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Severe autumn pressure in order to pick up a wavelength a bit on the surfing resulted in the exit to the south coast of France and north of Spain. Line-up of the expedition: Maciej Szematowicz around Ula, the Ant plus Mikolaj which ran up to us for four days.

In order to reach to the other side of Europe we spent 2 clear days in the car with the break to accommodation in German Bonn. Behind the circle Maciej turned out to be Termintatorem - didn't want to give the steering wheel back to nobody! When we passed Bordeaux, we decided to choose the road the shortest most possible to the beach. At dusk we reached to spotu about the name Cohot Grandee , where we made camp in the centre of forest. He was it is a good choice, because of next morning for reminding the passage through forest and the sand dune "nowhere's Land" we ranked completely pleasant surf on beachbreaku. After the afternoon session we pretended ourselves to seek one's fortune to the South.

Maciej Szematowicz

He was the next spot worth the attention l'Horny Old goat . Also beachbreak, as all spots in these surroundings, offered waves to the fairly good quality on the left and the law. On this reserved seat it was possible enough comfortably to break. We met here a few freakow. Among others of Marek – of the English thoroughbred which altered old Rovera Defendera Land on kampera which the almost half year is spending lives in. Fortunately he had the neat kitchenette to petrol. Our gaz-butla was so small that barely she cooked water. Thanks to the cooker of Marek, the Hive she managed to prepare the royal meal. However on this spot a couple of German-hippies was the most interesting object in old Volkswagenie which the inside longed as some chapel for. This two all the day dealt with worshipping stones. They didn't swim on the – surfing well all day long they looked at stones and they arranged them in different models. They asked us, where in Poland it was possible to find bursztyn…

The first campsite in the centre of forest


When we reached into Hossegor surroundings, unfortunately waves were missing. We became convinced by it that the small town was boiling over fairly good surfing lansem. On streets before numerous surfshopami doubles of top surfing competitors; -)

We pretended ourselves to collect Mikolaj from the airport in Biarritz. Unfortunately he brought a little of the rain with himself from Ireland; -)

We still ranked one spot in France - Hendaye . Nothing interesting oneself there however not zdazylo. To cross the time Spanish border. In Spain it was supposed to be more warmly, however instead of it a concrete downpour began. Since we carried boards on the roof without the boot, where belts crushed the gasket from the door, water poured itself into the car. We had to install the recipe earlier worked out in the form of 4 bags which cleared flying water away. Still in the downpour we reached the number ... piewszego spotu in Spain which Maciej and Mikolaj decided to squeeze something on around mega of small waves, however I made up my mind on skimboard.



In the meantime professions should take place in surroundings Billabong Pro . It wasn't given us to see famous left waves on Mundace because was completely plasko… Disappointments were transferred to nearby Bakio . When we arrived in place we found a few Billabonga flags and flat wode…

A chance encounter was a centre-piece around Mickiem Fanningiem .

In Spain she turned out to be the best spot which we came across Barika . We spent 3 days there campingujac on the cliff with the very picturesque panorama. In order to reach water, it was necessary to cover around 500 stairs into the bottom of the cliff. Waves were quite accessible – fun waves to the height of shoulders. At the bottom enough many rocks were what forced often to the slalom between them. With great plus of it spotu an also fairly good eatery in which we encountered the super concert was a reggae.

Mikolaj Molenda

Unfortunately the weather got worse. We put Mikolaj back on the airport in Bilbao. We still tried our luck in the spot about the name Ajo - very nice seat reservation around secret with spot in the small bay surrounded with rocks. What from it however if was completely plasko…? The rain and the lack of perspectives on wave in the closest days resulted in the fast decision: zawijka to Poland.

On the way back we stopped off at Munich in order to check as oneself is surfing on the river in the midtown. Quickly we became convinced that it wasn't as simple how it could seem. It is possible only to envy local townies, that they can train surf about every time of the day and the night (wave is being floodlit from the ground floor).

Surfing river in Munich

According to statistics, we should have far more better conditions in the first half of the October on surfa in this part of Europe. There is no what however to complain about the bad luck, because so trip it is always a fairly good form of escape from everyday life. A few good waves don't have how to wear flip-flops and shorts and to pick up a wavelength in the ocean!

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Of thanking for the company BILLABONG which supported the escapade!

Uh-huh - we wound a little video material, so expect the film from the expedition!

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