Brazil - Jericoacoara

In season 2004 I put spending every winter for myself behind the target on the training somewhere in warm countries. A year ago choice fell on Venezuela but unfortunately the lack of the scent the November and the December forced me to the different decision this year. It fell down on Brazil. I could hear many good stories about this place but somehow I never believed in it. It sounded too beautifully so that it was real. And however he can...

With the simplest way if only sie there to get there is a flight from Frankfurt to Fortalezy which is laid closest our purpose i.e. the Jericoacoara village. It is possible to find tickets on the TAP side air portugal which is a main operator on this odcinku.Cena wacha oneself between 800 and 1100 euro.

I turn out to be the most difficult task dolot to Frankfurt we can hit at least times very much good offers from bigger cities of Poland. If we already managed somehow around dolotem bądz with journey to Franfurtu next we must advise ourselves with sending the equipment. Of course if we decided to take the own equipment. At once he is informing there is only one recommendable Club school on the spot in Brazyli dos Ventos with Neilpryde propellers and JP boards. Of course there are also there shorter schools but about it later. Wracająć for checking in luggage. We aren't forced for earlier informing an airline of our equipment on the phone. He will be enough that we will turn up to the airport a bit earlier. As for the price there is most often this 100 euro behind the cover with boards and 50 euro behind sails. It is of course a price in one side. Yeah okay, we are already in the aeroplane of the mum so we are a sent equipment facing now 7 hours of the flight and we are on the spot. In Fortalezie a private organised by local boarding houses or earlier recalled already transfer is the simplest way to get to Jericoacoara Club dosVentos. The transfer from the airfield up to very boarding house in Jericoacoara lasts ok 5 hours. We are defeating the majority of the travel all over the beach and the desert. Hotels on the spot are very diverse. Starting from pięcio-gwiazdkowego of Blue Mosquito Hotel for room to lets at „miejscowych". Of course the ones are last cheapest but not always conditions don't fulfil our expectations. Devoting one day for finding is the best solution worth the accommodation. As regards the booking one should not unduly be upset if there the August, the September or the October because we are flying the season is being started there with the end of the November and he is finishing in January. Prices for the hotel or the boarding house are swaying between 100 euro and 500 euro for the month. I am telling Jeri in the Internet search engine to write the Surfing down and for us a few references will pop out to boarding houses certain włocha so which has three different types of accommodation napewno we will find something for ourselves. A breakfast is sometimes counted in the price. If we have the own equipment next we must find przechowywalnie it isn't of course a problem since the majority of hotels has specially prepared of it is of this purpose place. We are in the small village distant from the civilization about ok 200 km so we have everything on the spot and we have the majority of the thing organized. So to go to the time to water!
Conditions to swim in Jeri don't belong to simplest. I am not concealing that on the spot he can be times enough tłoczno. The wind is able to be very much szkwalisty but as a rule from the morning till the hour ok 16 is very decent. By the recalled earlier movement the sheet of water is irregularly wzbużona what sometimes can disturb less experienced windsurfers. But there is one thing which will never be missing in Jeri and it is a wind. He/she is blowing every day and about every time of the day. I was less more six weeks and blew practically all the time. Without the day of the break. Majority she used competitors of sails about the 4.2 m2 surface or 4.7 m2. People lending the equipment at schools maximally used sails about the 5.3 m2 surface. Wind conditions are every day the same. However phases of tides are changing. If we have the outflow water is flatter and then they are these are the best conditions to freestyle. When the rising tide is conditions are changing a little bit more on wave and then it is perfect spot for improving the first jumps and the learning of the real ride with wave i.e. at the wind gently from the edge rather than to the edge as it najczęsciej is visiting us in Poland and different „wave" spots. At the height of the season however we must naprawde because to pay attention to different people is of them then very much.
If we got tired of the crowd of windsurfers, salty water and mums willingness poplywać only with familiar we can choose it one of two close put lagoons. First „Lagoa de Paradiso" is more close but she is smaller and the wind is more szkwalisty. We can reach there wynajmująć so-called „buggy" too ok 10 euro. Second „Lagoa de Tatajuba" is distant at 40 minutes of the „buggy" ride but she is much bigger and conditions are definitely more better. The fresh water, the even wind and few people on water from this place a remarkable spot is doing the freestyle. After swimming in the lagoon we can come off to urczej restaruacji, suspended above water, to eat the meal and to come back to Jeri.

If we are going there for the longer time it is worthwhile taking some more cash because on the spot he doesn't have an opportunity to withdraw money. A possibility of paying by credit card practically in every shop is big facilitation. In Brazil this way they are called currency being in effect real'e which it is possible easily to count since 1 euro is 2.5 real'a. On the spot it is possible to say around it is quite cheap. Living the way earlier I recalled can be very cheap but also there are many places for people valuing comfort for oneself and administering bigger ilościa cashes. It alone concerns the restaurant. There are a few checked local places how „Sabor will give to Terra", „Espacio Alberto" or „Oasis" where we can eat the decent meal in the reasonable price. Also European restaurants are like „Chocolate" or „Sky Bar" which the food is expensive in rather than always so tasty as in of the ones smaller. Generally so the kitchen is also good and healthy we are not having .. as far as so much to pay attention to what we are eating.

The local population is very friendly and than aren't placed with hostility to tourists. A pleasant atmosphere is ruling in Jerico and it is safely. Of course it is necessary to think in bigger cities as Foraleza since it is already completely different history. Very much I am telling to shine a light one evening and to watch a bit their traditional „Capueira" dance. In Brazyli almost everyone are planting it. Local young people are in it to the truth good and he is able to make real beauties. It is only one point from their traditional culture and so it is always very rich there is some alternative for windless days, of which around the January or the February can be more. When isn't blowing bądz we are already this way worn out with swimming we want to do day of the break, it for ourselves local agency tourist offer a lot of attractive trips to nearby sand dunes, to the jungle or the different kind to the activity. Of course we can also venture into the chain of local shops and leave richer against for example pendants of different kind or T-shirts from the Brazyli logo. Certainly in the free time we will find there filling. In the evening in Jericoacoara after the supper it is possible to go to so-called Street San Francisco that is main street in the village, to sit down with one of bars on the beach and to savour Brazilian drinks as Caipirinia, Capeta and the like if we are feeling on powers and we will manage to persevere to 2 at night then we can go to one of two clubs where every day played jesdifferent t of the musician so napewno we will find something for ourselves. The local community is enjoying itself at such parties to 8 rather than when even 10 morning so if we want for them potowarzyszyć it certainly we must sie to combine with the lack of powers for swimming of the next day.
So that it is enough if it concerns the description of this place. Now as part of summing up, I recommend this place for średnio-zaawansowanych both advanced windsurfers which above all want to encounter the certain scent and permanent conditions. I don't recommend this space for people of beginners since wind from the edge at sometimes enough heavy swell can not only slow your progress down but also what behind it he is going to discourage entirely from this sport. With very important things about which one should remember it at the trip to Brazyli: fill of the cash (best of dollars), booking of the transfer from the airfield, decent flip-flops or flip-flops and of course cream with the filter UV. I wish well done rest and much wind! For seeing on water!
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