10 inventions for tourists in 2007

Possible difficulties and inconvenience in travel offers avoid many inventors of useful things easy. So, the 10 conditionally useful for tourists inventions :
1. Mechanical charger

Razryadilsya phone or player, and the battery lost homes or 220 volts available? Use devices using muscular energy. Charger from IST SideWinder is the most compact device in its class. His edges folded in a position to 5 x 3.8 x 2.5 cm, weight-1971 Two minutes rotary knobs missing six minutes in telephone conversations. Built LED requires less energy-speed 30 seconds will help disperse the dark at five to seven minutes. The cost of the system-$ 24.99. Besides such a device developed shoulder muscle group ...

2. Mini toilet

Being, for example, the cork on the motorway travelling really well. For such cases in Germany recently to sell pocket mini toilets. Only 4 euro can now be addressed departure themselves. However, while a special pocket mini toilet because of the anatomy can use only men. Wonder handbag latex filled with absorbent material, down in the pocket and has a form suitable to any member of the powerful sex can Byrum their needs on the go. As soon as the urine passes inside, it turns to a thick gel, which is not transpire outside. After using handheld toilet is simply discarded in the nearest box. Capacity package-700 ml.
3. Toothbrush to toe
Taking up less space than usual, and an opportunity to reach the most remote places jaw. Of course, if you do not smutit its appearance.

4. Bra and bag
For those who have gathered at the sales, the Japanese developer Truimph International introduced cervical No te! Shopping Bag Bra, which can be easily converted into a shopping bag. Thus, if the leather bags suddenly at the worst possible time ended, the girl can take its bottom linen, making it glamurnuyu bag.

5. Camera reviewing 360 degrees
Consists of synchronized digital cameras to shoot at the same time. However, after watching this snapshot would glued to the ring and inside. Yes itself in the form of a "crown" can create strange reputation of its owner ...
6. Mike built conditioner
Scientists from around the world (as well as the rest of the population of planet Earth) that unusually high temperatures this summer. To combat the heat created a T-shirt with a built-conditioner. To cool the body is heated two small fans on the sides of the store. Meals may from two AA batteries, USB port or install road. So, enjoy the coolness, and will be on the streets and in the air office, and driving the vehicle. The drawback of this invention is the appearance of the user during work-conditioners gets very fabric of proportion and volume increases visually media

7. Mug- stirrer
There are coffee, tea, sugar and milk, but no spoons? Take the cup, which itself razmeshivaet drinks. Mug working on two AA batteries format quickly and evenly razmeshivaet liquid, be it hot chocolate, milk, honey or any other drink. To contents circles with no mixing vypleskivalos not ostyvalo, the kit includes lid, which can temporarily mask cup. And in order to lift the lid, you are not looking for a seat at the table, where it could be put, it is made so that a stand for clubs. Sam circle made of plastic, which is protected from the outside layer of stainless steel. Thus, the cup of hot drink yet obozhzheshsya. However, users say that wash this cup is very inconvenient because of its bottom blades, as opposed razmeshivayut liquid. The device is $ 30.
8. Personal Meteorologists
A station on the weather can easily be concealed on the wrist in the normal hours. Hours contain enormous wealth of environmental information : wind speed and direction; The height of the (above or below sea level); Temperature; Atmospheric pressure and the normal functions of hours. Hours are designed to show the history of weather over the last 9:00. For the price, this device is comparable to conventional Weather-150 dollars.

9. Headwear for smokers Smokers Hat
More and more countries, ozabotivshis combating smoking banned smoke in restaurants, trains, public transport and even on terror, in the hotels. In order to avoid scandals, but not to deny itself the favorite harmful habit, American inventors offer travelers' hat smoker. " Massive helmet at all batteries will smoke themselves. Specifically, the following : delay fan, and dezodoriruet ioniziruet. Here are just a project yet no one dared probably bans on smoking has not yet strong enough to force people to buy the device, which will cost no less than $ 300.

10. Portable step
The invention is practical to use, but inconvenient to carry. This block on the long arm, which is necessarily useful to those who step visited attractions were vysokovaty. Just substitute block next to each step, and you will not feel uncomfortable. True traveled and the number of steps to increase by half.