To have a rest it is necessary not less month in the winter

The charter from our long winter, the gloomy grey sky, dampness and a dirt, would be desirable to run away for a week-other at summer, to lie down under the hot sun on gold beaches, to bathe in warm transparent ocean waves. But physicians warn: all is good in due time. It is better not to break a habitual current of year, not to deceive the nature and not to change a climate, as though it would be desirable it.

As it was good to our ancestors! If they were going to go at the height of winter on the south they had to spend for road some weeks, and even months. For this time the organism slowly and gradually adapted for new conditions, has acclimatised, harm to health was much less. Now even the farthest exotic islands are all at several o'clock to summer, and some tourists fly to Egypt almost as to themselves on a summer residence: the person suddenly throws itself from a frost in tropical, subtropical, equator a heat and, not having had time to be reconstructed, comes back.

Advertising of tour agencies promises «paradise rest on silky sand of magnificent beaches at ocean coast» and even promises salutary effect from climatic to "stressful therapy», as if tempering an organism. However, according to physicians, the fifth part of tourists tests those or other problems even at a climate minor change. That is, having arrived to Thailand for a week, having spent in total day on flight, the holiday most part can be spent to beds: the temperature rises, there is a cold, a fever, problems with a stomach can begin - usually acclimatisation symptoms are especially appreciable for the third day of rest.

Having reached a resort instead of allowing to a body to have a rest, we aspire to be in time all and we subject ourselves still большему to stress: at once we start to float in the sea, to make long pedestrian walks, we rise highly in mountains, we go down in caves - what only excursions will not offer tourists on any of resorts. Such physical activities by much of us are unfamiliar in a usual city office-sedentary life.

Suddenly received superfluous portion of a solar ultraviolet threatens to turn back skin diseases, to lead to development melanoma. Definitive blow on health puts transition to the exotic food, unfamiliar products, water of other chemical compound, not speaking about traditional abusing alcoholic drinks. And still there is a danger of stings of the exotic animals which poisons are not distinguished in our laboratories, infections every possible малоизученными viruses and bacteria.

Travel to overseas edges is connected and with crossing of several time zones. For accustoming to a new mode considerable time too is required: usually name the formula - two days and on day on each time zone in addition.

If it was possible not to be ill in strange lands, it does not mean, that rest has ended also to our health more threatens nothing. So the organism is arranged, that transition from a heat to a cold is more critical, that is why after returning we are expected by all delights of "return acclimatisation». The weakened immunity not in a condition to resist to usual viruses, and many fall ill shortly after holiday. More often tourists houses overtake sharp respiratory diseases, a flu, quinsy, every possible chronic illnesses become aggravated. What positive emotions, what advantage can be received from such "rest"?

People aspire not only to go to sunbathe in the winter, but also to give the chance to spend time well to children, aged relatives, not reflecting, that kids of preschool age and the older persons, which organism is reconstructed more slowly, make risk group. And precisely it is necessary to forget about winter travel to a southern direction to pregnant women, people with oncological diseases, illnesses of heart, vessels, thyroid gland dysfunction. It is not necessary to change sharply a climate that whom are capable to put to bed pressure or weather change in the homeland.

According to physicians that from winter holiday in the exotic country there were good memoirs, it should last not less than a month. Then it is necessary to have a rest week at home for returning in a habitual rhythm. Besides doctors recommend to consider residing conditions. If the usual life proceeds in a damp climate rest in desert of advantage will not bring. It is better to choose relatives on humidity, height above sea level regions. In overseas edges it is not necessary to abuse a local cuisine, heavy and fat food. Among the products raising a tone and helping to adapt for unusual conditions, name lemons, pomegranates, honey, , it is not necessary to forget and about vitamin complexes which need to start to be accepted in advance. Or, maybe, going on rest to Thailand or Indonesia, Vietnam or Malaysia, the Emirates or Egypt to reflect: whether the advantage of a trip of its cost is equivalent, after all to pay off it is necessary not only denominations, but also own health.

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