Ras Sudr - new spot kitesurf in Egypt

This way a new reserved seat of Ras Sudr looks

The new seat reservation was already checked by a dozen or so persons and a potential looks like the fact that it is taking place. Of Ras Sudr lies about 300km from Sharm of El Sheikh. Unfortunately after about 4-ro flight an hour long with aeroplane we are still a coach hard time facing - also about 4 hours, so czes reaching and exhausting by the level is a road enough considerable, but in turn on the spot flat shallow water and the largeness of the place to kitesurfingowania...oraz traditional already Egyptian additions like for example Sheesha.

Description spotu: directly by the hotel Surd Green Department about standarcie a lagoon is 4* around perfectly with flat and deep water - good place to freestylu. Beside lagunki a small bay is situated around pltyka (knees, thighs) with water and with the belt on the bottom! If unfortunately low water just comes up, these 15 minutes of the road farther are an infantry next small bay in which water, but also small shells and a few stones are, so with it let alone sie are teaching foam shoes are recommended. It is the best thing, that in there are no Ras Sudr of coral reefs!

The principal small town of Ras Sudr is distant about 20 km from spotu and a determination is an Arabic small town with all its charms..

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