Cumbuco Brazil windsurfing & kitesurfing spot

Cumbuco Brazil

Nearby Cumbuco beaches wide and all over the world to go on the person. Kitezone in the opinion of ecological hotel paradise. Are more low resulted most kiters. But there are no problems if it is started on is occupied, Only upwards or downwards, a wind of 150 metres, and you only kiter. 6 km from pollution Cumbuco are beautiful laguna. It is fresh water laguna named "Lagoa de Cauipe". Here water really flat. It can be made downwards PID-REGULATIONS with Cumbuco for laguna. When you will make it you will find many waves on a trip there. It occupies about 45 minutes. Do not forget to ask someone to take away you. Laguna not so big, but well-known local kiteschools. So can be really overflowed, especially in the days off.

If you wish to have only waves Northern a disk at 1 o'clock and find a place named Paracuru. This one of the best places to go the person. The first 150 metres of flat water, after that perfection overcoming waves on some reeves. Not an ideal place for beginners, but also for intermediate or expanded kiters real paradise. Try to be there with lowtide.
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Spot is more detailed
Place quality Big
Level Everyone
kite / a wind? - It is good for KiteSurf
- Well for WindSurf
Type the Beach
Style - Freestyle
- Freeride
- And a relief to Pass
Put terms the Second -
- Evening

Qualities of water Pure
Present Average (2-5 knots)
The bottom view - Sandy
- Deep having flowed - Is not present having flowed dependence

Place conveniences
- A camping
- Hotel
- A transmission Shop
- Repair - Shop
- Rent
- School
- Rains
Local a wind
Type Thermal a wind
Force Averages (16 - 25 knots)
The cores dir. Southeast
Most dir. Southeast
Most dir. Relative Lateral I protect
The period From July till February
Fresher All all year long is good responses in Cumbuco. The best months of August till December. These months it is possible kite daily with 10, 12 or m? Kites. In other months of a wind can be really good. But do not forget to provide 16 or 18? kite. For Cumbuco some large sandy dunes. Dunes to create really warm air that creates daily or seabreezes winds. A wind increases more the North to come. It has not led to a suit. Almost whole year of water from 20 to 25 degrees of Celsius.