Kitesurfing in Gran Canaria Spain

- Vargas
- The left well
- Juan Grande
- A curve
- Burrero
- Jinamar
- Edge Maspalomas
- A beach of the Eagle

The stone beach from a few sand in low inflow and outflow, the conditions similar to conditions of the Left Well, but usually with a wind is slightly weaker (for two metres of a comet).
The wind - side-shore a left-hand side and usually is more wave, than in the Left Well.
In low inflow and outflow it not the dangerous beach, but in high inflow and outflow is strong enough sorebreak which it breaks on stones.
It is a beach where usually is enough windsurfistas so a zone kite - half of beach downwards (lee side) as in this zone usually there is almost nobody doing surfing. There are no cartels which it would signal, but you convince that go half downwards.

To arrive it is necessary to go because of old highway and between Crossing Arinaga and sedge Thickets, you will see a rotunda (Mountain VĂ©lez) with a sculpture which you are three sails of surfing (to see a photo) there take an exit in your right part and each rectum to a beach, it is not heavy to arrive and there is no parking problem.

The left well :

It does not become kite on the beach of the Left Well, it is not allowed to do kite on this beach so it is floated in the second blindage, also, called Whale Beach who besides is better for kite as the wind - side-shore and not on-shore as in the Well.
The beach of stones and the rock placed precisely under a gulf of the Left Well, it approaches close because of small highway which leaves fair opposite to Avaricious shop in the Left Well, and in the end of highway (500m aprox). There is a soil road which arrives to the sea.
The wind - a trading fortress both every day within summer and is less than wind and is more irregular in the winter (to see the Left Well in surfing section), sometimes there is a good wave for surfear, but there is strong enough current in the same direction, as a wind and also it is necessary to be cautious with hedgehogs.
Juan Grande:

The located beach of stones of 5 Km on the Well south, approaches close because of old highway and - the first settlement, that you go to the south, but it is necessary to take soil road a little before arriving to Lock Romeral, to see map*.
It is not heavy to arrive, but it is necessary to be cautious with car soil road.
This advertising film roller usually does not function summer months, usually trading does not arrive on the south in the summer, but yes in the winter and the coat so when the wind - is little bit more E (between side-shore and side-onshore a left-hand side), also functions with wind S (side-onshore the right party).
It not a dangerous place but if there are waves, in high inflow and outflow they very much orilleras, also it is necessary to be cautious with a wind (a coat in the evening) if it starts to be put very much racheado and with squalls almost without a wind the matter is that it will be very soon cut off, if you do not leave fast, you will leave floating.

The stone beach placed after a beach Juan Grande and before Aeroclub, the conditions similar to conditions Juan Grande, auque a wind, maybe, a little more constant and is a little to enter and leave easier water as usually there is less wave also, than in Juan Grande.
Concerning intensity of a wind and directions which it enter, it is the same, than in Juan Grande.
To arrive, it is necessary to go because of old highway and in a straight line which was moved by Juan Grande (going with the north to the south) and before arriving to a curve which is eventually, you will see, that there is an exit in soil road which goes to the sea, it somewhere here, it is necessary to have a few cares with car, but there is no problem to arrive to park.
Equally as Juan Grande, not a dangerous place and besides a wave more softly also is less hedgehogs.


The stone beach in which it approaches close from Thickets of a sedge and undertakes an exit in Burrero, remarkable enough, approaches close easily and parks on a beach. It functions with wind NE.
The wind - side-offshore and usually is little bit less, that in the Left Well (as in Vargas) and with big sea N or coat NE is a good and fast wave though it is enough of it about coast and it is not necessary to jump.
It not a dangerous place (if only the wave was not big), but in low inflow and outflow it is necessary to be cautious with hedgehogs.

Beach of the located sand of 5 km in the south Las Palmas, it is necessary to take an exit of an autosection car of the same name, once there to arrive to a beach not a problem and parks near to sand. At all it does not happen to you to leave nothing in the car.
It functions with wind N and with, side-onshore a left-hand side and side-shore the right party accordingly.
It usually does not function in the summer though it can N leave weak in any day, it is faster a winter advertising film roller.
There is no problem to enter leave, the wave breaks in a sandy shallow, in low inflow and outflow it can be enough bolt and though a beach long do not drop you much in a lee side, an exit because of rocks from here not a choice.


Edge Maspalomas:

Sandy beach of the big sizes (dune Maspalomas), which considers a zone limited to do kite (it is not allowed to do kite outside of cartels which differentiate a zone) that remains fair in which this edge of dunes, that the curve offers some possibilities of orientation to a being for each wind.
Dominating winds in this zone - in the summer thermal which comes from the south, usually too weak, but sometimes are considered sufficient by intensity and in the winter wind E, and S, with wind S if these aside N edges you be cautious as it offshore.
To arrive with car it not a problem (it is necessary to go to Hotel Riu Oriental carpet Maspalomas) and not to park also (excluding on Sundays of summer), but will concern then to you to pass 15 minutes to cross dunes.
Beach of the Eagle:

Sandy beach in a tourist zone in which buildings of apartments remain fair near to sand (with danger which it means).
It is floated by wind ENE and E, that side or side-onshore a left-hand side, this wind enters mainly winter months, besides in the summer the considerable quantity of bathers would recognise as unsuitable an input and a water exit.
To arrive there is no problem, the tourist zone was well signalled to a being and to park, eat a dark blue zone if you do not get ticket, there is a safe penalty.
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