Red Bull Storm

 Red Bull Storm Chase is the most adventure-year vindserf-aktsiya place in the Atlantic, with the worst in the last 15 years of weather conditions. In hunting for the most turbulent and dangerous waves brought together athletes from 9 European countries.
Munich, November 15, 2006. "Are you ready to test themselves at the most extreme vindserf-shou ever?" This promising slogan-vyzov Útěchova trailers on the sides, appeared on the streets of Munich in May of 2006. Auto community owned Red Bull Storm Chase. Six months later, severe storms in the past 15 years hit the Severo-Evropeyskomu Atlantic coast, and won from 9 countries, in full combat readiness met 11 th consecutive shtorm-sorevnovanie. Then, after this most exciting vindserf-shou ever filmed, an explosive went DVD- video! But first was: "Motor, have begun!"

What is Storm Chase: the expectation of the strongest storms in the year (at least, that he was over 10 points) and 2 vindserfera from each team in the country. Participants were selected through internet-golosovaniya on the site, where every active sailboard could register and submit to the court its expert committee spot corresponding to the stated conditions.
Since the beginning of June, 280 surfer, including professionals and amateurs, filed an application to participate in the selection round in their home country. 23 000 voters chose heroes Storm Chase, and it also identified those who were later engraved on the Storm Chase DVD.
In mid-August, 24 participants were enrolled in the official list of "pending storm." Storm-line indicator on the site kept in heaven tedious and tense anticipation. Daily weather watching has become an integral part of life for hunters formidable wave.

Great numbers of people from all over the world followed the developments on the site kontesta until the long-awaited storm came in the Atlantic. After several false alarms start byl-taki given 31 October.
1 November more than 50 cameras have been installed at various points in shooting the film and the future of more than 100 people, divided into 11 teams, were ready for the test. The boat operators, helmet camera, even a helicopter, all were ready.
Now the time has come-moving Atlantic storm named Britta at the speed of 70 knots per hour and threatened to swallow 24 vindserfera from 9 European countries… None of them had refused to meet face to face with Britta and participate in the most incredible and difficult battle-year Red Bull Storm Chase!

Naturally, we can not fail to mention the names of all the festival storms, of which there are fascinating and fearless girl:
Ben Proffitt - PWA wavesailor
Phil Horrocks - PWA wave and Super X sailor
John Hibbard - PWA wavesailor, a nice guy and a strong personality
Stephen Moore, a lawyer and victim windsurfing
Team Quatro: Dario Ojeda - reckless driver and expert on the strong wind
James Cox-famous high jumping and fearlessness
Robert Sand-PWA wavesailor, head of Plasma Boardriders
Mads Bjorma - PWA wavesailor
Oisin Van Gelderen-champion Irish Wave
Timo Mullen is always in search of storm
Kevin Mevissen-fan Freestyle supreme, thick boards and big waves
Chris Nolles-traveler, lived in the world of many top spot, now moved to Peter Volwater, who was in Maui during the storm.
Hans Kristain Waarum-champion Norwegian Freestyle
Orjan Jensen is one of the best athletes in the world who specialize in jumping into the harbor. Participant Gran Canarian in Norway
Kristoffer Living-jumping specialist in the harbor and with a happy face and the hot plume behind women themselves
Emma Johansson-Scandinavian blond-sensatsiya and PWA wavesailor
Germany (north)
Klaas Voget - PWA wavesailor and vindserf-puteshestvennik. The calm and generally a very nice guy
Torben Sonntag - German serfer-odinochka
Germany (West)
Matze Bade-Western realist, the ice man
Steffi Wahl-PWA wavesailor and she Coast Town (South Africa), one of the best in the world zhenschin-vindserferov!
Germany (East)
Oskar Hollmann, a resident of the city, the terminally sick windsurfing
Jan Mark Möde-father and husband, the oldest hunter for the wave rides on the board 32 years!
Tom Scheirlinck-Belgian serfer-odinochka
Filip Loosvelt second-Belgian serfer-odinochka
photo Tom Körber, Stefan Bootz, Maarten Huisman, John Carter, Bevis Nickel, Magnus Peterson
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