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Tiree if trust statistics, the most windy and sunny place at all British Isles! Tiree most of the western islands of Internal Gebridskih can boast excellent swell Atlantic. Here you are waiting nine beaches suitable for windsurfing, where you will one day be able to go on perfectly smooth water, good waves and even jump for "porridge." Therefore, it comes as no surprise that it is taking place here windsurf most important event in the UK-Tiree Wave Classic.
Adam Cropper visited the island just before the start of the event to check wonderful here, as promised advertising.

Wind: dependent on the variations of pressure throughout the year!
Wind: Any.
Most windy time of the year: From October to March
Estimated water temperature: 17 degrees in summer, 10 degrees in winter
Wetsuit: Suit with short sleeves in summer, winter "Dry" in the remaining months of the year.
Journey time by ferry: 4 hours of Obana
Time Zone: GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
Language: English and Gaelic (Scottish)
Currency: Pound sterling

Frankly, to get to Tiree quite easy, but it is a kind of "highlight" the island. To get to it, you have to get to the first-place Oban on the west coast of Scotland in about two hours drive from Glasgow. From there you can for four hours at the port until Tiree Caledonian MacBrayne ferry, which Strait Mall (Mull) comes to the island of Coll (Coll), and then to the shore nindzya Tiree. During the summer season (from April to mid-October) ferry runs every day in the winter-only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. A ticket there and back for two persons and the vehicle no more than 5 meters, worth more than 200 pounds in summer and 165 pounds in winter.

On Air
Yes, you can get to Tiree by air, using a ticket to aircraft, which departs the island from Glasgow International Airport every day, except on Sundays. However, the aircraft quite small, and your gear windsurf it simply does not fit. What if you have a very good friend who agreed to carry you for your machine clothing with the ferry, the aircraft-the fastest way to get to Tiree! Daily flights carried out by companies British Airways / Logan Air, and will cost you all of 95 pounds for a ticket and go back.

By car
Every mile that you drive on Tiree, can be considered a true achievement! During the two-week visit, we traveled the entire five miles! Gasoline on the island is very expensive (111 pence per liter in October of 2006), so you refuel at leading-in, which is before entering Oban. All roads to Tiree have only one lane with "pockets" to passing cars. Locals lead car or incredibly slowly, or quickly madly. Try to maintain a car with caution, yield road tractors, school buses and Willie Angus, which is traveling to the beach!

At Tiree generally the same climatic conditions as in the rest of the UK, but thanks to its geographical situation of the Atlantic island receives a decent brought. Therefore, the best time to travel to Tiree is spring and autumn. But even in August or in October may wind might not be here. Want storm-come in January. Thanks Gulfstream water is warmer than you might think, but still worth neoprene stock!

The beauty Tiree that there is a smooth and water, and waves in the full sense of the word-you just need to choose the right beach. For example, in the normal southwest wind you will be able to ride good waves in Balvullin (Balevullin), in advancing (Maze), you will find an angle on the left wind on shore, in (Crossapol) - winds right angle to the coast, and in the bay Gott (Gott) - smooth water.

Specifications individual beaches
Tiree as if specially designed to heaven. Beaches look at all sides of light, and the island is so flat that nothing impedes the free flow of wind. In addition, there is a shallow lake with a sandy bottom, which is ideal for beginners as well as craftsmen. Beaches are located clockwise from the ferry pier.

Map Tiree

Gott Bay
Beach goes: southeast, southwest. This is a classic Bay S-form forms.
Better wind direction: All good wind-it all depends on what you want. Southeast wind is good for small jumps and skating in the upper left corner of the bay, where it is issued for the sea. While most Capo knows this place like the beach with the smooth water, more suitable for freeride. Southern wind brings real Americans "hump", northwest wind blowing from the shore, is the ideal option if you need the speed, and southwest winds, combined with a good swell simply gives excellent waves.
The worst wind direction: All good!
Features tidal: little excitement during the tide
Dangers: no
Appointment / level: all

Beach goes: south / south-east
Better wind direction: west winds
The worst wind direction: Southern and southeastern wind
Features tidal: During high tide raises wind shadow of the dunes in a westerly direction, the rest of the time, nothing prevents skiing.
What's on the bottom?: Sand
The risk: In the heart of Old Bay is the mast wreck during tide it is a risk.
Appointment / level: Suitable place for skiing in the not too big wave.

Beach goes: east
Better wind direction: North wind / northeast winds in the northern part of the bay
The worst wind direction: west winds
Features tidal: You can skate at any time
What's on the bottom?: Sand
Hazards: A few rocks midway Bay, but enough free space.
Appointment / level: All, but this is not the beach where you can smoothly on the waves ride

Beach goes: South / Southwest
Better wind direction: northwest winds
The worst wind direction: south or southwest
Features tidal: During high tide raises wind shadow of sand dunes and rocks
What's on the bottom?: Sand
Dangers: no
Appointment / level: Die Hard, when blowing Nord-West

Beach goes: West
Better wind direction: south or south-easterly wind
The worst wind direction: west winds
Features tidal: Wash decreases when the tide begins
What's on the bottom?: Sand
Dangers: rocks on the right side of the Bay, speakers from the water, and several reefs in the center, which in mid-tide sometimes hard seen.
Appointment / level: Clean, strong waves is a good check for the best surfer. Over the years there have been a lot of broken poles.

Beach goes: northwest
Better wind direction: southwest wind
The worst wind direction: northwest winds
Features tidal: When is big water, almost impossible to ride because seething. But during the tide here very well.
What's on the bottom?: Sand and quite large rocks at the center of the Bay
Dangers: Scale cents in the bay and rather sharp stones on the left
Appointment / level: West wind deal allows jumping at an angle to the shore. Southwest wind gives big waves and foam in the northern bay. In Bay wind can be quite variable, but even he, in conjunction with good swell you satisfied with the present reprimand!

The Green
Beach goes: the north
Better wind direction: west winds, but sometimes had to be satisfied and onshore, if not brought strong. Sometimes it is generally the only place where there is a wave.
The worst wind direction: south wind
Features tidal: You can skate at any time
What's on the bottom?: Sand
Hazards: A few rocks, protruding in different ends of the bay. Also, keep away from farmers and livestock!
Appointment / level: Most famous are usually copes!

Beach goes: the north
Better wind direction: here is not very good waves, but any wind blows on shore, some form of semblance even if anywhere on the whole island has no decent brought.
The worst wind direction: east wind
Features tidal: You can skate at any time
What's on the bottom?: Fine sand and gravel in some places.
Dangers: no
Appointment / level: any

Reefs Balephetrish
Reefs go: roughly northwest
Better wind direction: southwest wind
The worst wind direction: south wind
Features tidal: The stronger brought, the higher water level should be so that you can conquer Reefs! But even in spring, the water level will not help!
What's on the bottom?: The Rock-and quite a lot!
Dangers: wind direction and strength are constantly changing
Appointment / level: advanced level recommended

The lake is the residence of the organization Wild Diamond Windsurfing, a recognized center RYA Level 5. It will take care of windsurers any level. Much of the lake is a sandbank with a sandy bottom is an ideal place for learning! Moreover, when the wind blows from the south, the lake becomes the most turbulent place on the island, which is substantially difference! It should be noted, however, that the lake is private ownership, and you have to pay a purely symbolic sum windsurf Tiree club. The money will go to the salaries of members of Wild Diamond Windsurfing.
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