PREA it is ideal Kitesufing a place!

Prea, Brazil the general data

The Earth it is a lot of contrasts

After long search, we have found still a wind paradise, this time in staff Ceara, in northern part of Brazil. Prea - the name small, the cleanest fishing village near Jericoacoara. The beach is huge, the place is ideal for any, with winds, that blow all the day long with force 5 - 7 Bft (17 - 33 knots) from June till January.

Skyriders it is disconnected to Brazil, as of August 2007! Be convinced, that on yours of the reservation now!

In the field of 8,5 million in km (3,2 million. square miles), Brazil is a heel on size the country in the world, and almost half of size all continent of the South America.

Biodiversity to this fascinating country breath. Those who are interested in a wild life will is shaken almost uncountable kinds of birds, butterflies and reptiles. Brazil to the earth is a lot of contrasts: the flooded woods and droughty steppes, colonial architecture and architectural madness in Brasilia, materialism and magic, poverty and riches.
As a whole Brazilians are described as is very proud, religious people who love festivals and dances, and spontaneous, live character.

Detection of this fascinating and unique country: Brazil, the earth samba rhythms, caipirinhas, 30 degrees all year long.

PREA it is ideal Kitesufing a place!

We have found a place near to known city Jericoacoara only 10 km in the south. The party of coast a wind, widely open empty tropical beaches and warm water all year long. One of the most reliable windy places on 8 month of year. Miles and miles of sandy beaches. Not rocks! Waves, falteringly water and in water apartment. It is simply ideal for Kitesurfing!

Average speed reaches 15-30 knots from June till January! We recommend kite the sizes between 8 and 12 square metres. Is small the account of a wind of days in December January and June where it is possible to use also 16 sq.m. kite.

Wind: In summertime July-December, a wind very strong, but also very consecutive. It blows every day! During the winter period February - June of a wind and easy blows on the average three days in a week. A wind the party of coast from the right with minimum current year.

Waves: Waves suffer from a wind inflates also moon phases. The full moon genarally brings the best inflates. The largest waves will reach 2 metres. Low inflow brings flat water.

The special offer: being guided downwinders! It not travel for all beginners. Downwinders absolutely impressing as miles and miles are opened empty beaches... You can play waves or simply sweep pollution about 12 km.

The average temperature makes 28-30 degrees all year long. Exists consitent a wind every day during the period from July till January. March - is considered May a season of rains, but still is on the average for three days in a week of a wind! Water temperature - 27 with all-the-year-round. It is not necessary for you shorty! Sun protection very important!
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