Brazil windsurf Trip

In the beginning of September, I have gone to Brazil on purpose to reconnoiter surf places and driving conditions.

From the Internet and magazines I knew, that the most suitable places were Fortaleza and Jericoacoara at the northwest coast of Brazil washed by Atlantic ocean.

Flight to Brazil was long and heavy and has occupied from me almost days. I flied from Peter to Frankfurt, further to Rio and from Rio back through all Brazil on the north in Fortaleza. Car to Jericoacoara from Fortaleza I planned on a jeep along coast.

Fortaleza it has appeared a huge city with the six-million population. Little bit dirty streets, set of the old cars, all it reminded Egypt, but the local population was absolute another.

In difference from Arabs, Brazilians seemed me even a little closed.

The central part of a city is located on the bank of a huge gulf with windward which parts the port is located. That the gulf is closed by port, a wind very gusty and rough.

In Fortaleza I have managed to find only two surfs-schools and those have been equipped by very ancient equipment basically calculated on training. Still there was a huge hangar in which local surfers stored the equipment.

Judging by models of sails and boards, the people basically drove a course-rejsing and freeride.

Having chatted with local distributors I have learnt that the best place for surfing, kiting and surfing are in the north of a city behind port on beaches Titanzinho and Praia do Futuro. The wind there is more equal, and sometimes comes quite good Swell from ocean, the problem only in that a wind blows almost under 90 degrees on coast, and for a surf everyone can leave far not.

In an hour I was in Titanzinho!

That I have seen in the north of Fortaleza to me personally much more was pleasant. In difference from city centre there were no many-storeyed hotels closely adjoining to a beach, and there were the low, cosy hotels surrounded with palm trees and an infinite beach.

One and most interesting hotels, with good conditions, is called Beach Park *****

In hotel territory there is everything, a place for equipment storage, a huge beach from snow-white sand, set of cosy bars, restaurants and pools. In general, an abrupt place where last year there passed a stage of a World Cup among the pro on kitesurfing!

To the left of hotel there is a surfing school (without a sail). The wave of one and a half-two metre allows to be engaged in surfing and bodyboard.

But, unfortunately, for those who never had experience of driving in a surf, chances to leave in the sea come practically to naught!

For morning of next day in me has been ordered Lendrover defender with the guide, and in six mornings I have gone in Jericoacoara (Jericoacoara).

Jericoacoara is in 350 km on the north from Fortaleza, and the first 250 km to us should be passed directly on ocean coast.

The trip on coast already costs that to go in Brazil. More than two tens absolutely different beaches, two falls, lakes with settlements of Indians, the exotic nature!

Almost each beach with the unique conditions for driving.

But what to drive in each interesting place at least to steam of hours it would be necessary to spend on a trip a minimum week!

Before arriving in Jericoacoara, we have called in on well-known Paradise Lagune and Blue Lagune in ten kilometres on the east.

Water in lagoons fresh, but nevertheless, blue colour with beaches from the small it is dazzling white sand.

The warm, strong wind does not allow to freeze, but at the same time, brings a fresh cool from ocean. An ideal place for beginners windsurfers.

Magazine National Geographic named beaches and lagoons Jericoacoara a place entering into ten the most beautiful places on the earth.

From the moment of my arrival in Fortaleza the wind blew practically always, but in Jericoacoara it almost was twice stronger. In itself Jericoacoara is small village half consisting of small hotels and a bungalow. From tens small bars and restaurants with pleasure will prepare for you any local exotic or will make a cold cocktail. In Jericoacoara there are no large hotels with any gadgets and if they were that have strongly spoilt style of this place.

Basically in a bay or the people go for a drive on cape which separates windward a part of a bay from ocean. From ocean on cape comes small 1-1,5 metres but very correct sideshore-swell. Having dispersed on smooth water in a bay it is possible to jump out highly from a counter wave, and on road back in a bay it is possible to be engaged mini waveriding not risking to get in Wipeout or to be buried under the big wave.

I would recommend this place both beginning, and very advanced surfers. A place where without risk it is possible to receive weight of pleasure.

In Jericoacoara I have found quite good surf station with fresh boards Jo and sails Neil Pryde. The station is at hotel Casa do Tourismo, is called CLUBE dos VENTOS

Having talked with local surfers, I have learnt that the wind begins in May and blows till February. The most windy month - October. Usually since morning the wind is weaker, amplifies by a dinner and blows till five evenings, then starts to weaken.

Sometimes from ocean comes big Swell, but unfortunately it occurs usually in a month when the wind does not blow.

The most widespread transport in Jericoacoara is the bugs, two local machines with additional seats behind which with ease go on sand and dunes and as are suitable for driving on a city.

Two days in Fortaleza and Jericoacoara have flown by instantly and on a return way I have spent night and half-day in capital of Brazil Rio de Janeiro. As Brazil is in southern hemisphere, I have got there in the end of winter, therefore weather in Rio was cloudy and rainy. But from ocean went good Swell and on beach Copacabana where I have stopped, it was full surfres and bodyriders. I had possibility to look as local natives go for a drive, and they go for a drive very much not sweet!!!

Trip to Brazil, pleasure not from the cheap. Only the ticket costs 1500 dollars, but all the rest basically is inexpensive, the meal and hotels stand more . So at desire it is possible to keep within in two, two and a half thousand.

For that you there will see it anything! And if at me all to develop that I necessarily I will go to Brazil for the winter with friends!
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