Surfing, kitesurfing and windurfing in Hawaii

Origins on Hawaii can not have surfing, but sports of capital and most the champion so name island home.

Sports it has been created in the mid-sixties when two sailors friends - Jim Drake and user Hole Schweitzer - have together received and asks, as their favourite by entertainments it is possible to unite. Aeronavigation the designer by a trade, Drake has come with idea is formulated masts. In 1968 they has patented the first surfing to a board.

Today the largest world surfing direct in Hookipa a park Beach to Maui where these daredevils ocean to carry out surprising air maneuvers. Are blissful an optimum wave and a wind, Hookipa (it is located in the north of island, coast, to the east from bottom Паиа), that is called " Aspen from surfing". In the book, Great external Adventures the Hawaiian Islands, Rick Carroll beach Hookipa describes, how "house" of Maui of the Air Forces, "these high flying aerialists waves which to break a head into receptions" lag time "in air as birdmen younger and birdwomen."

Not skilled drivers can not be applied on beach Hookipa. On the contrary, they owe heads to safe waters Kihei or Lahaina. The equipment can be rented from several shops in Paia. On island Oahu, Kailua to a lip of known surfing a place. In Waikiki, surfing it is possible to see at head Dajmond the Scourge and Fort DeRussy the Scourge. To Kauai, Aneeny the Beach is considered the basic destination surfing.

Surfing of lessons are available, and cost includes all devices it is necessary. There is no experience it is necessary, but you should have possibility to float.

In April, 2004 of experts surfing the Association has spent the basic competitors on beach Hookipa. PWA Hawaii Pro are shown upward a wave of sailors from the different countries of the world, including the United States, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Spain, Holland and Brazil.

The greatest board of all times, however, Kailua Robbie Naish.

Naish has started sports at the age of 11. Only two years later, in 1974 he has won the first of the 24 world titles. Presented the wave of the equestrian on credit promotes sports popularisation at the international level. In everything, Naish the world has received six crones, including four championships with 1976 for 1979. In 1999, sports Illustrated listed Naish quality of one of the Hawaiian Islands in 50 greatest sports figures.
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