Camp and school in Fuerteventura

Place: Fuerte Ventura
The country: Spain
Region: Canary Islands
Currency: euro
Language: Spanish
The airport: Puerto Del Rosario

At present it is a lot of kitesurfers a trip to Canary Islands on good conditions. Fuerte ventura is one of the largest islands and has one of the best places for windsurfing and kite. Is infinite to leave, sandy, the cleanest beaches on island which becomes more popular for tourists. Soon 2 known places to go. In the south to Hay, in the north of Corralejo.
Wind and climate Fuerteventura

Wind time in Fuerte Ventura it in the summer when big a high pressure is in Atlantic and at low height over Sahara. Such combination gives reliable cross winds ashore the Flag the Scourge (Corralejo). In Hay double acceleration is caused by winds time to pass through mountains to create much more strongly winds, than in the north.
Kitesurfing Fuerteventura

Beach in northern part of village Korraleho is called flagbeach. On a flag a beach you through a coastal wind from the left. There is a sandy beach that is a good basis to start yours kite with. 200 metres from coast deep reeves which can give the big waves. It is ideal to learn a driving wave. Other good waves of the dot Has flown down a beach, and Majanicho Cotillio.

Strong winds and waters from apartment to 2 metres of waves to make to Hay in the south an ideal place for kite and windsurfing. Located on its fine white sandy beach with it is crystal clearly clothes water of miles. The north / East wind which goes from mountains, has a little from coast. At autumn, in the winter and spring of a wind blow from the East / the South can also coastal. Two Ren Egli the centre ` ы is offered dream of a condition for all levels from a beginner to the advanced. Sometimes to a lagoon between 2 centres of filling with water (a knee deep). What can render some ideally flat water the person. Also the lagoon does with ours of doubts an ideal place to learn, how kite.
How to reach Fuerteventura

From the airport to Corralejo or in Hay, by the car approximately 40 minutes. It is not necessary for you of the car, but it will be convenient to travel round all island. Is so many good places to go, but only by the car.
Other actions

- windsurfing
- Go-cart racing
Night life Fuerteventura

Corralejo offers many good restaurants on a choice. Spanish and international kitchen, a food for each budget. It should be made efforts to reach to Cotillo the sample of fresh fish. From numerous bars, in Crusts, and also others, display of video films to sit all night long. For really big party pass on Waikiki. Here you can remain till the morning.

Dose evenings hotel, being based mainly, having weakened for a supper, or in one of hotel bars. A short-term trip or the taxi to sweep with bus for it of resorts Costa Kalma and Jandia which give a reserved choice of bars and night clubs. Fuerte actions of Cafe and Restaurant the Bar in Costa Kalma is a popular place of a meeting after a breakfast till the late evening.
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