Surfing holidays To MARGARITA

Located only at coast of Venezuela Margarita became known outstanding surfing with reliable a wind from November till June. Ideally approaches for the mixed groups of abilities and what simply wish to blow up! To combine it with the Latin American atmosphere, tropical weather conditions, a sandy beach and as a whole good value.

Island itself various landscapes; 10 minutes a transfer from the airport through dry shrubs which are surrounded with El Yaque. In the centre of mountain growth to 900 metres also are considered in tropical vegetation. Nearby the north there are not enough villages, rocks and more drama landscapes. For in La Live the majority area of national park with Mangrove bogs and long beaches. SPOT

The cores a place in El Yaque, it is direct from the basic beaches at hotels and restaurants. With 10 to 17 it strictly surfing "zones (not kiters). There are some the alternative points most popular in Coche, the small island approximately on a boat to sweep 20 minutes for.

El Yaque In condition surfing it is very simple. Exists, as a rule, I do not protect a break, beaches and underwater is sandy and these are superficial (a breast deeply) about 300 metres from a beach, it is noted to a small platform. It is the first area also very flat and consequently ideally approaches for training of new maneuvers, especially beginning waters and allocation]. It also promotes that fact, that you, possibly, use a small sail. Actually local residents here will often study waters to begin to study simultaneously before transportations. There is a separate direction in the bottom regiments and for water is much deeper dark blue.

COCHE: From El Yaque a beach it is possible to see island Coche on distance. If you want explosive works on very flat waters, it is necessary to join day of a trip there. The wind blows through salts of apartments and a beach, that super ideally flat water, it would depart in silks. It are usually more popular, than Kitesurfers surfing.

LOS ROQUES: On Rock EC archipelago Los should be it is considered to opinion, these are shaking!! It also very romantic place, therefore, if you went with the partner we recommend some days of visit. Exists surfing the centre though the wind, as a rule, is enough the easy. To you it is necessary to accept to reach there 90 minutes of flight and then there is a choice small, but rather charismatic habitation on a choice. We recommend to the advanced order as it are very popular, especially during a high season, and are available limited rooms. WIND

There are two things that leave nearby Margarita; Consecutive the party of coast a wind at the left and shoal. A wind a season from November till May with the most resolute winds (bft 6-8) from January till March. Even in the least windy time, you expect plans conditions almost half of holiday.

The wind, as a rule, is under construction within day has reached peak in the middle of day. Beginning Therefore the lessons spent in first half of day with more developed training during a high wind a part of day. WINDSURFING

In season peak can be very occupied. There are, at least, 7 places, rent of the equipment of various standards; Planets prefer partners of club the Mistral and system entertainments. It can mean many people on water, especially in small areas. A sail of 100 metres, and you always will have a lot of space.

The sea and air in warm Margarita all year long. You can float in shorts and barefoot. It is desirable to put on a bullet-proof vest a rash and gloves, especially to begin with. Warm water does even a rigid hand "Blister. Some surfing were the nobility that they could finish a holiday by means of a toilet paper are wrapped up a round their hands a tape with a pipe or to use superglue! Conditions Margarita to make it for all abilities, from the beginner to the expert. It ideally approaches for explosive a slalom, cut characteristics, training and perfection], some of the top world freestlye seamen have arrived here for preparation to the winter period, and was the house for world champion Rikardo Kampello. Other actions

There is a full bar a beach in El Yaque and this very pleasant place simply hung in though keep in mind, besides local residents who fall to more hundreds local holidays, this means is created only for sports. Margarita - good island on the size though and if from EL Yaque (to rent a motorcycle or a taxi) you find the enterprise local cities with modern shopping centres and some good restaurants are occupied. The majority of the centres offer also other kinds of activity, such as surfing, driving on horses and mountain bicycles.

For more adventures travel to the basic earth of Venezuela can be made for memory of experience; Is so much to see, but with limited time we offer or trip Angel Falls (can be made in day) or in the Andes.... wow! KITESURFING

Kitesurfing also it is very popular in Margarita though stains separate from zone surfing. There is a set of the centres offering courses and rent; the Planet of partner Sky Riders, they the best and safe operations. The LIFE

Margarita the following Latin American have beaten in merengue, salsa and "reggae". Porlamar (a taxi of 20-30 mines) in modern international a city from some bars, restaurants and night clubs on a match, all is very inexpensive. El Yaque has the share, with accent on have more put in pawn back surfing atmosphere from everyone sisterly a blister their hands. Within a week various hotels and restaurants the plan of a speciality of night. Late at the night of actions, as a rule, rotate around Los Piratos. Besides the majority of the centres to organise some evenings in a week. Requirements

The Great Britain / passport EU: the full 10-year-old passport valid at least till 6 months after returning date. The visa is not required. Other passports: Check up from the Venezuelan embassy (020 7387 6727 HEALTH COUNCILS

Is there is no obligatory inoculation, if arriving of the Great Britain, but we recommend to check up by means of GP for last consultations.
The most simple way to reach Margarita from the Great Britain is a charter flight from London or Manchester. It works in two weeks till Wednesday. Alternative routes it is planned with airlines through Caracas. Direct flight time 8 1 / 2 hours.

After Margarita, time transfer only 10 minutes.
300 - for a long time to superficial area offers surfing of beginners and intermediate optimum conditions. The ideal place for safe practising beaches and water also begins]. All front lines surfing and free Acrobats, undoubtedly, their pleasure here also will be the best free the equipment in their order.

El Yaque recently for carrying out of some large surfing of competitions which it is regular with participation of the best world surfing. Really excellent free and, hence, a wave riding levels thus do not enter into special surprise. Absolutely nearby surfing which have ripened at World championship level here, and young Margritenos only wait their chance. Some of you can receive a little additional surfing free receptions and skills from them.

Kitesurfing, too has received a place in El Yaque.
Kitesurfers have own a beach, located to come alee from surfing a bay where they are accepted by a boat.
If a wind of gods temporarily are not so well realised or you dreams about changes and wish to study more on island, we can offer, of course, to you a wide spectrum of alternative actions such as trekking rounds through jungle or purchases in Porlamar!

Surfing, kitesurfers, not surfing - all of them gather in numerous bars of a beach after a decline to use one of delightful fruit cocktails served there and to discuss various events of day of an exchange all that they are till this day and to share to pleasant expectations next day.

Ours insider councils:
Restaurant Mediterraneo: in this Italian of a dinner in Porlamar, it is possible to spend pleasant evening about a tasty food at restaurant of own patio
Shops Margarita: "Mercado Conejero" is the market, visited by local residents; With restaurants where it is possible the sample of island typical arepas (fresh bread of flat cakes with cheese, meat and others fillers)
On "Centro Commercial Sambil", you can get the firm goods for reduced prices - possibility that will be together to a smile on all purchases of the enthusiast in the name of a tax refuge Margarita
Los the Rock EC: the trip on this island paradise which makes 150 kilometres, is absolute "should"; It names also Venezuela Maldives.
Sea museum on peninsula
Wave driving in Playa Guacuco or Parguito: after 40 minutes of the trip, Accessible length: 1,5 m high waves of Atlantic expect you on a beach
2 day - a trip Indians of Orinoco Delta (it is comparable with Amazonas)
We also offer on horses, trekking and diving. Guest a telecommunication service in the centre will take care about your questions.

Margarita Weather

Margarita island from hurricane of "belt" and "Yaque? From water do not suffer from chocolate of fishes, sharks, or intrusive reeves. The wind party ashore as a whole is more light in first half of day, that to beginners fine possibility to receive the bearings. Approximately at 13:00, the wind fills also with blows steadily to darkness! El Yaque? Ы small areas it reaches 100 m, providing perfect conditions for beginners and those who their dodges and maneuvers.

As a rule, you can float on large sails / councils in first half of day during a breeze and be switched to small parts in strong winds in the afternoon.

Temperature on the average 27C (85F) all year long, with high going to 37С (Minimum) in northern in the summer and low to 24C (Minimum) in northern winters, from island granting breezes softening influence. The average quantity of deposits in a year is very low.

The nearest airport

Reception There
Right now you can travel by plane from any state, of course, still you from Miami, that will be more expensive. Now you need to accept the plane for connection Margarita as soon as in Caracas.
In Caracas she is cheaper if to buy the ticket at the airport. Flight costs about 56 US dollars, and books as soon as you are cheaper. As there are 3 airlines which do a trip in daily Margarita, it is practically impossible to use the ticket is reserved on one airline with another.
As soon as you will arrive also customs clearly in Caracas, to leave the terminal and turn on the left. It is good a little to go open-air the internal terminal but if you have wheels your luggage, the porter really is not necessary to you. When you have appeared, there are some tutors who will help you in correct a direction of airline with following flight to leave Margarita. You can give its small advice for rendering assistance to you.
Exists departure tax 14000 Bolivars final Caracas and 10000 Bolivars final Porlamar. It nearby 87000 of is international but if you the charter of the last, as a rule, is included in the price of your ticket. He quite to understand, what at you are, and to change enough money only to pay these taxes and the prices of tickets in Bolivar in case it is possible an exchange of money for the overestimated rates. It is easy enough for making. Steer accurate 50000 boliviano marks, warn old accounts, and anything-w / about control-alarm "chains" simply to be in safety.

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