Tarifa - Spain

For the first training departure I went to Spain but in more detail to the Tarifa small town. The best conditions are a summer here but the November and the December it is also possible to come across the good wind and the weather. I chose this place a bit by accident since canceled charter flights stayed in the last moment to Brazil and I had to choose something just enough quickly and close. Attractive prices of flights and flats helped me with it in this period of the year.

Around Polish it is possible here to get to a lot of ways. Norwegian Air is an only clearing which is flying here directly from Warsaw. I got out Alitalię on account of minimum prices of the transport of the equipment. Unfortunately I also had a problem and it is necessary to remember, that from there are new recipes now in relation to the weight of packets and they cannot cross 32 kg.

A booking of the hotel is a next step. Best it is to make to two ways. First it is a booking on the www.livingtarifa.com side of the flat which is answering us. For beloveds here a lack of the preview of the flat is a minus on "briskly" what can sometimes turn out to be the deciding matter. The other way it to arrive and only on the spot to go to the tourist office, of which it is here a lot and there we can already choose the flat meeting our requirements. There are few people in the winter period here relatively but all restaurants and shops are opened and he is in what to choose. Prices are about c 20% higher than in Poland.

If it is about places for swimming everything depends on the wind which at that particular moment is running away. If is blowing this way called "poniente" that is wind from the ocean it is best the place is "arte vida" or "valdavaceros". They are these are the spots distant at c 10 minutes of a drive in a car from the Tarify centre. First from them I am more close Tarify and he is friendlier for beginners around względu to the lack of any stones and rocks. We must also remember about the fact that in the winter waves are able to be quite big therefore I would advise of arrival here for beginners. The other spot is a bit farther and by this direction of the wind it is possible to start swimming with wave and basic hare's legs.
When a wind is blowing from the east that is the matter is "levante" more complicated. This wind is usually blowing through a few days from 2 to 7-8. Into the first days when wind oneself "is untwisting" best to swim close the Tarify centre. Next into the second or third day the wind is already too strong in Tarifie and best to come off to earlier recalled "valdavaceros".

Very much I recommend this space for the winter departure but rather a place interesting for people which apart from swimming want to see and to rest. The wind in this period can be but it isn't certain therefore if somebody is expecting on "sharp" swimming than I would look for the different place. If it is about attractions outside swimming he is of them here a lot, from Gibraltar, Cadizu'u after Tanger and north part of Africa.

In Tarifie two winds are blowing: strong and warm Levante which is running away by day and at night and cooler Poniente which is running away more strongly for afternoon. In the Straits of Gibraltar an occurrence of the "tunnel" is happening air, granting the amazing speed the wind. It is a main cause of the wildness tarifeńskiego of wind.

The wind from the south-east called Levante is warm, he/she is blowing day and night, and its medium power is 7-10 steps in the Beaufort scale. Levante is creating clusters of clouds above peaks of mountains. This wind is usually the equal through a few days, and the end is intensive. Levante in Tarifie is rather a wind from the earth (is blowing toward the sea), at least waves aren't high.
When it smells of Levante (8 and more knots), best d to manageabout Cańos. There you will find rough seas and a bit of a light wind.
In the summer he is overbalancing a light wind, Poniente which is running away from the Atlantic and he is bringing waves mainly with winter. Into warm and solar days the thermal effect is increasing Poniente in the area of the Valdevaqueros bay. He/she is blowing more strongly between 15.00 and 18.00 and he is stopping all of a sudden. He can happen, that such a situation will surprise you on the beach, when you already bring the entire equipment along... It is always possible to play the badminton...
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