The New Year in Southafrica has too approached!

on 1 January 2007.

Unfortunately feeling that today January 1 was not. Is that light Hangover reminder of yesterday's festivities. Outdoor summer, and we could not never realize that the year has changed, and nothing has changed around.

Having instead of Mount Calm, we equipment tied to a rack just one surf board and went to the beloved Big Bay catching a wave. Waves today is not, but the entire coast were filled Zulus. Zulu Old, young Zulu, Zulu family, zuluss children zuluss big bosom meager zuluss girls and boys, lie Zulu, Zulu seating, bathe Zulu and the Zulu tan… Where neither perfect, they are everywhere. And only at that point we realized that the New Year has come from the Zulu and output.

Returning home wait time, and by the evening of ated Olivier resolve all of this to dash there and back to Sunset, and suddenly we are lucky and there will be the wind?

We were lucky! Only we have come most recently when before sundown remained 30 minutes hours, and the water was at least sail 150.

Oh, what today was a wonderful baby buggy! Golf even, wave small and correct, cool beautiful sunset and warm water! Probably the most cool baby buggy ever! And even when the sun dropped into the ocean and the Cape Town lights filled evening, we take this evening until the last and went to the water already in the dark. Even words do not convey the full range of positive emotions that we feel. In short, had a wonderful first day of the new year!

January 2.

Today, we meet a second group of desperate heaven, flying in South Africa to subdue the ocean waves. This is one of the members of our club with Edik Natashey, Alik of Krasnodar and Danil from Moscow. All are first in South Africa and were even willing to sacrifice the New Year's Party sake arriving here. New Year's Day they had met on the train, then all day January 1 to sit in Sheremetyevo airport, then fly another almost daily. Instead, the first day they were lucky: the wind blowing, and we all had together ride at Sunset. The wave was not so different from shining a chance to unroll peacefully.

January 3

After her first baby buggy in Big Bay.

Natasha: I survived today COOL because the first lift at the wave spot. Although waves of the shore, and there were no problems with the passage of Surf I have not arisen, but, being in the ocean, where the huge mass of water under you walk in a huge Chop, and it appears that Bank of disappear watermarked wagon, I would like to speak softer … freake out. Start thinking about the attack whales and white sharks! And pity that nobody Hydro have not built napkin, it could plant the seed added sense of security. A lack of a pretty Midheda never left any chance of salvation. It is a pity that I did not lift until then in Anapa or wave zone in Dahab, then I would not have been so terrible. And even once, and I did not think to ask what there is ocean needs to be done when the eyes of say orbits, and the fear stifled traffic and only cover Head sobering wave! How then explained to me that you can come back and tray sail boat on the board, or just to equipment row ashore. After all, everyone knows that water masturbation start in cold water is not good, and how much force it takes. In short amount of time I was there and how to shore left really hard to remember! But with the words watching over me and hotel already go rescue me has been able to make water and start flying to the bank. The land under their feet just aroused a storm of happy emotion, I will not hide-even tears! Normally, I could not talk for probably another hour to one and a half. And only then, in the evening, guests at Makara in the company for mental delicious dinner and tequila, I began to return to life! Sheet metal tin! But there is much to be proud: myself back on the board with a sail! Plav Not! Sam! "" Well shit 1, scare people their lack of, well, who's not the case! Live! She even try!

4 January.

Today at Sanset skater. Catastrophically lacked wind. Waves reached small half meter, but it's very smooth and accurate so that riders on such a special wave was not working. But in the absence of Surf pass wind is a very unpleasant occupation. Every freezes all forces trying to sail and some miracle to stay afloat after the regular foam hit on you, so spend forces, and a bunch of Surf finally going slowly slowly you start to go, wishing cut, but there is no chance, just a lighter plane - is already well .. And it is facing a wave, in front of you, slightly pump sail, somehow drawn level with it, but the wind ended sharply… you start sinking and no longer have time to not something to sit on ahead of wave, but leave from the next. In foam, holding of the last equipment forces in the hands, you turned out to be near the coast, but meters by 100 below the point of launch. And on foot top again. Consolation that next to you just on the bank and its equipment proff works because there is no other option.

January 6.

Finally done it, why surfers from around the world come to ride in South Africa: the real ocean wave came. At the height forecast stood 4.7, in reality, it seemed to shore alarming huge 6 metr home, and people unhappy with the wind of the latest attempt to cope with the forces of nature. it was got not always sympathetic and curious crowd of spectators on shore watched as equipment balances, but for them and Nearly breathing surfer off Surf to shore. Just watched and Sniper. He was lucky not to be very tough spot Surf, where the wave is already collapsing and simply "bag" of water falling from a height obelisk on you and on the board and sail into the wind so little that the chances Runaway deploy or not. Then you Turned out to be in huge washing machine, try it be grouped inch head and hands, as though that would soften a possible clash with his same equipment, which has about saving, we are not talking only to swim itself. Then you for a moment as-to dive, doing long-awaited breath and mind meters in 20 of its equipment balances itself. Know that he needed to swim to it, and not force. Trapezoid somehow becomes close and not giving you breathe. In head spinning thought: "I have Why useful here, unfinished hero!" Brief, it is difficult to convey the words all thoughts and emotions that you go through have time to a few minutes of this bathing. Just not easy to describe the breathtaking excitement and ecstasy if you did conquered fear, has been able to Surf and ride on that wave.

Of all our big companies have already decided to go to water only Makar, Coach, Sniper and Alik. Winds really not enough, somehow blows at 5.4, so even went to Alik Kayte.

Trainer: Very cool baby buggy! Very frightening, but always want to go forward and win. I was very afraid, but I looked at Makara and walked behind him. And approve that all friends watching you and going.

Sniper: It is a pity, but there is no more mast. We want to go further, but not what.

Makar: After this baby buggy, I realized that all the previous days, we simply sporting to us, not just for those killed by the waves. Today, we are engaged in windsurfing almost without wind. Only when you are already upset with the waves, the wind fills this rig and it is sufficient if borne down on the progress of all. Now, I understand why make sails named PowerWave. I ride on MauiSails Glabal. Sail and tyaguchy so powerful that you can almost plane by pump and water do not start in full wind. But at the same time the wind remains light and maneuver on the wave.

In the beginning it was crappy. When you become a wave behind your sails above accounted minute head to see its top. Run I thought: must be reviewed at the Top "giant".

The waves were really big. The largest of those is that we caught in two seasons. After some time skiing and surveillance from the bank's other surfer appears more understanding of how to behave on the wave. It is very important to have the speed and constantly monitor it, because at some point wave looms over you and the water, which weighs much falls on you. But it is not happening overnight. First, it hangs on like a crest and you have enough time to down from there.

I really liked the ride with coaching. We were Surf and, in the ocean waited each other, to sit down at the same great wave. Then you have to follow not only the speed and wave, but for a Friend. We are not a bit lucky, because immediately waves crashing along the full length and did not allow them to sit for long. But sometimes met correct, and the long, flat wave, and then began waveriding present. It Was Got go right up to the vertical wall. By the evening, most skis and the wind was already difficult Runaway even with the wave. But the spectacle was excellent!

Certainly, it was the best day of skiing!

7 January.

Yesterday's armagedon recur. But this time it was more courageous. Olga has also decided to conquer a wave of almost ten, with the full lack of wind. On his impressions promised to write, but does not meet with the force ...

Alik today not lucky. He resigned as yesterday at the 12nd Kayte. But if yesterday in the form of big waves ahead unfold, and that he has the speed was driving to the shore, today, it was bold. Jumping on one of the waves, he flew to five meters, was unable it be grouped and removed him as a puppy on the water. Result: a broken rib!

By the evening waves became more and our raider already it be worn down, watched proff, which showed the highest pilotages wave as in the best surf video.
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