Jericoacoara windsurfing & kitsurfing Travel Tips

Jericoacoara the beach is the virgin are hidden behind dunes on the western coast Seara of the state. Washington a post "one of Top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, Jericoacoara as it is called by friendly local residents is selected, represents a small point in the sky of the Earth, aggravated a dark-blue lagoon, the quiet sea and huge dunes, whence it is possible to see the most beautiful decline in Brazil.
Since 1984 area around Jericoacoara it has been declared on area preservation of the environment ( APA) and there was a National park in 2002. As a result many buildings of restriction and the tourism control that will help to keep area.

Distance to large cities and difficulty of access also have helped to keep a beach and the isolated villages. Only 15 years ago, Jericoacoara there was a fishing village, without contact to a modern civilisation, where electric power from diesel engines and street lighting of the moon and stars. After magazine elections has been published, tourism has grown quickly and a village beach became one of most organically appointment of the Brazilian coast. An electricity there has arrived in village in 1998 and today, a hot shower and the conditioner any more luxury of articles. However, as illumination in streets is forbidden by the local legislation, the moon and begins still exists for your pleasure.

Trip Jericoacoara represents natural obstacles, but it is a show part. The road from Fortaleza in Jericoacoara testifies fine beaches and national villages. 45 minutes of end off "on sand", among dunes and along beaches that it is one of the most beautiful trips of Brazil (even at night, in the light of the moon!). After arrival you will find some a different landscape, in general in very beautiful and harmonious combination.

Villages from street are captured sand that proceeds from dunes at the sea … long thin sandy beaches with coconut trees … lagoons created rain water among dunes …. The constant wind does Jericoacoara one of the best places in the world for windsurfing and sailing. At night Jericoacoara quiet, and very good variants of restaurants and bars, building the ideal scenario for fans.

You have more than one basis to consider paradise Jericoacoara … go and to check up


Take pleasure in a decline on dunes. This unforgettable experience. - besides natural beauty, Jericoacoara also a good night life.
If you have arrived as steam, Jericoacoara is a romantic place you search: silent, quiet, with the fine sky and charm of restaurants.
But if you arrive on yours do not worry, Jericoacoara simply we gather environments do people more openly to learn each other. There are many bars, which people use for "warm communication" before transition on Forro (typical dance) on "Recanto to make Momento" when person to be in the country before sunrise. - if to keep has woken up after a somersault do not pass the Bakery of Mr. Antoniu Markesh, the old fisherman who serves beautiful hot bread directly from the furnace a brick. Do not forget your points. They are very important for protection then, and you drive on dunes. To make reservations in advance. After building of hotels the control in 1992, a number of good places for stay in Jericoacoara are rather limited. With Jericoacoara has no street lanterns, a small lamp it can be useful for those moonless to night.

Climate is one of the basic sights in Jericoacoara. Temperature constantly stable, it is rare under 25ะก (enterprises) or on 35C (95). Abrupt, yes always is present for simplification a blaze of the sun.
The sun shines all within a year, but probability of a rain above, during the period from February till April. From this period rains are very rare the POPULATION

As it was mentioned earlier, all several years ago, Jericoacoara was to a small village, it is completely isolated from the modern world with very simple and welcoming the fisherman of the population.
Despite immigration of foreigners, these people till now exists also maintenance old as simple habits to wake up in the middle prior to the beginning, having left on fishing and I speak in the presence of the house.
Conversation with them is good possibility for this purpose as the life can be simple... Also are happy
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