The PWA pros give some top tips on travelling

The pros top tips on air travel with windsurfing gear
Some trips are epic from start to finish, and some dream missions to search out perfect surf kick-off badly from the minute the ground crew spot you lugging giant coffins into the terminal buildings.
The PWA World Tour riders have more experience than anyone at negotiating huge amounts of equipment onto airplanes.
But the recent news that British Airways are banning windsurfing and surfboards on their aircraft has certainly black-marked them amongst the watersports world.
Some airlines, such as Virgin Atlantic, have reacted positively to the massive online protests, via communities such as Facebook groups, and wisely launched counter-campaigns such 'welcome-on-boards' in a bid to get your business.
But the general picture for travellers with bulky board bags is still bleak in the light of modern weight restrictions, which are designed a mixture of eco-friendlier fuel saving, and heightened security.
Brian asked some seasoned PWA journeymen to hand over their advice on having a smooth journey, lower excess charges and avoiding that trip from hell…
Alex Mussolini (JP / NeilPryde): "Check the airfares and compare the totals of the fair and baggage prices. The cheapest fares and cheapest excess prices are rarely combined with the same airline."
Anne-Marie Reichmann (Naish / Naish): "I call up the airline and tell them I am bringing gear. And then I ask if they can confirm, on my ticket, that I'm bringing some extra stuff."
Chris Pressler (Starboard / Severne): "Check the rules in advance and get in contact with the airport/airline management in advance, if you feel it could get critical".

Chris: "Go compact, and don't rock-up with heavy triple-board monsters.
Sometimes it's better to check in the boards one by one. Surfboards were free, and sometimes angling gear goes free, so you could say the rigs are for fishing…" Alex: "Take as many masts as you can, and take just enough gear to sail during the whole trip, like 3 sails 1 boom and your best board."
Anne-Marie: "Pack more bags, but lighter ones... don't put everything in one bag and make it mega-heavy...they don't like that these days. You can pack it in 1 or 2 bags, but be prepared to divide it up in 3 bags. If they are really strict about the weight, for example, you can always put some sails, a boom and a mast in a single board bag you have around one of your boards. But some airlines like less in total still... so ... always call the airline you travel with beforehand".

Alex: "Smile! And if things get nasty, just take it! Ha Ha…"
Anne-Marie: "Arrive and check-in early, so you have more change of less waiting in line, and you have time to negotiate. Be nice, keep your patience, and also have some receipts from earlier trips handy. That way if you have to pay excess charges, you can compare it to an earlier trip, and the airline can see what is 'normal'."
Chris: "Yeah, be friendly, keep an eye on co-workers (ladies), who are new, and never be the first in line, as in moments of hurry they often make better deals. Also, show up with any papers you can get from the reservations departments".

Chris: "I always have some power lines in my bags to fix the bags onto vehicles at the destination, and in some countries I use cable clips or locks".
Anne-Marie: "Always bring long straps which are useful for stacking stuff in the car, on top of the car etc. If I rent a car I ask for roof racks...even though it costs more. That way I don't damage the car and end-up paying a lot of money in damages".

Anne-Marie: "Everyone is lucky and unlucky at times I guess..."
Chris: "In the old days the charges were perhaps even higher, mainly because the gear was bigger, thicker, longer, and heavier. But nowadays I would think that the Maui boys will pay the most with so many stopovers to Europe".
Alex: "I think that Ricardo, and Kauli get burned a lot. I heard a lot of stories about them having to pay huge amounts or having to change flights because of the extra charges. Ricardo lost all his sails coming to Gran Canaria once too".

Anne-Marie: "Ha! I'd like to tell you who that is, but I don't want to 'jinx' him... he has a lucky charm and will want to keep it that way…"
Chris: "Antoine is one of the pros who always arrives on time with his gear, but that's probably just professional preparation for you. The sneakiest? There are many 'players', on tour, but it can be a lottery and it's often hard to get your gear in time before competition starts".
Alex: "Seriously I've never heard of anyone ever not losing their gear on tour...but I am quite lucky though :)".

Anne-Marie: "TransAvia is the best! They have been great with gear to the Canary Islands every time. You have to call them up beforehand, and it's never free, but you'll rarely pay more than 60 Euros for your equipment. Super cool!"
Chris: "It's a always a gamble, but I guess, out of my experiences, there are some nice ones, like LTU, Air Berlin, sometimes Thai, Turkish, yeah, for sure, Egypt were also fine…it's just Cairo Airport that's crazy!"
Alex: "Ryanair, and the SkyTeam airlines, are pretty reasonable I think."

5 ways to overcome a difference in time


Be you the business woman who is spending much time in travelling, or the tourist, loving to travel on the far exotic countries, sooner or later you will face a difference problem in time. The organism on the arrival of the plane in other time zone continues to function in the initial biological rhythm despite sharp change of day and night. Such mismatch of biological rhythms leads to a disease state - desync.

desync is an infringement of a daily rhythm of an organism, frustration of biorhythms in connection with flight through some time zones. It means, that crossing of a time zone breaks your synchronism with organism internal clocks. It is shown in infringements of a dream, appetite, working capacity decrease. So, you can feel at night sharp hunger or start to be sleepy at the important business meeting.

We take, for example, so favourite by all in a cold season Thailand, India or China. Here tourists long turn in the evenings in bed and cannot fall asleep, but in their morning from a gun will not wake and to have breakfast will not force. And the first morning excursions do not deliver any pleasure.

But to reduce adverse effects from flights round globe nevertheless it is possible:

1. The majority of travellers recollect a time zone of the country of appointment, only translating hours during a plane landing. But, planning travel in advance, it is possible to do without «time difficulties». Some days prior to a trip translate a watch for the period of other country and try to live, how much it is possible, on new time. Even if you will lay down to sleep on an hour earlier (or later) within three days, you and that will feel a notable difference. Try to accept food also according to new time.

2. Plan the flight proceeding from that, how much easily you fall asleep in the plane. If you with ease sleep during flight then try to buy the ticket aboard the plane, being in air when in the country of arrival night. But if you hardly fall asleep in transport or under the influence of new impressions then plan flight when in the country of appointment day, and after the arrival at once lay down to sleep.

3. Some conditions are not a difference direct consequence in time, but can worsen its displays. It, for example, dehydration. Dry air of the plane can cause dehydration and the general weakness of an organism. To support water balance, try to drink a water glass in each hour of flight. Prefer mineral water and juice. It is better to refrain from tea, coffee and alcohol as these drinks possess diuretic effect and dehydrate an organism even more. Remember also, that one dose of alcohol in the conditions of flight is equivalent to two doses on the earth! So, and adverse by-effects of alcohol will be shown in a double measure.

4. But if, despite all reasonable efforts, having arrived into place, all of you still feel drowsiness before the important meeting or excursion, to you will help … a sunlight. The natural daylight makes the strongest regulating impact on organism internal clocks, lowering level Melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone made by our organism at night and causing drowsiness. In the afternoon level Melatonin is low, and the person feels vigorous and vigorous. To lower level Melatonin and to "be stirred up" before the important action, it is enough to sit under a daylight of 15-20 minutes.

5. Will help at feeling of drowsiness and small gymnastics. It will give to an organism energy. But it should be not exhausting training! It is enough to descend on a half-hour in a fitness hall or to make some simple exercises (for example, knee-bends) and short jog. Approximately the same properties massage possesses also. Only it should be not weakening or calming, namely invigorating massage.

To have a rest it is necessary not less month in the winter

The charter from our long winter, the gloomy grey sky, dampness and a dirt, would be desirable to run away for a week-other at summer, to lie down under the hot sun on gold beaches, to bathe in warm transparent ocean waves. But physicians warn: all is good in due time. It is better not to break a habitual current of year, not to deceive the nature and not to change a climate, as though it would be desirable it.

As it was good to our ancestors! If they were going to go at the height of winter on the south they had to spend for road some weeks, and even months. For this time the organism slowly and gradually adapted for new conditions, has acclimatised, harm to health was much less. Now even the farthest exotic islands are all at several o'clock to summer, and some tourists fly to Egypt almost as to themselves on a summer residence: the person suddenly throws itself from a frost in tropical, subtropical, equator a heat and, not having had time to be reconstructed, comes back.

Advertising of tour agencies promises «paradise rest on silky sand of magnificent beaches at ocean coast» and even promises salutary effect from climatic to "stressful therapy», as if tempering an organism. However, according to physicians, the fifth part of tourists tests those or other problems even at a climate minor change. That is, having arrived to Thailand for a week, having spent in total day on flight, the holiday most part can be spent to beds: the temperature rises, there is a cold, a fever, problems with a stomach can begin - usually acclimatisation symptoms are especially appreciable for the third day of rest.

Having reached a resort instead of allowing to a body to have a rest, we aspire to be in time all and we subject ourselves still большему to stress: at once we start to float in the sea, to make long pedestrian walks, we rise highly in mountains, we go down in caves - what only excursions will not offer tourists on any of resorts. Such physical activities by much of us are unfamiliar in a usual city office-sedentary life.

Suddenly received superfluous portion of a solar ultraviolet threatens to turn back skin diseases, to lead to development melanoma. Definitive blow on health puts transition to the exotic food, unfamiliar products, water of other chemical compound, not speaking about traditional abusing alcoholic drinks. And still there is a danger of stings of the exotic animals which poisons are not distinguished in our laboratories, infections every possible малоизученными viruses and bacteria.

Travel to overseas edges is connected and with crossing of several time zones. For accustoming to a new mode considerable time too is required: usually name the formula - two days and on day on each time zone in addition.

If it was possible not to be ill in strange lands, it does not mean, that rest has ended also to our health more threatens nothing. So the organism is arranged, that transition from a heat to a cold is more critical, that is why after returning we are expected by all delights of "return acclimatisation». The weakened immunity not in a condition to resist to usual viruses, and many fall ill shortly after holiday. More often tourists houses overtake sharp respiratory diseases, a flu, quinsy, every possible chronic illnesses become aggravated. What positive emotions, what advantage can be received from such "rest"?

People aspire not only to go to sunbathe in the winter, but also to give the chance to spend time well to children, aged relatives, not reflecting, that kids of preschool age and the older persons, which organism is reconstructed more slowly, make risk group. And precisely it is necessary to forget about winter travel to a southern direction to pregnant women, people with oncological diseases, illnesses of heart, vessels, thyroid gland dysfunction. It is not necessary to change sharply a climate that whom are capable to put to bed pressure or weather change in the homeland.

According to physicians that from winter holiday in the exotic country there were good memoirs, it should last not less than a month. Then it is necessary to have a rest week at home for returning in a habitual rhythm. Besides doctors recommend to consider residing conditions. If the usual life proceeds in a damp climate rest in desert of advantage will not bring. It is better to choose relatives on humidity, height above sea level regions. In overseas edges it is not necessary to abuse a local cuisine, heavy and fat food. Among the products raising a tone and helping to adapt for unusual conditions, name lemons, pomegranates, honey, , it is not necessary to forget and about vitamin complexes which need to start to be accepted in advance. Or, maybe, going on rest to Thailand or Indonesia, Vietnam or Malaysia, the Emirates or Egypt to reflect: whether the advantage of a trip of its cost is equivalent, after all to pay off it is necessary not only denominations, but also own health.

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Red Bull Storm

 Red Bull Storm Chase is the most adventure-year vindserf-aktsiya place in the Atlantic, with the worst in the last 15 years of weather conditions. In hunting for the most turbulent and dangerous waves brought together athletes from 9 European countries.
Munich, November 15, 2006. "Are you ready to test themselves at the most extreme vindserf-shou ever?" This promising slogan-vyzov Útěchova trailers on the sides, appeared on the streets of Munich in May of 2006. Auto community owned Red Bull Storm Chase. Six months later, severe storms in the past 15 years hit the Severo-Evropeyskomu Atlantic coast, and won from 9 countries, in full combat readiness met 11 th consecutive shtorm-sorevnovanie. Then, after this most exciting vindserf-shou ever filmed, an explosive went DVD- video! But first was: "Motor, have begun!"

What is Storm Chase: the expectation of the strongest storms in the year (at least, that he was over 10 points) and 2 vindserfera from each team in the country. Participants were selected through internet-golosovaniya on the site, where every active sailboard could register and submit to the court its expert committee spot corresponding to the stated conditions.
Since the beginning of June, 280 surfer, including professionals and amateurs, filed an application to participate in the selection round in their home country. 23 000 voters chose heroes Storm Chase, and it also identified those who were later engraved on the Storm Chase DVD.
In mid-August, 24 participants were enrolled in the official list of "pending storm." Storm-line indicator on the site kept in heaven tedious and tense anticipation. Daily weather watching has become an integral part of life for hunters formidable wave.

Great numbers of people from all over the world followed the developments on the site kontesta until the long-awaited storm came in the Atlantic. After several false alarms start byl-taki given 31 October.
1 November more than 50 cameras have been installed at various points in shooting the film and the future of more than 100 people, divided into 11 teams, were ready for the test. The boat operators, helmet camera, even a helicopter, all were ready.
Now the time has come-moving Atlantic storm named Britta at the speed of 70 knots per hour and threatened to swallow 24 vindserfera from 9 European countries… None of them had refused to meet face to face with Britta and participate in the most incredible and difficult battle-year Red Bull Storm Chase!

Naturally, we can not fail to mention the names of all the festival storms, of which there are fascinating and fearless girl:
Ben Proffitt - PWA wavesailor
Phil Horrocks - PWA wave and Super X sailor
John Hibbard - PWA wavesailor, a nice guy and a strong personality
Stephen Moore, a lawyer and victim windsurfing
Team Quatro: Dario Ojeda - reckless driver and expert on the strong wind
James Cox-famous high jumping and fearlessness
Robert Sand-PWA wavesailor, head of Plasma Boardriders
Mads Bjorma - PWA wavesailor
Oisin Van Gelderen-champion Irish Wave
Timo Mullen is always in search of storm
Kevin Mevissen-fan Freestyle supreme, thick boards and big waves
Chris Nolles-traveler, lived in the world of many top spot, now moved to Peter Volwater, who was in Maui during the storm.
Hans Kristain Waarum-champion Norwegian Freestyle
Orjan Jensen is one of the best athletes in the world who specialize in jumping into the harbor. Participant Gran Canarian in Norway
Kristoffer Living-jumping specialist in the harbor and with a happy face and the hot plume behind women themselves
Emma Johansson-Scandinavian blond-sensatsiya and PWA wavesailor
Germany (north)
Klaas Voget - PWA wavesailor and vindserf-puteshestvennik. The calm and generally a very nice guy
Torben Sonntag - German serfer-odinochka
Germany (West)
Matze Bade-Western realist, the ice man
Steffi Wahl-PWA wavesailor and she Coast Town (South Africa), one of the best in the world zhenschin-vindserferov!
Germany (East)
Oskar Hollmann, a resident of the city, the terminally sick windsurfing
Jan Mark Möde-father and husband, the oldest hunter for the wave rides on the board 32 years!
Tom Scheirlinck-Belgian serfer-odinochka
Filip Loosvelt second-Belgian serfer-odinochka
photo Tom Körber, Stefan Bootz, Maarten Huisman, John Carter, Bevis Nickel, Magnus Peterson

Brazil - Jericoacoara

In season 2004 I put spending every winter for myself behind the target on the training somewhere in warm countries. A year ago choice fell on Venezuela but unfortunately the lack of the scent the November and the December forced me to the different decision this year. It fell down on Brazil. I could hear many good stories about this place but somehow I never believed in it. It sounded too beautifully so that it was real. And however he can...

With the simplest way if only sie there to get there is a flight from Frankfurt to Fortalezy which is laid closest our purpose i.e. the Jericoacoara village. It is possible to find tickets on the TAP side air portugal which is a main operator on this odcinku.Cena wacha oneself between 800 and 1100 euro.

I turn out to be the most difficult task dolot to Frankfurt we can hit at least times very much good offers from bigger cities of Poland. If we already managed somehow around dolotem bądz with journey to Franfurtu next we must advise ourselves with sending the equipment. Of course if we decided to take the own equipment. At once he is informing there is only one recommendable Club school on the spot in Brazyli dos Ventos with Neilpryde propellers and JP boards. Of course there are also there shorter schools but about it later. Wracająć for checking in luggage. We aren't forced for earlier informing an airline of our equipment on the phone. He will be enough that we will turn up to the airport a bit earlier. As for the price there is most often this 100 euro behind the cover with boards and 50 euro behind sails. It is of course a price in one side. Yeah okay, we are already in the aeroplane of the mum so we are a sent equipment facing now 7 hours of the flight and we are on the spot. In Fortalezie a private organised by local boarding houses or earlier recalled already transfer is the simplest way to get to Jericoacoara Club dosVentos. The transfer from the airfield up to very boarding house in Jericoacoara lasts ok 5 hours. We are defeating the majority of the travel all over the beach and the desert. Hotels on the spot are very diverse. Starting from pięcio-gwiazdkowego of Blue Mosquito Hotel for room to lets at „miejscowych". Of course the ones are last cheapest but not always conditions don't fulfil our expectations. Devoting one day for finding is the best solution worth the accommodation. As regards the booking one should not unduly be upset if there the August, the September or the October because we are flying the season is being started there with the end of the November and he is finishing in January. Prices for the hotel or the boarding house are swaying between 100 euro and 500 euro for the month. I am telling Jeri in the Internet search engine to write the Surfing down and for us a few references will pop out to boarding houses certain włocha so which has three different types of accommodation napewno we will find something for ourselves. A breakfast is sometimes counted in the price. If we have the own equipment next we must find przechowywalnie it isn't of course a problem since the majority of hotels has specially prepared of it is of this purpose place. We are in the small village distant from the civilization about ok 200 km so we have everything on the spot and we have the majority of the thing organized. So to go to the time to water!
Conditions to swim in Jeri don't belong to simplest. I am not concealing that on the spot he can be times enough tłoczno. The wind is able to be very much szkwalisty but as a rule from the morning till the hour ok 16 is very decent. By the recalled earlier movement the sheet of water is irregularly wzbużona what sometimes can disturb less experienced windsurfers. But there is one thing which will never be missing in Jeri and it is a wind. He/she is blowing every day and about every time of the day. I was less more six weeks and blew practically all the time. Without the day of the break. Majority she used competitors of sails about the 4.2 m2 surface or 4.7 m2. People lending the equipment at schools maximally used sails about the 5.3 m2 surface. Wind conditions are every day the same. However phases of tides are changing. If we have the outflow water is flatter and then they are these are the best conditions to freestyle. When the rising tide is conditions are changing a little bit more on wave and then it is perfect spot for improving the first jumps and the learning of the real ride with wave i.e. at the wind gently from the edge rather than to the edge as it najczęsciej is visiting us in Poland and different „wave" spots. At the height of the season however we must naprawde because to pay attention to different people is of them then very much.
If we got tired of the crowd of windsurfers, salty water and mums willingness poplywać only with familiar we can choose it one of two close put lagoons. First „Lagoa de Paradiso" is more close but she is smaller and the wind is more szkwalisty. We can reach there wynajmująć so-called „buggy" too ok 10 euro. Second „Lagoa de Tatajuba" is distant at 40 minutes of the „buggy" ride but she is much bigger and conditions are definitely more better. The fresh water, the even wind and few people on water from this place a remarkable spot is doing the freestyle. After swimming in the lagoon we can come off to urczej restaruacji, suspended above water, to eat the meal and to come back to Jeri.

If we are going there for the longer time it is worthwhile taking some more cash because on the spot he doesn't have an opportunity to withdraw money. A possibility of paying by credit card practically in every shop is big facilitation. In Brazil this way they are called currency being in effect real'e which it is possible easily to count since 1 euro is 2.5 real'a. On the spot it is possible to say around it is quite cheap. Living the way earlier I recalled can be very cheap but also there are many places for people valuing comfort for oneself and administering bigger ilościa cashes. It alone concerns the restaurant. There are a few checked local places how „Sabor will give to Terra", „Espacio Alberto" or „Oasis" where we can eat the decent meal in the reasonable price. Also European restaurants are like „Chocolate" or „Sky Bar" which the food is expensive in rather than always so tasty as in of the ones smaller. Generally so the kitchen is also good and healthy we are not having .. as far as so much to pay attention to what we are eating.

The local population is very friendly and than aren't placed with hostility to tourists. A pleasant atmosphere is ruling in Jerico and it is safely. Of course it is necessary to think in bigger cities as Foraleza since it is already completely different history. Very much I am telling to shine a light one evening and to watch a bit their traditional „Capueira" dance. In Brazyli almost everyone are planting it. Local young people are in it to the truth good and he is able to make real beauties. It is only one point from their traditional culture and so it is always very rich there is some alternative for windless days, of which around the January or the February can be more. When isn't blowing bądz we are already this way worn out with swimming we want to do day of the break, it for ourselves local agency tourist offer a lot of attractive trips to nearby sand dunes, to the jungle or the different kind to the activity. Of course we can also venture into the chain of local shops and leave richer against for example pendants of different kind or T-shirts from the Brazyli logo. Certainly in the free time we will find there filling. In the evening in Jericoacoara after the supper it is possible to go to so-called Street San Francisco that is main street in the village, to sit down with one of bars on the beach and to savour Brazilian drinks as Caipirinia, Capeta and the like if we are feeling on powers and we will manage to persevere to 2 at night then we can go to one of two clubs where every day played jesdifferent t of the musician so napewno we will find something for ourselves. The local community is enjoying itself at such parties to 8 rather than when even 10 morning so if we want for them potowarzyszyć it certainly we must sie to combine with the lack of powers for swimming of the next day.
So that it is enough if it concerns the description of this place. Now as part of summing up, I recommend this place for średnio-zaawansowanych both advanced windsurfers which above all want to encounter the certain scent and permanent conditions. I don't recommend this space for people of beginners since wind from the edge at sometimes enough heavy swell can not only slow your progress down but also what behind it he is going to discourage entirely from this sport. With very important things about which one should remember it at the trip to Brazyli: fill of the cash (best of dollars), booking of the transfer from the airfield, decent flip-flops or flip-flops and of course cream with the filter UV. I wish well done rest and much wind! For seeing on water!

Tarifa - Spain

For the first training departure I went to Spain but in more detail to the Tarifa small town. The best conditions are a summer here but the November and the December it is also possible to come across the good wind and the weather. I chose this place a bit by accident since canceled charter flights stayed in the last moment to Brazil and I had to choose something just enough quickly and close. Attractive prices of flights and flats helped me with it in this period of the year.

Around Polish it is possible here to get to a lot of ways. Norwegian Air is an only clearing which is flying here directly from Warsaw. I got out Alitalię on account of minimum prices of the transport of the equipment. Unfortunately I also had a problem and it is necessary to remember, that from there are new recipes now in relation to the weight of packets and they cannot cross 32 kg.

A booking of the hotel is a next step. Best it is to make to two ways. First it is a booking on the side of the flat which is answering us. For beloveds here a lack of the preview of the flat is a minus on "briskly" what can sometimes turn out to be the deciding matter. The other way it to arrive and only on the spot to go to the tourist office, of which it is here a lot and there we can already choose the flat meeting our requirements. There are few people in the winter period here relatively but all restaurants and shops are opened and he is in what to choose. Prices are about c 20% higher than in Poland.

If it is about places for swimming everything depends on the wind which at that particular moment is running away. If is blowing this way called "poniente" that is wind from the ocean it is best the place is "arte vida" or "valdavaceros". They are these are the spots distant at c 10 minutes of a drive in a car from the Tarify centre. First from them I am more close Tarify and he is friendlier for beginners around względu to the lack of any stones and rocks. We must also remember about the fact that in the winter waves are able to be quite big therefore I would advise of arrival here for beginners. The other spot is a bit farther and by this direction of the wind it is possible to start swimming with wave and basic hare's legs.
When a wind is blowing from the east that is the matter is "levante" more complicated. This wind is usually blowing through a few days from 2 to 7-8. Into the first days when wind oneself "is untwisting" best to swim close the Tarify centre. Next into the second or third day the wind is already too strong in Tarifie and best to come off to earlier recalled "valdavaceros".

Very much I recommend this space for the winter departure but rather a place interesting for people which apart from swimming want to see and to rest. The wind in this period can be but it isn't certain therefore if somebody is expecting on "sharp" swimming than I would look for the different place. If it is about attractions outside swimming he is of them here a lot, from Gibraltar, Cadizu'u after Tanger and north part of Africa.

In Tarifie two winds are blowing: strong and warm Levante which is running away by day and at night and cooler Poniente which is running away more strongly for afternoon. In the Straits of Gibraltar an occurrence of the "tunnel" is happening air, granting the amazing speed the wind. It is a main cause of the wildness tarifeńskiego of wind.

The wind from the south-east called Levante is warm, he/she is blowing day and night, and its medium power is 7-10 steps in the Beaufort scale. Levante is creating clusters of clouds above peaks of mountains. This wind is usually the equal through a few days, and the end is intensive. Levante in Tarifie is rather a wind from the earth (is blowing toward the sea), at least waves aren't high.
When it smells of Levante (8 and more knots), best d to manageabout Cańos. There you will find rough seas and a bit of a light wind.
In the summer he is overbalancing a light wind, Poniente which is running away from the Atlantic and he is bringing waves mainly with winter. Into warm and solar days the thermal effect is increasing Poniente in the area of the Valdevaqueros bay. He/she is blowing more strongly between 15.00 and 18.00 and he is stopping all of a sudden. He can happen, that such a situation will surprise you on the beach, when you already bring the entire equipment along... It is always possible to play the badminton...

Canaria Surf Trip grain

As, that from the last sally into Aruba [ Aruba 1 , Aruba 2 ] it passed quite a lot of time, and in Poland a cold started slowly becoming, a plan of the autumn departure arose. We altered conditions and spear-carriers for Tarify, Egypt, Cabo Verde (next trip!) and after all a decision fell down on measuring itself with legendary Pose and pokatowanie of surfing. From the established plan managed to carry out only its second part - blew 2 first days around 14;) but one after the other. Entire organization after with angle of przelotu/hotelu/zarcia and many valuable pieces of information Kamil treated us from to sum up - with the cheapest possible option an allinclusive trip with the take-off resulted from Berlin. There were anxieties of excess baggage as for the amount taken, but a sheet of paper as usual with the inscription: DEFEKT on the scale cheered up and ok 100kg of toys reached without the problem.

Hardware-based once again we got large reinforcements from boys from the Hydrosphere - great thanks! Apart from Exoceta USurf 84L (which Leszek Rutkowski patted Wave Session in in Lebie on;) we got "still warm" Hifly'a MaddWave 83L to 2008r, Aerotecha sails, 2 surfy HiFly 7"2, 7"10 and the entire palette of Infinity accessories. From the moment when we stood up barefooted with foot on GC it is possible to divide the sally in 2 parts:


In spite of 2 days on 4.5, it isn't possible honestly to rank legendary Pose to captured spots. We didn't luck to entering swell, so the wave was poor - the best ~1,5m rollers fit into to very reef, what skonczylo oneself a few classical mielonymi.W every time managed to sail around bothwe have boards and conclusions everyone similar. USurf very much changed in porownianiu to the previous Universal Wave2 model - smaller bending slightly the beak, the wider and cut stern and the narrower beak - had zblizyc I with shape to the surfboard. It is hard to say whether USurf made a profit on it, because he is simply a completely different board... Still enough quickly he is launching, easily he is breaking away from water and he likes rough turns, but deciding differently is being conducted on the tack and an impression of the difficult, radical board is causing wave - heavily powiedziec how will behave on a heavy swell. Certainly wypor the moved to the back and taken in beak will be considerable facilitation for defeating the Baltic breaker. As for Hifly'a MaddWave - we had it emotions mixt up before on it we sailed ourselves - despite everything rather unpopular at us brand as well with the applied Twinser system (two small 18cm fins in the powerbox system). It turns out, around the trend at the part of producers of boards is visible as most justified! The latest model wave'owki Hifly'a very much positively surprised us - the board is very much latwa in the lead, very much the pane on the tack, great is floating sharply to the wind and perfectly he is carving roll-ups... Admittedly he is launching a little more slowly than USurfa, but fun from shaping wave is huge! Be too bad failed to travel around on some bigger rollers in Pose - but most probably a chance will still be an autumn to tests on our coast, because the board is really worth the attention.


Of the third day ktos he turned the wind off and windmills did alloy. Unfortunately we established, that of wind there will be a phote more and from the first days of not a mum of none: (to check Pojechalismy how matters are in Vargas, but according to what we heard from one thing around lokalesow: "Noooooo, Vargas doesn't work in winter";) from different we heard: "don't wait for of lifts, it surf" so a time came on...


In the topic of the surfing landing on GC we knew so much, that Big around well hewed;) generally, what we could hear about the surfing, worked in the 100% - very difficult but after embracing mega play! It was so also with us - after the first days everyone were fed up with brine falling out in the evening with all possible holes, of burning eyes and feeling being defeated by the ocean... One thing is certain - of such washing machines for surfie on the windsurfing not zaliczylem never and nowhere! After these a few days it turned out, that little przesadzilismy around warunami for the beginning. Podsumowujac - into tubes for the beginning we don't recommend 3 one-metre long fast breaking horses!:) particularly when are entertaining sie on them malo of friendship lokalesi;) after doing arrears on the spot for surfing llamas in Maspalomas - we went back to check to Canteras Forest. Everyone did some step forward, everyone oneself incredibly from it cieszyl and everyone knows that it is only a beginning. In relation to boards to surfa, it is only what we can say, it, that pomiedzy a perceptible difference is 7"2 lengths and 7"10 at the research from bases, 7"10 was much stabilniejsza and we recommend particularly persons it for beginners.



Between it everything sneaked a bit tourisms, the thanks for what trafilismy above clouds on the highest peaks of Canarii Parmesans. To drive onto remarkable emotion from the nought on law 2000 of the m, where the temperature is dropping around 26 to 11.5 rank after breaking above clouds. It is worthwhile also losing a little of the time for travelling through tops narrow on one samochod with switchbacks in order to reach to intact turystycznie miejscowosci as San Nicolas, Tejeda, Teror whether polozony on the hillside of the Galdar volcano. Our attention zwrocil rowniez the state and the scale of developing tracks particularly in mountain areas, tunnels, flyovers really are feeling.



To sum up the departure turned out to be more surfing than windsurfing, but fortunately to it we were prepared and everyone caught the considerable pressure for the continuation of this adventure what most probably will follow on Baltyku and next exits. And Pose it is necessary to visit the determination one more time in the height of the season!

Trip Basque

Severe autumn pressure in order to pick up a wavelength a bit on the surfing resulted in the exit to the south coast of France and north of Spain. Line-up of the expedition: Maciej Szematowicz around Ula, the Ant plus Mikolaj which ran up to us for four days.

In order to reach to the other side of Europe we spent 2 clear days in the car with the break to accommodation in German Bonn. Behind the circle Maciej turned out to be Termintatorem - didn't want to give the steering wheel back to nobody! When we passed Bordeaux, we decided to choose the road the shortest most possible to the beach. At dusk we reached to spotu about the name Cohot Grandee , where we made camp in the centre of forest. He was it is a good choice, because of next morning for reminding the passage through forest and the sand dune "nowhere's Land" we ranked completely pleasant surf on beachbreaku. After the afternoon session we pretended ourselves to seek one's fortune to the South.

Maciej Szematowicz

He was the next spot worth the attention l'Horny Old goat . Also beachbreak, as all spots in these surroundings, offered waves to the fairly good quality on the left and the law. On this reserved seat it was possible enough comfortably to break. We met here a few freakow. Among others of Marek – of the English thoroughbred which altered old Rovera Defendera Land on kampera which the almost half year is spending lives in. Fortunately he had the neat kitchenette to petrol. Our gaz-butla was so small that barely she cooked water. Thanks to the cooker of Marek, the Hive she managed to prepare the royal meal. However on this spot a couple of German-hippies was the most interesting object in old Volkswagenie which the inside longed as some chapel for. This two all the day dealt with worshipping stones. They didn't swim on the – surfing well all day long they looked at stones and they arranged them in different models. They asked us, where in Poland it was possible to find bursztyn…

The first campsite in the centre of forest


When we reached into Hossegor surroundings, unfortunately waves were missing. We became convinced by it that the small town was boiling over fairly good surfing lansem. On streets before numerous surfshopami doubles of top surfing competitors; -)

We pretended ourselves to collect Mikolaj from the airport in Biarritz. Unfortunately he brought a little of the rain with himself from Ireland; -)

We still ranked one spot in France - Hendaye . Nothing interesting oneself there however not zdazylo. To cross the time Spanish border. In Spain it was supposed to be more warmly, however instead of it a concrete downpour began. Since we carried boards on the roof without the boot, where belts crushed the gasket from the door, water poured itself into the car. We had to install the recipe earlier worked out in the form of 4 bags which cleared flying water away. Still in the downpour we reached the number ... piewszego spotu in Spain which Maciej and Mikolaj decided to squeeze something on around mega of small waves, however I made up my mind on skimboard.



In the meantime professions should take place in surroundings Billabong Pro . It wasn't given us to see famous left waves on Mundace because was completely plasko… Disappointments were transferred to nearby Bakio . When we arrived in place we found a few Billabonga flags and flat wode…

A chance encounter was a centre-piece around Mickiem Fanningiem .

In Spain she turned out to be the best spot which we came across Barika . We spent 3 days there campingujac on the cliff with the very picturesque panorama. In order to reach water, it was necessary to cover around 500 stairs into the bottom of the cliff. Waves were quite accessible – fun waves to the height of shoulders. At the bottom enough many rocks were what forced often to the slalom between them. With great plus of it spotu an also fairly good eatery in which we encountered the super concert was a reggae.

Mikolaj Molenda

Unfortunately the weather got worse. We put Mikolaj back on the airport in Bilbao. We still tried our luck in the spot about the name Ajo - very nice seat reservation around secret with spot in the small bay surrounded with rocks. What from it however if was completely plasko…? The rain and the lack of perspectives on wave in the closest days resulted in the fast decision: zawijka to Poland.

On the way back we stopped off at Munich in order to check as oneself is surfing on the river in the midtown. Quickly we became convinced that it wasn't as simple how it could seem. It is possible only to envy local townies, that they can train surf about every time of the day and the night (wave is being floodlit from the ground floor).

Surfing river in Munich

According to statistics, we should have far more better conditions in the first half of the October on surfa in this part of Europe. There is no what however to complain about the bad luck, because so trip it is always a fairly good form of escape from everyday life. A few good waves don't have how to wear flip-flops and shorts and to pick up a wavelength in the ocean!

It is possible to find described above spots on

Of thanking for the company BILLABONG which supported the escapade!

Uh-huh - we wound a little video material, so expect the film from the expedition!

Ras Sudr - new spot kitesurf in Egypt

This way a new reserved seat of Ras Sudr looks

The new seat reservation was already checked by a dozen or so persons and a potential looks like the fact that it is taking place. Of Ras Sudr lies about 300km from Sharm of El Sheikh. Unfortunately after about 4-ro flight an hour long with aeroplane we are still a coach hard time facing - also about 4 hours, so czes reaching and exhausting by the level is a road enough considerable, but in turn on the spot flat shallow water and the largeness of the place to kitesurfingowania...oraz traditional already Egyptian additions like for example Sheesha.

Description spotu: directly by the hotel Surd Green Department about standarcie a lagoon is 4* around perfectly with flat and deep water - good place to freestylu. Beside lagunki a small bay is situated around pltyka (knees, thighs) with water and with the belt on the bottom! If unfortunately low water just comes up, these 15 minutes of the road farther are an infantry next small bay in which water, but also small shells and a few stones are, so with it let alone sie are teaching foam shoes are recommended. It is the best thing, that in there are no Ras Sudr of coral reefs!

The principal small town of Ras Sudr is distant about 20 km from spotu and a determination is an Arabic small town with all its charms..

The New Year in Southafrica has too approached!

on 1 January 2007.

Unfortunately feeling that today January 1 was not. Is that light Hangover reminder of yesterday's festivities. Outdoor summer, and we could not never realize that the year has changed, and nothing has changed around.

Having instead of Mount Calm, we equipment tied to a rack just one surf board and went to the beloved Big Bay catching a wave. Waves today is not, but the entire coast were filled Zulus. Zulu Old, young Zulu, Zulu family, zuluss children zuluss big bosom meager zuluss girls and boys, lie Zulu, Zulu seating, bathe Zulu and the Zulu tan… Where neither perfect, they are everywhere. And only at that point we realized that the New Year has come from the Zulu and output.

Returning home wait time, and by the evening of ated Olivier resolve all of this to dash there and back to Sunset, and suddenly we are lucky and there will be the wind?

We were lucky! Only we have come most recently when before sundown remained 30 minutes hours, and the water was at least sail 150.

Oh, what today was a wonderful baby buggy! Golf even, wave small and correct, cool beautiful sunset and warm water! Probably the most cool baby buggy ever! And even when the sun dropped into the ocean and the Cape Town lights filled evening, we take this evening until the last and went to the water already in the dark. Even words do not convey the full range of positive emotions that we feel. In short, had a wonderful first day of the new year!

January 2.

Today, we meet a second group of desperate heaven, flying in South Africa to subdue the ocean waves. This is one of the members of our club with Edik Natashey, Alik of Krasnodar and Danil from Moscow. All are first in South Africa and were even willing to sacrifice the New Year's Party sake arriving here. New Year's Day they had met on the train, then all day January 1 to sit in Sheremetyevo airport, then fly another almost daily. Instead, the first day they were lucky: the wind blowing, and we all had together ride at Sunset. The wave was not so different from shining a chance to unroll peacefully.

January 3

After her first baby buggy in Big Bay.

Natasha: I survived today COOL because the first lift at the wave spot. Although waves of the shore, and there were no problems with the passage of Surf I have not arisen, but, being in the ocean, where the huge mass of water under you walk in a huge Chop, and it appears that Bank of disappear watermarked wagon, I would like to speak softer … freake out. Start thinking about the attack whales and white sharks! And pity that nobody Hydro have not built napkin, it could plant the seed added sense of security. A lack of a pretty Midheda never left any chance of salvation. It is a pity that I did not lift until then in Anapa or wave zone in Dahab, then I would not have been so terrible. And even once, and I did not think to ask what there is ocean needs to be done when the eyes of say orbits, and the fear stifled traffic and only cover Head sobering wave! How then explained to me that you can come back and tray sail boat on the board, or just to equipment row ashore. After all, everyone knows that water masturbation start in cold water is not good, and how much force it takes. In short amount of time I was there and how to shore left really hard to remember! But with the words watching over me and hotel already go rescue me has been able to make water and start flying to the bank. The land under their feet just aroused a storm of happy emotion, I will not hide-even tears! Normally, I could not talk for probably another hour to one and a half. And only then, in the evening, guests at Makara in the company for mental delicious dinner and tequila, I began to return to life! Sheet metal tin! But there is much to be proud: myself back on the board with a sail! Plav Not! Sam! "" Well shit 1, scare people their lack of, well, who's not the case! Live! She even try!

4 January.

Today at Sanset skater. Catastrophically lacked wind. Waves reached small half meter, but it's very smooth and accurate so that riders on such a special wave was not working. But in the absence of Surf pass wind is a very unpleasant occupation. Every freezes all forces trying to sail and some miracle to stay afloat after the regular foam hit on you, so spend forces, and a bunch of Surf finally going slowly slowly you start to go, wishing cut, but there is no chance, just a lighter plane - is already well .. And it is facing a wave, in front of you, slightly pump sail, somehow drawn level with it, but the wind ended sharply… you start sinking and no longer have time to not something to sit on ahead of wave, but leave from the next. In foam, holding of the last equipment forces in the hands, you turned out to be near the coast, but meters by 100 below the point of launch. And on foot top again. Consolation that next to you just on the bank and its equipment proff works because there is no other option.

January 6.

Finally done it, why surfers from around the world come to ride in South Africa: the real ocean wave came. At the height forecast stood 4.7, in reality, it seemed to shore alarming huge 6 metr home, and people unhappy with the wind of the latest attempt to cope with the forces of nature. it was got not always sympathetic and curious crowd of spectators on shore watched as equipment balances, but for them and Nearly breathing surfer off Surf to shore. Just watched and Sniper. He was lucky not to be very tough spot Surf, where the wave is already collapsing and simply "bag" of water falling from a height obelisk on you and on the board and sail into the wind so little that the chances Runaway deploy or not. Then you Turned out to be in huge washing machine, try it be grouped inch head and hands, as though that would soften a possible clash with his same equipment, which has about saving, we are not talking only to swim itself. Then you for a moment as-to dive, doing long-awaited breath and mind meters in 20 of its equipment balances itself. Know that he needed to swim to it, and not force. Trapezoid somehow becomes close and not giving you breathe. In head spinning thought: "I have Why useful here, unfinished hero!" Brief, it is difficult to convey the words all thoughts and emotions that you go through have time to a few minutes of this bathing. Just not easy to describe the breathtaking excitement and ecstasy if you did conquered fear, has been able to Surf and ride on that wave.

Of all our big companies have already decided to go to water only Makar, Coach, Sniper and Alik. Winds really not enough, somehow blows at 5.4, so even went to Alik Kayte.

Trainer: Very cool baby buggy! Very frightening, but always want to go forward and win. I was very afraid, but I looked at Makara and walked behind him. And approve that all friends watching you and going.

Sniper: It is a pity, but there is no more mast. We want to go further, but not what.

Makar: After this baby buggy, I realized that all the previous days, we simply sporting to us, not just for those killed by the waves. Today, we are engaged in windsurfing almost without wind. Only when you are already upset with the waves, the wind fills this rig and it is sufficient if borne down on the progress of all. Now, I understand why make sails named PowerWave. I ride on MauiSails Glabal. Sail and tyaguchy so powerful that you can almost plane by pump and water do not start in full wind. But at the same time the wind remains light and maneuver on the wave.

In the beginning it was crappy. When you become a wave behind your sails above accounted minute head to see its top. Run I thought: must be reviewed at the Top "giant".

The waves were really big. The largest of those is that we caught in two seasons. After some time skiing and surveillance from the bank's other surfer appears more understanding of how to behave on the wave. It is very important to have the speed and constantly monitor it, because at some point wave looms over you and the water, which weighs much falls on you. But it is not happening overnight. First, it hangs on like a crest and you have enough time to down from there.

I really liked the ride with coaching. We were Surf and, in the ocean waited each other, to sit down at the same great wave. Then you have to follow not only the speed and wave, but for a Friend. We are not a bit lucky, because immediately waves crashing along the full length and did not allow them to sit for long. But sometimes met correct, and the long, flat wave, and then began waveriding present. It Was Got go right up to the vertical wall. By the evening, most skis and the wind was already difficult Runaway even with the wave. But the spectacle was excellent!

Certainly, it was the best day of skiing!

7 January.

Yesterday's armagedon recur. But this time it was more courageous. Olga has also decided to conquer a wave of almost ten, with the full lack of wind. On his impressions promised to write, but does not meet with the force ...

Alik today not lucky. He resigned as yesterday at the 12nd Kayte. But if yesterday in the form of big waves ahead unfold, and that he has the speed was driving to the shore, today, it was bold. Jumping on one of the waves, he flew to five meters, was unable it be grouped and removed him as a puppy on the water. Result: a broken rib!

By the evening waves became more and our raider already it be worn down, watched proff, which showed the highest pilotages wave as in the best surf video.

Windsurfing in , Scotland

Tiree if trust statistics, the most windy and sunny place at all British Isles! Tiree most of the western islands of Internal Gebridskih can boast excellent swell Atlantic. Here you are waiting nine beaches suitable for windsurfing, where you will one day be able to go on perfectly smooth water, good waves and even jump for "porridge." Therefore, it comes as no surprise that it is taking place here windsurf most important event in the UK-Tiree Wave Classic.
Adam Cropper visited the island just before the start of the event to check wonderful here, as promised advertising.

Wind: dependent on the variations of pressure throughout the year!
Wind: Any.
Most windy time of the year: From October to March
Estimated water temperature: 17 degrees in summer, 10 degrees in winter
Wetsuit: Suit with short sleeves in summer, winter "Dry" in the remaining months of the year.
Journey time by ferry: 4 hours of Obana
Time Zone: GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
Language: English and Gaelic (Scottish)
Currency: Pound sterling

Frankly, to get to Tiree quite easy, but it is a kind of "highlight" the island. To get to it, you have to get to the first-place Oban on the west coast of Scotland in about two hours drive from Glasgow. From there you can for four hours at the port until Tiree Caledonian MacBrayne ferry, which Strait Mall (Mull) comes to the island of Coll (Coll), and then to the shore nindzya Tiree. During the summer season (from April to mid-October) ferry runs every day in the winter-only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. A ticket there and back for two persons and the vehicle no more than 5 meters, worth more than 200 pounds in summer and 165 pounds in winter.

On Air
Yes, you can get to Tiree by air, using a ticket to aircraft, which departs the island from Glasgow International Airport every day, except on Sundays. However, the aircraft quite small, and your gear windsurf it simply does not fit. What if you have a very good friend who agreed to carry you for your machine clothing with the ferry, the aircraft-the fastest way to get to Tiree! Daily flights carried out by companies British Airways / Logan Air, and will cost you all of 95 pounds for a ticket and go back.

By car
Every mile that you drive on Tiree, can be considered a true achievement! During the two-week visit, we traveled the entire five miles! Gasoline on the island is very expensive (111 pence per liter in October of 2006), so you refuel at leading-in, which is before entering Oban. All roads to Tiree have only one lane with "pockets" to passing cars. Locals lead car or incredibly slowly, or quickly madly. Try to maintain a car with caution, yield road tractors, school buses and Willie Angus, which is traveling to the beach!

At Tiree generally the same climatic conditions as in the rest of the UK, but thanks to its geographical situation of the Atlantic island receives a decent brought. Therefore, the best time to travel to Tiree is spring and autumn. But even in August or in October may wind might not be here. Want storm-come in January. Thanks Gulfstream water is warmer than you might think, but still worth neoprene stock!

The beauty Tiree that there is a smooth and water, and waves in the full sense of the word-you just need to choose the right beach. For example, in the normal southwest wind you will be able to ride good waves in Balvullin (Balevullin), in advancing (Maze), you will find an angle on the left wind on shore, in (Crossapol) - winds right angle to the coast, and in the bay Gott (Gott) - smooth water.

Specifications individual beaches
Tiree as if specially designed to heaven. Beaches look at all sides of light, and the island is so flat that nothing impedes the free flow of wind. In addition, there is a shallow lake with a sandy bottom, which is ideal for beginners as well as craftsmen. Beaches are located clockwise from the ferry pier.

Map Tiree

Gott Bay
Beach goes: southeast, southwest. This is a classic Bay S-form forms.
Better wind direction: All good wind-it all depends on what you want. Southeast wind is good for small jumps and skating in the upper left corner of the bay, where it is issued for the sea. While most Capo knows this place like the beach with the smooth water, more suitable for freeride. Southern wind brings real Americans "hump", northwest wind blowing from the shore, is the ideal option if you need the speed, and southwest winds, combined with a good swell simply gives excellent waves.
The worst wind direction: All good!
Features tidal: little excitement during the tide
Dangers: no
Appointment / level: all

Beach goes: south / south-east
Better wind direction: west winds
The worst wind direction: Southern and southeastern wind
Features tidal: During high tide raises wind shadow of the dunes in a westerly direction, the rest of the time, nothing prevents skiing.
What's on the bottom?: Sand
The risk: In the heart of Old Bay is the mast wreck during tide it is a risk.
Appointment / level: Suitable place for skiing in the not too big wave.

Beach goes: east
Better wind direction: North wind / northeast winds in the northern part of the bay
The worst wind direction: west winds
Features tidal: You can skate at any time
What's on the bottom?: Sand
Hazards: A few rocks midway Bay, but enough free space.
Appointment / level: All, but this is not the beach where you can smoothly on the waves ride

Beach goes: South / Southwest
Better wind direction: northwest winds
The worst wind direction: south or southwest
Features tidal: During high tide raises wind shadow of sand dunes and rocks
What's on the bottom?: Sand
Dangers: no
Appointment / level: Die Hard, when blowing Nord-West

Beach goes: West
Better wind direction: south or south-easterly wind
The worst wind direction: west winds
Features tidal: Wash decreases when the tide begins
What's on the bottom?: Sand
Dangers: rocks on the right side of the Bay, speakers from the water, and several reefs in the center, which in mid-tide sometimes hard seen.
Appointment / level: Clean, strong waves is a good check for the best surfer. Over the years there have been a lot of broken poles.

Beach goes: northwest
Better wind direction: southwest wind
The worst wind direction: northwest winds
Features tidal: When is big water, almost impossible to ride because seething. But during the tide here very well.
What's on the bottom?: Sand and quite large rocks at the center of the Bay
Dangers: Scale cents in the bay and rather sharp stones on the left
Appointment / level: West wind deal allows jumping at an angle to the shore. Southwest wind gives big waves and foam in the northern bay. In Bay wind can be quite variable, but even he, in conjunction with good swell you satisfied with the present reprimand!

The Green
Beach goes: the north
Better wind direction: west winds, but sometimes had to be satisfied and onshore, if not brought strong. Sometimes it is generally the only place where there is a wave.
The worst wind direction: south wind
Features tidal: You can skate at any time
What's on the bottom?: Sand
Hazards: A few rocks, protruding in different ends of the bay. Also, keep away from farmers and livestock!
Appointment / level: Most famous are usually copes!

Beach goes: the north
Better wind direction: here is not very good waves, but any wind blows on shore, some form of semblance even if anywhere on the whole island has no decent brought.
The worst wind direction: east wind
Features tidal: You can skate at any time
What's on the bottom?: Fine sand and gravel in some places.
Dangers: no
Appointment / level: any

Reefs Balephetrish
Reefs go: roughly northwest
Better wind direction: southwest wind
The worst wind direction: south wind
Features tidal: The stronger brought, the higher water level should be so that you can conquer Reefs! But even in spring, the water level will not help!
What's on the bottom?: The Rock-and quite a lot!
Dangers: wind direction and strength are constantly changing
Appointment / level: advanced level recommended

The lake is the residence of the organization Wild Diamond Windsurfing, a recognized center RYA Level 5. It will take care of windsurers any level. Much of the lake is a sandbank with a sandy bottom is an ideal place for learning! Moreover, when the wind blows from the south, the lake becomes the most turbulent place on the island, which is substantially difference! It should be noted, however, that the lake is private ownership, and you have to pay a purely symbolic sum windsurf Tiree club. The money will go to the salaries of members of Wild Diamond Windsurfing.

About Mauritius!

A couple of words about our trip to the island of Mauritius.

We start with the flight. Flying up to six hours to Dubai and the island itself eight more. Three-hour break in Dubai airport flew quietly hiding for endless storm and shops. Come rumors that the airport has even baths with a pool (I was not there, but family Semovyh She proves their existence). Problem with the advantage was not because we had only two at one middle kisa. But there is a gimmick to advantage, precisely two: on the rules of Emirates airlines serfers +15 kg divers +10, and their holes honestly earned +10 kg. So in serfs mints divings mask, and the normal head cap for golf…

On Airport. Mauritius is very much like Dahab, so three years ago. There, we met a Russian-speaking people from the travel agency and was told everything in detail. The road to the hotel and the cool spot, both on the island and in my life took about an hour, but observations of nature and lyptika 2 m Surf this hour passage unnoticed. The image of the local people is very much like Jamaica (bearing in mind that I was not there).

The hotel is very nice and big. Several buildings, gym, tennis courts, massage. In addition to the main hotel stolovki there are several restaurants. Beach healthy, but no matter how the wind blows it does not. Every morning special provision people walk on it and collect and green algae in their close handful. Thanks to them, the beach is always a white sand and blue water and tan girls… What more need for happiness !!!??? Of course baby buggy! Stations in five minutes from the most remote room. Better take those numbers that closer to the station (face-to-sea right), and is not on the ground floor! For madly wet on the island, so the rooms on the first floor of a cheese.

Hotel amusements addition, you can visit a bunch of restaurants, factories for the production of wooden naves, reserve, where you can be happy boot vigorous Wild boar and sleepy kangaroos and much more.

The station Mistral, so Nortsails sails. Of the 40 Capo, 30 people Russian and 5 trainers. In addition to a wealth of local tourists rides. We all gathered and quickly went to water… very warm water, air, too. Spot consists of two major parts: Short reef and reef Manaui. At nearby reef raises maximum meter diving board left by the wave of tack, but it is about one or two hundred meters to disperse chop and smooth sands. Gather momentum and fly off in heaven! Tock, be sure to come back, and then sometimes do not want again to the ground. Coral there soft, not like in Dahab. Depth at the nearby reef from 40 cm to 150, see Ibid not excluded waveriding for beginners.

Voltage kid and you can go to Manaui. There, in tide water depth of about 70 cm, and in less tide… fin. The peculiarity of Mauritius, as the spot is that if something has not, it can be so seconds for 5 to virtually flat. But while the extreme dozen! Want, in the U.F.O. hell, want, gently wave try side, not risking. Diving board left tack, waveriding-law. While the worst-you can break down the mast than the sake of such a baby buggy can be neglected. There is a danger tide. The fact is that there is a spot near the giant lagoon. At high tide it was filled with water, and the whole tide in the water with great speed away into the ocean. But nothing can stop you for such a baby buggy! There wave of meters before 4,5-5 m And this despite that, in any wind wave flat without Chop.

Sail on the island can stand in the way, but you want to go far. Boards can fix on the station. For 14 days, snow 11 and killed 3 sails, as a minimum.

In and of the trip for two was approximately 5,000 $. But for that, as a visit to the island could not humming heart… pay much more short-COOL!
P. S. Special thanks Semovyh family, who for two weeks have helped us to adapt to this new place, displaying and telling all that remained outside of the article, and only a small fraction of that you have read. And thanks Max Stanislav that ask me from school for two weeks.

Vargas Gran Canaria -windsurf video

El Yaque 2007

"The lady and gentleman, we wants arrive at our destination Porlamar del Carribe in a few minutes. Please fast your seatbelt!" The announcement of crew Cabin tore me from my dreams. Whether I at last have created it? Whether there was I on removal only a few minutes from Freestyleparadies El Yaque? Quickly I once again tightened my belt of a seat before the car on to the earth softly put on.
At the introduction of a ladder of flight the warm wind blew at once to me on the person. Now I could forget definitively wet-cold weather in Germany.
I should get used only to warm conditions, nevertheless, I have tested just cold North Sea. However, at temperatures nearby 30 °C and to the dark blue sky I knew, why I took long road of East Frizsky islands to absolutely after El Yaque on me.

After I was welcomed in my first evening with a wonderful sunset in El Yaque, affairs went equally next day on water. Though water was really rough, but at temperature 27 °C and 30 °C temperatures of air I very, perhaps, I can not complain.
Impellent level on water in general was very high. It was resulted Gollito, Andre and Antxon which motivated me at once with its way of driving. When I observed a little 15-year-old Locals which learnt only in 3 weeks Moves, for what I required in one year, I definitively understood, why El Yaque crowned to Freestyleparadies.

As not only warm temperatures, but also a constant wind from January till May do it by ideal district of training. And as I had a wind for 5ого sails during my all stay every day, I can confirm only backdating windy statisticans.
After session on surfing which went mostly to a sunset, there was almost every evening an arrival to Happy Hour a bar. Spirits as Choco-Monkey or Caipirinha, were not only are very good, but also were favorable devilishly I always should observe, that I forgot a supper not completely.

As the tourist budget had its borders, quartierte I me at Mike in Elyaquemotion one. It was not only is very inexpensive, but also I am pure also felt made immediately friendly. The big roof-terrace on which we fed us every evening and which was a meeting of all inhabitants is Most especially worthy mentions.
That concerned a night life in El Yaque, I have been adjusted sceptically at first a little. As in Beachbar Gaby's Voodoo a hall the same music, and also Habana club which directly was in Elyaquemotion ran to billiards and Dart almost every evening, should not order much more.

Nevertheless, really good party in style of a reggae with Live music in Gaby's and solemn opening of reconstructed lot Piratas overpersuaded me, then, however. And in the next morning I became angry not too very much, that the wind always increased only at midday in force.
While we moved only in the evening in a bar direction, Margariteneos looked, first of all, on target already by noon sometimes a little too deeply in a glass. The car in the car stood directly on a beach then with rattling basses and passengers used Caipis and local polar beer.

It should be, perhaps, small first representation for Easter Semana Santa if before only dancing human weights some schools of surfing establish its enterprise.
In one week El Yaque it was necessary to change a preview trailer in time. I went on friends to a river mouth which offered absolute shoal, but badly smelt so as strongly foul place, that I pressed down a mouth and a nose before each leaving in despair.

Locals tried to convince me that the stench of seaweed would arrive, however, my stomach proved me some days something other. Though I completely have not been cancelled after these Sessions, nevertheless, I undertook better in search of new places to Freestylen.
I found a true ideal preview trailer then on a few days later in bushes to wood. At bottom of mountain CАН of Juan the huge lake of salty water which has been connected by small waterways with the sea was stretched.

And one of these mouths I pumped out me from squall to the following as dense bushes wood filtered all wind. As soon as I have reached, however, lakes, true Freestyleparadies extends before my eyes.
Türkiesfarbenes And, first of all, neutral under the relation to a smell the water framed bushes and rocks, allowed me and to my friends to true jumps of pleasures to decline. This preview trailer delivered us excellent conditions of training to Freestylen.

The it is more entrusted me a preview trailer and local were, which undersigned for reception of my not too good knowledge of the Spanish language always an affable smile, the put my departure came nearer to me more close. In 3 weeks strongly required material again developed and carried in the cart in an airport direction.

When then the car rose for dark night about Isla de Margarita in a direction of Germany, I rejoiced already to the moment if it is again informed: "Welcome on board on our flight to Porlamar del Caribe...!"

Kitesurfing in Gran Canaria Spain

- Vargas
- The left well
- Juan Grande
- A curve
- Burrero
- Jinamar
- Edge Maspalomas
- A beach of the Eagle

The stone beach from a few sand in low inflow and outflow, the conditions similar to conditions of the Left Well, but usually with a wind is slightly weaker (for two metres of a comet).
The wind - side-shore a left-hand side and usually is more wave, than in the Left Well.
In low inflow and outflow it not the dangerous beach, but in high inflow and outflow is strong enough sorebreak which it breaks on stones.
It is a beach where usually is enough windsurfistas so a zone kite - half of beach downwards (lee side) as in this zone usually there is almost nobody doing surfing. There are no cartels which it would signal, but you convince that go half downwards.

To arrive it is necessary to go because of old highway and between Crossing Arinaga and sedge Thickets, you will see a rotunda (Mountain Vélez) with a sculpture which you are three sails of surfing (to see a photo) there take an exit in your right part and each rectum to a beach, it is not heavy to arrive and there is no parking problem.

The left well :

It does not become kite on the beach of the Left Well, it is not allowed to do kite on this beach so it is floated in the second blindage, also, called Whale Beach who besides is better for kite as the wind - side-shore and not on-shore as in the Well.
The beach of stones and the rock placed precisely under a gulf of the Left Well, it approaches close because of small highway which leaves fair opposite to Avaricious shop in the Left Well, and in the end of highway (500m aprox). There is a soil road which arrives to the sea.
The wind - a trading fortress both every day within summer and is less than wind and is more irregular in the winter (to see the Left Well in surfing section), sometimes there is a good wave for surfear, but there is strong enough current in the same direction, as a wind and also it is necessary to be cautious with hedgehogs.
Juan Grande:

The located beach of stones of 5 Km on the Well south, approaches close because of old highway and - the first settlement, that you go to the south, but it is necessary to take soil road a little before arriving to Lock Romeral, to see map*.
It is not heavy to arrive, but it is necessary to be cautious with car soil road.
This advertising film roller usually does not function summer months, usually trading does not arrive on the south in the summer, but yes in the winter and the coat so when the wind - is little bit more E (between side-shore and side-onshore a left-hand side), also functions with wind S (side-onshore the right party).
It not a dangerous place but if there are waves, in high inflow and outflow they very much orilleras, also it is necessary to be cautious with a wind (a coat in the evening) if it starts to be put very much racheado and with squalls almost without a wind the matter is that it will be very soon cut off, if you do not leave fast, you will leave floating.

The stone beach placed after a beach Juan Grande and before Aeroclub, the conditions similar to conditions Juan Grande, auque a wind, maybe, a little more constant and is a little to enter and leave easier water as usually there is less wave also, than in Juan Grande.
Concerning intensity of a wind and directions which it enter, it is the same, than in Juan Grande.
To arrive, it is necessary to go because of old highway and in a straight line which was moved by Juan Grande (going with the north to the south) and before arriving to a curve which is eventually, you will see, that there is an exit in soil road which goes to the sea, it somewhere here, it is necessary to have a few cares with car, but there is no problem to arrive to park.
Equally as Juan Grande, not a dangerous place and besides a wave more softly also is less hedgehogs.


The stone beach in which it approaches close from Thickets of a sedge and undertakes an exit in Burrero, remarkable enough, approaches close easily and parks on a beach. It functions with wind NE.
The wind - side-offshore and usually is little bit less, that in the Left Well (as in Vargas) and with big sea N or coat NE is a good and fast wave though it is enough of it about coast and it is not necessary to jump.
It not a dangerous place (if only the wave was not big), but in low inflow and outflow it is necessary to be cautious with hedgehogs.

Beach of the located sand of 5 km in the south Las Palmas, it is necessary to take an exit of an autosection car of the same name, once there to arrive to a beach not a problem and parks near to sand. At all it does not happen to you to leave nothing in the car.
It functions with wind N and with, side-onshore a left-hand side and side-shore the right party accordingly.
It usually does not function in the summer though it can N leave weak in any day, it is faster a winter advertising film roller.
There is no problem to enter leave, the wave breaks in a sandy shallow, in low inflow and outflow it can be enough bolt and though a beach long do not drop you much in a lee side, an exit because of rocks from here not a choice.


Edge Maspalomas:

Sandy beach of the big sizes (dune Maspalomas), which considers a zone limited to do kite (it is not allowed to do kite outside of cartels which differentiate a zone) that remains fair in which this edge of dunes, that the curve offers some possibilities of orientation to a being for each wind.
Dominating winds in this zone - in the summer thermal which comes from the south, usually too weak, but sometimes are considered sufficient by intensity and in the winter wind E, and S, with wind S if these aside N edges you be cautious as it offshore.
To arrive with car it not a problem (it is necessary to go to Hotel Riu Oriental carpet Maspalomas) and not to park also (excluding on Sundays of summer), but will concern then to you to pass 15 minutes to cross dunes.
Beach of the Eagle:

Sandy beach in a tourist zone in which buildings of apartments remain fair near to sand (with danger which it means).
It is floated by wind ENE and E, that side or side-onshore a left-hand side, this wind enters mainly winter months, besides in the summer the considerable quantity of bathers would recognise as unsuitable an input and a water exit.
To arrive there is no problem, the tourist zone was well signalled to a being and to park, eat a dark blue zone if you do not get ticket, there is a safe penalty.

4 weeks Vargas!

I have created the most difficult task: to Convince my chief, that I require holiday in July of 4 weeks. As it was content since some time with my passion on surfing, he agreed also this time and I could plan - 4 weeks Vargas!

Last year I have spent there 14 days with 2 girlfriends, a combination from a foreign language lesson in first half of day and navigation in second half of day. I wanted it toppen, so I have once again reserved all program: the Small house in the Canary style located in beautiful mountain small town , plus of 4 weeks of a course of the Spanish language.

Accordingly 2,5 ч. Individual training in first half of day and a word study in the evening, meanwhile there was sufficient time for navigation. That I did not clasp my things on surfing at 7 forces of a wind on a roof, I afforded a small minivan in which I was able all simply reinwerfen.

It would clarify in droplet Canaria that are welcomed already at an exit from the pilot of a trade wind... And in 4 weeks of long airing also again accepts!

When I unpacked things on surfing in Vargas in the first morning full inspiration, again cleared up for me, that I was in Spain: Not the person on a beach or on water, simply too early. It is indifferent, all gulf for me. Outflow was on advancement, so excellent conditions as waves become is better then.
Approximately for 1 ч. Before outflow there are from my point of view the finest waves which can be gone round then really well. Training Aerial is optimum possible then. Only if at low level more and more Close raise breaking waves out of a fashion round number in a washing machine, it becomes labour-consuming a little.
After the first session on surfing my level of adrenaline laid down a little, it still threw back all and I had a super great pleasure.
Slowly Locals and some tourists came. Small greetings of a meeting and I felt me again completely is integrated.
If as the girl technically on surfing only on road, is already better it if once one looks after one. Locals, presents Canaries, super are pretty and ready to help - Locals without Localism!
2 especially well went, I could examine Frank and Juan Carlos, at them all program of maneuver and to take away some instructions. Marko Peres trains also almost every day in Vargas. Unfortunately, there were no many girls on water.
The present rare phenomenon is unconditional Nayra Alonso. As Local it went every day tirelessly and trained for competitions. In July it was even 4. In Freestyle on Fuerteventure.
Something in this sort also encouraged me. Not, as I wish to win competitions and as it simply cheerfully to push itself with other girls. Besides, Nayra it is very pretty and at all ambition to it simply notice pleasure in navigation. And, however, it always the most important!

In the end of the second week I have started to practise Backloops - for Frontloop courage still does not satisfy. Uncountable gossips of a back were result. I had a first correct success within last days my stay. At last, completely around, though yet did not admit, but looked already after Backloop.
My teacher of the Spanish language could examine then every morning my new wounds. My thin Shorty was very pleasant on water, but especial protection, just for feet, he does not order.
Dark blue stains and contusions were in the agenda. But if I am fair, only if it is impossible to move in the evening before a loud muscular pain and weakness reasonably there was a super day on surfing more! For not surfer, perhaps, not well.
Waves became all above and the wind again added all corner. With mine 3.5 it I was frequent completely überpowert. The pleasure has it nevertheless still-made, first of all if has not caught one of Shorebreak once. Unfortunately, the mast should trust in it, however, in the rest all remains safe.
Last week on surfing then became again little bit more moderate. Waves any more were not as are high also a wind were more constant.
Balance in 4 weeks Vargas: every day the wind, in 2 days even is too much. Mostly it approached 3.5ому or 4.2ому, only in 2 days I should tighten ' big ' 4.7.

Even last day - shortly before a start - there was still a remarkable session on surfing. Vargas was in any relation again full success: In Spanish qualified, the country and people familiarly and new maneuvers the skilled. All at approximately 27 ° to 30 ° Celsius and the sun.

Next year I come back. It is necessary to hope, some more girls then are more on water.