Windsurf trip in Maui

Windsurf trip in Maui

I have gone in Maui two weeks, from the end of July prior to the beginning of August . This period is recognised that the period is poor waves, you will see in the photos taken in Ho ' okipa, that their sizes were instead of were insignificant, there were good series in 2m. On the contrary force of a wind corresponded to statistics, 4.2 surtoilé the first week and 5.0 last week. Conditions of navigation, a wind and waveof the announcements described in these pages - that I have met during my stay, they can cause a stir during other moment.
It is not arrived in Maui directly, should pass through island Oahu where there arrive the international flights . The main airport appears in Kahului which is the biggest city Maui. In this city absolutely deprived of appeal it is found more all by trade, namely surfshops. The Most part surfshops suggests to hand over a equipment, usual package is made created) from a float, and from two sails, with all completing accessories which go with (a floor-mat, a floor-mat foot...) . You can change a equipment during your stay, it is so much times, how many you want. Even if the choice is important in shops, do not expect you that run business, considering the euro, equal to dollar (that was my case during my stay), floats, for example, 20 - 30 % are more expensive than in France. It is not necessary to forget, that France remained the country where we sell more all matos surfing. To notice, that surfshops are opened Sunday (all the day long) as the most part trade however. You Also remind, that the term the short surfboard has not been borrowed in English-Saxon, this word completely is not known out of the French six-coal borders, I count up, that this invention of any French marketing service. In English windsurf the term appoints simultaneously short surfboard and Olympic surfing. To come to an end on shops, contrary to the American means guys in surfshops owing to very international clientele are rather opened.

Hawaiian Island Surf and Sports about any it boards, fixed on a wall

Contrary to new, the case market is very accessible and very active, we can get out therefrom for full quiver, the included float, for 300$. For those who come for long term, can be interesting to buy a second-hand equipment more likely than to hand over to (praise). It it is found in shops, and also on announcements as in Spreckelsville (announcements on mobile chiotte or plancheux which unpack the matos occas which should be sold).

It is important to know about some rules before to go to float, it is forbidden to answer to 11 ч all announcements, has begun morning, it is kept for surfers even if is not available waves. lifeguards force to observe carefully a rule. Even on beaches which do not watch as Ho ' okipa, behind a rule quite follow, if you pass, you will be involved blows of premises and you endanger the penalty on watched announcements.
The epoch when I have left, corresponds to summer in the Hawaiian island, was warmly enough and water it was to be able so to float in bathing pants, a naked torso. Nevertheless much plancheux used lycra which could serve in addition as protection against sunstrokes. The most chilly used shorty. Personally I have found at morning and in little bit fresh evenings, but all concerning, I compare in relation to wash residence to Tahiti! Besides always during this period, alizé rose early around 9 ч 10, reached the maximum force between 12 ч and 14 ч and continued to breathe almost before falling of night, that to me allowed to go to answer in Ho ' okipa in any end aprés midday when was available much less people on the announcement.
For the information a proportion of girls on water impressing enough, it establish 30 % of a battalion, even in Ho ' okipa are good. Their level should not anything envy in the man's people. I ascertain, that the more water of heat and is transparent, the there are girls in water more.

For aspect a shelter, rent of the car and matos, I am not transferred style fun*fly or away sports (is not spent) by the tax bearer, I was untangled with local contact (the shelter and logistics see page). To be able to lodge my rich bourgeois family, I have handed over both bungalows which possesses Robert Teriiteho on the magnificent property in heights Ho ' okipa! For the car I have chosen a large van to be able to attach simultaneously seven and matos.

Under external shower Robert.
My van on parking Spreckelsville with matos wave which I have handed over

For other information about Maui on places which should be found out in a case pétole, life cost, meal, I invite you to see page which I have devoted it in my section tourism.

In this section, you are going to find following pages:

- Page a shelter and logistics where are presented bungalow Robert Teriitehou and also the car and a material (equipment), that I have handed over, just as a way which I undertook to keep all it on distance.
- Pages about the main announcements of northern coast (North Shore) Maui, namely, Ho ' okipa, Spreckelsville and Kanaha.
- Page with some addresses useful the Internet to prepare a trip.
- And at last magazine of my sessions in Maui.

Still last information, a place Jaws which "did not go" during my stay, it is not specified on what tourist booklet, no more than it is specified by road. At departure from Kahului, the point of supervision of a wave can appear on left Hana highway right after branchings to Haiku as there is no index, a place found out on number of cars which appear on the low party!
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