, illuminating or on the way were, but on the way on the search for wind, waves and sun. And all that must nevertheless actually have to be found on the Mediterranean island Sardinien at this season… thought in such a way we anyhow. But: This year of everything was somehow differently than meant and it seems as if the climatic change does not make for no more before the Mediterranean area stop. Already the wind forecasts before our departure looked, now, not straight rosy. But on an island, there a beach with wind from the correct direction should to be nevertheless actually always found be able.

And in such a way we also actually appeared ourselves in hoped for sunshine at the northeast coast, after a spectacular sunrise on the island had welcomed us. With the sunshine associated also wind, 15-20kn, with it an almost unbevölkerter beach and fantastic water colors nearly for us alone, since most of the numerous Touri Surfer try, in the Getümmel of postage Pollo mutually umzufahren themselves. Thus the first day passed already once exactly after plan, which in Italy in principle more is than unusual. But actually we wanted to measure also times the a few nice sardischen waves. Our native informants actually announced for the next day useful conditions in Chia, at the south end of the island. Thus short hand in the protection of the darkness the island was once lengthwise crossed, which however is really recommendable only if one at least to some extent knows the distance.

Here is a module over Italian, and/or their increase, i.e. sardische roads permits. While the routing is already not determined actually in Italy compellingly by the principle of the shortest distance from A to B, but to follow, this seems to rather creative and spontaneous ideas still supplemental by the condition of the roads, in whose impact holes already whole small cars are to have disappeared, and which complete absence of sign-posting of respectively purposeful disinformations. A good example is at present - and as it also still looks for longer time at the local entrance of Putzu Idu at the west coast. There by means of sign at the local entrance traffic is authoritarianly rerouted. If one asks native ones after the reason, it turns out that only one forgot to remove this sign after a stationary in the summer 2006 again… Describing and roads to the defiance awaked we on the next morning in Chia had however somehow necessarily the feeling into southern and thus warmer direction to have really driven. It was simple rat cold… But at least the Mediterranean from its moved side and also the wind showed up came sideshore of left a dream! The beach was relatively full, since the there straight Italian Wave championships should be delivered. Who had however expected, which would give it a taut organization with strict schedule, inclusive. Beach blockage because of the Contests… now… that not yet often was in Italy. Rather we could get to know that the competition should approximately possibly probably begin so about against 12 o'clock.

Became it with the DWC so an Regatta organization gebenm would have that immediately a giant-large protest wave and a Gezeter for hours the consequence! In Italy one is there substantially more relaxed and all participants worked very loosely. In view of traffic on the water the bent spectator would have tapped probably however rather on a Slalomregatta as on a Wave Event, whereby the native ones could be differentiated of course-traveled easily at the neoprene hoods and Langarmanzügen. With 5.3 we had anyhow much fun in the waves, even if one them itself partly with floats, abandoned material, Kitern, Surfern and which had to also otherwise still divide.

Contest technically Flo with its Goiter attempts would have far in front been appropriate for Best Crash with the Rausfahren at least in the category „“, while Chris accreted in such a way with the Wellenabreiten spontaneously on its sail done without and board and Rigg separately. Anyhow those had been worthwhile themselves approximately 350, mind you sardischen, kilometers. But completely inakzeptabler rain and less wind from suboptimaler direction were announced, thus unfortunately for Chia for the next day? Thus in the dusk back to the west coast, to Daniele, our sardischen contact man was. Daniele coordinated as owners of kiosk at the beach of Putzu Idu with Capo Mannu not only the there Surfszene but seems to have developed also in the surrounding restaurants a special Zahlungssystem. Anyhow our attempt failed to invite it to the meal pitifully and ended with the fact that we did not pay our Riesenpizzen, but of the Wirtin still money did not get… however one must also everything understand….

Actually Daniele does not live perfectly directly at one the best Wellenreitspots of the Mediterranean, but… tja, without wind waves. Thus remained for us only, a new record in the Cappuccino drink to set up, because the wind and weather forecast for completely Sardinien promised nothing property. Who experienced however Flo already once after a bottle Cola, an approximate conception of can make itself how hibbelig it is after 4-5 Cappuccini. In order to thus place and remove particularly from Danieles cafe machine it somehow calmly, we made ourselves into the north, direction postage Liscia, in the rain pouring in the meantime, which should remain intending also for the next 48h in different variants. For us thus only to change over to calm air occupations such as Scrabble with quadruple word value for words with Surfbezug…. mast seal or Vorlieksstrecker remained nearly inevitably the victory would thus have brought. Briefly before the camp vest occurred came then at night wind, what led to the fact that Flo aufriggte already in the morning-grey hectically in the Neo - in the still pouring rain - and we were shortly thereafter at temperatures and water colors, which had to be assigned rather to the Ijsselmeer on the water again, while the Italians at the beach original with ski gloves and Wollmützen their material aufriggten.

Unfortunately the wind at noon, but thus at least also the rain disappeared, so that at least the Touri program made along the north coast now sense. Here also a trip is recommended, above all however after Castelsardo with its castle mountain because of the small Ristorante of mummy Angela. Those was afraid in view of our hunger a little for contents of its aquarium, but with double dessert portions the worst could be prevented. A zero Diät for short term weight reduction would be at the following weak wind days however rather indicated being it was now, directly „flautig, “. So much flautig that even Flo placed itself from despair on the course racer around itself with the 11er sail convulsively/desperately to sliding to pump. And that wants already which is called… The whole did not have the merry side effect that at the other end of the bay some Surfer aufriggten hectically, only over then to determine it to the sliding threshold corrected strongly downward by Flo near came.

Briefly before itself Flo was so far to announce itself for the complete DWC season in the course running both weather services and our native sources announced again wind naturally at the southern and thus against set end of the island: In Chia. But we already knew the distance, and which are already a few sardische kilometer more…? Actually both the announced wind and sun came for the locking days, both in the south and in the north, so that we could back-work ourselves slowly toward Fährhafen, up to finally the last kilometers without Sardinien before us lying and although we in the meantime maps to do and the distances blindly, and/or in the half sleep could drive… unfortunate actually. But the remaining kilometers in warm Germany trösteten a little, just as the prospect on the next Trip, after Sardinien or where also always, if it means again; „We are then times away! “
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