5 ways to overcome a difference in time


Be you the business woman who is spending much time in travelling, or the tourist, loving to travel on the far exotic countries, sooner or later you will face a difference problem in time. The organism on the arrival of the plane in other time zone continues to function in the initial biological rhythm despite sharp change of day and night. Such mismatch of biological rhythms leads to a disease state - desync.

desync is an infringement of a daily rhythm of an organism, frustration of biorhythms in connection with flight through some time zones. It means, that crossing of a time zone breaks your synchronism with organism internal clocks. It is shown in infringements of a dream, appetite, working capacity decrease. So, you can feel at night sharp hunger or start to be sleepy at the important business meeting.

We take, for example, so favourite by all in a cold season Thailand, India or China. Here tourists long turn in the evenings in bed and cannot fall asleep, but in their morning from a gun will not wake and to have breakfast will not force. And the first morning excursions do not deliver any pleasure.

But to reduce adverse effects from flights round globe nevertheless it is possible:

1. The majority of travellers recollect a time zone of the country of appointment, only translating hours during a plane landing. But, planning travel in advance, it is possible to do without «time difficulties». Some days prior to a trip translate a watch for the period of other country and try to live, how much it is possible, on new time. Even if you will lay down to sleep on an hour earlier (or later) within three days, you and that will feel a notable difference. Try to accept food also according to new time.

2. Plan the flight proceeding from that, how much easily you fall asleep in the plane. If you with ease sleep during flight then try to buy the ticket aboard the plane, being in air when in the country of arrival night. But if you hardly fall asleep in transport or under the influence of new impressions then plan flight when in the country of appointment day, and after the arrival at once lay down to sleep.

3. Some conditions are not a difference direct consequence in time, but can worsen its displays. It, for example, dehydration. Dry air of the plane can cause dehydration and the general weakness of an organism. To support water balance, try to drink a water glass in each hour of flight. Prefer mineral water and juice. It is better to refrain from tea, coffee and alcohol as these drinks possess diuretic effect and dehydrate an organism even more. Remember also, that one dose of alcohol in the conditions of flight is equivalent to two doses on the earth! So, and adverse by-effects of alcohol will be shown in a double measure.

4. But if, despite all reasonable efforts, having arrived into place, all of you still feel drowsiness before the important meeting or excursion, to you will help … a sunlight. The natural daylight makes the strongest regulating impact on organism internal clocks, lowering level Melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone made by our organism at night and causing drowsiness. In the afternoon level Melatonin is low, and the person feels vigorous and vigorous. To lower level Melatonin and to "be stirred up" before the important action, it is enough to sit under a daylight of 15-20 minutes.

5. Will help at feeling of drowsiness and small gymnastics. It will give to an organism energy. But it should be not exhausting training! It is enough to descend on a half-hour in a fitness hall or to make some simple exercises (for example, knee-bends) and short jog. Approximately the same properties massage possesses also. Only it should be not weakening or calming, namely invigorating massage.

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