The publication

Our social network - international team blog!
The social network uses technology Mail-to-Blogger and Blogger Mobile,

If you wish to publish article simply send it by mail.

In the shortest terms your article will be seen by the Manager.
Constant users are published instantly.
All is very convenient!


Letter heading - the message name.
The letter text supports HTML.
It is possible to send the image also an investment.
Sometimes email programs append text to the bottom of each sent message; to make sure this cruft doesn't get posted to your blog, put #end at the end of your post.
How is HTML handled in Mail-to-Blogger?

The obscene lexicon and the insult of interlocutors is forbidden.
It is required to adhere to subjects of the Social network.
Administration reserves the right to edit or delete any entry in the event of violations of these rules, without explanation, and very much hopes that she will never have to do so.
We suppose machine translation

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