The kite and windsurf in Cumbuco

Place: Cumbuco
The country: Brazil
Region: the South America
Currency: Real
Language: the Portuguese
The airport: Fortaleza
Electricity: 220 volt the Car rent: the Temperature Can be organised in each hotel or Pousada: full year 25 - 30 degrees, waters 21 - 25 degrees of Celsius

Cumbuco - small village of fishermen of 25 km to the north from one million city of Fortaleza. Approximately in Fortaleza is Cumbuco the best place for stay. That pleasant convenience sandy beaches and palm trees everywhere. Characteristic for Cumbuco consists in how it is located. On one party beautiful the dark blue sea on other party of the big sandy dunes. Beautiful small centre Cumbuco is under construction round the area as they do it in Brazil. In the middle of this area of a city is a football ground. Where they play football every day. Round the area it is a lot of restaurants and the small super markets. Brazil excellent return.
Wind and climate Cumbuco

Good responses all year long in Cumbuco. The best months of June till December. These months it is possible kite daily with 10, 12 or m? Kites, the size depends on your weight. In other months of a wind can be really good. But do not forget to provide 16 or 18? kite. For Cumbuco some really big dunes. Dunes create really warm air that creates every day the wind blows. A wind increases more the North to come. It is not necessary to result the agent. Almost whole year, as water of 22-27 degrees. Will not forget lycra and your sun lotion. As Cumbuco it is located on equator, the sun is really strong! kite windsurfing in region Cumbuco

Nearby Cumbuco beaches wide and all over the world to go on the person. Kitezone in the opinion of ecological hotel paradise. Are more low resulted most kiters. But there are no problems if it is started on is occupied, Only upwards or downwards, a wind of 150 metres, and you only kiter. 6 km from pollution Cumbuco are beautiful laguna. It is fresh water laguna named "Lagoa de Cauipe". Here water really flat. It can be made downwards PID-REGULATIONS with Cumbuco for laguna. When you will make it you will find many waves on a trip there. It occupies about 45 minutes. Do not forget to ask someone to take away you. Laguna not so big, but well-known local kiteschools. So can be really overflowed, especially in the days off.

If you wish to have only waves Northern a disk at 1 o'clock and find a place named Paracuru. This one of the best places to go the person. The first 150 metres of flat water, after that perfection overcoming waves on some reeves. Not an ideal place for beginners, but also for intermediate or expanded kiters real paradise. Try to be there with lowtide.
Flights in Fortaleza

Water Portugal: This company passes from all bigcity in Europe in Fortaleza. The big advantage consists that you can take 2 х 30 kg with you.
Martin of air: Flight from Holland, Cheap flights depending on stay time.
Lauda Air: the Exit from Zurich or Milan.
The transport message with the airport

With Fortaleza on Cumbuco will occupy 40 minutes. It is possible to take a taxi, it will be about 70 reals (journey) Most everything, to organise it with your hotel or pousada.

- Jetskiing
- A whale and windsurfing
- Buggy round
- Quads
- Walks by top back
- windsurfing
- Sand board
Internet Telx

In Cumbuco it is possible to find the cafe Internet under the name "Flatshop" In northern part of city centre, you will see some new apartments, in necessity to find it.
Night life Cumbuco

In Cumbuco there live only 1500 Brazilians. There is not absolutely European standard bars or discos. Is not present at the Big night in Cumbuco. However some Brazilians play football to go on the city area or to drink beer there. The best bar on stay "reggae" a bar. You can find it near to a pizzeria.

If you want the participant, you should arrive in Fortaleza. Here it every night the participant! That I can tell, only there, and you learn! Do not pass, because you owe it at once! On Sunday night I can recommend the Orbit. All night is Watt ranges.
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