Tarifa 2006

Almost 3 years pass now, since my old bus has resulted me first once after Tarifa and has shown to me, that there should be really higher waves and stronger winds than on lake of a dredge the house.

In the meantime I have transferred my residence in Germany little bit more close on the sea and my bus which could turn its last circles in the Berlin city centre, is, unfortunately, also history.
After the generous check of the most favorable sellers of flight our decision was established to start this time to temporary to less expensive trip to the most southern city of Europe by means of pilots. Last time this year temperatures Shorty needed to be found thus, of course, stimulus enough.
After arrival in Malaga ging’s with the small rent car and a chock-full roof in direction Costa del windy surfing. At first the wind kept waiting, unfortunately, still for itself, the casino and to devices of a bungalow which offered its compressed beauty on many kilometres lengthways Kyustenshtrasse was terrible, however, infinitely many made excavations in the earth to hotels.

Nevertheless, most later for Algeciras this picture changed and in 2 days of a wind was knocked also the Near East. Habitual 8 on Beaufort and weights in Valdevaqueros conducted us then then, nevertheless, at first after Canos de Meca which lays about 50 km to the West from Tarifa and is less strongly influenced by powerful winds in sea passage of Gibraltar.
After last streamer in a direction of the sea the moderate wind and small waves that could not keep, however, any from that he felt salty water under a board after the lapse of long time, at last, again as the autumn beginning was obvious not richly a wind in the homeland till now expected us, however, only.

Next days indulged us to constantly strong Near East so, at last, also small sails could come into effect. In 2 days in Canos we did in army territory the pier to which of us paid attention several Locals comes nearer to small town Tsaare. Kids, but from time to time abruptly breaking waves gave us the next successful day which was a little saddened only by the spoilt trapeze and my flying board (unfortunately, on stony sea a beach).
So restore on ambassador Tarifa, things cures it is made, to our camping visiting is made and is again free. Now our following purpose was having filled in Bolonia which is stretched behind a strong moving dune in Punta Paloma.

Here is available in coastal affinity at the Near East often best Freestyle conditions, as water to a moderate wave almost slippery. For this purpose it is possible to use to espresso or beer in an applied bar at the best point of view on succession of events.
In 5 days rich by a wind the prediction prophesied us some days of calm before, at last, Poniente it should be registered. The reason is enough for several walks after Algeciras and El Palmar, both that and another further away to the West from Canos is located and just at a northeast wind for its exacting waves .

They, the truth, did not remain to us it once kept anything to those contrary to it there was absolutely successful trip and who knows - possibly, we already soon come back. With by a boat sponsors Tabou, Gaastra, surfing were shop Berlin, Mogain Boardwear.
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