Irland Brandon Bay

Rain marks a liquid precipitation with a droplet size from usually 0.6-3 mm. Below 0.5 mm is it drizzle (also drizzle). Rain, outside of the polar areas the quantitatively most meaning form of the precipitation, is measured in “mm Niederschlagshöhe”. 1 mm precipitation corresponds 1 litre per square meter. Rain develops from ice crystals in the upper troposphere, which serve as condensation germs for the accumulation of further quantities of water. If they fall then due to the force of gravity to the earth's surface, they melt because of the air friction and receive a drop form. The droplet size varies. The largest drop photographed so far had a diameter of 9 mm; usually a drop already zerplatzt starting from 6 mm into smaller. (Source:
Rain - which was so rather first, which occurred to us with the thought at Ireland. The fact that the first thought is usually the correct should prove to be true with our Trip to the Brandon Bay on the Dingle Penisula. There one might experience definitely all worth knowing one over rains very closely, and believes one the rumors, then the Irish for rains have similarly many expressions as Eskimos for snow… But that it rains in the southwest of Ireland so frequently has a reason, which makes this corner of Europe interesting for Windsurfer also again.

When Vorposten Europe is appropriate for Ireland in the middle in the course course of the Tiefdruckgebiete, which ventilate straight in the autumn regularly the Brandon Bay well and in addition for sufficiently water movement provide.
This meteorological information was confirmed us by some English Surfer, and after to a large extent windless summer 2006 Ireland, despite rains in all variants, appeared to us - the DWC Cuppern Christian Opitz, Florian Söhnchen and Chris oats - as an enticing goal.

A urgemütliches house directly at the cliffs over the bay was found fast, just as fast a flight, with which we were allowed to experience, how uncomplicated it can be to carry 3 young with enormous amounts at Surfmaterial. Only the organization of a suitable driving support turned out as the larger task, since in Ireland no rented cars with roof luggage carriers are rented and transporters to goods in short supply are apparent.

After we had already considered the local Pony lettings as plan B, we created it nevertheless still, in place of “Pimp my Ride” in the literal sense to take at the airport a bus in receipt. Naturally in the pouring rain, pardon, after Irish yardsticks light fog or also “liquid sunshine”.
With our arrival in the Brandon Bay the “fog” had at least so far gotten thinner that we had a view over those entirely bay; and on the perfect LINEs, which in-rolled with down the LINE conditions picture-as shown by the books with Side offshore wind from left to the appearing almost endless beach.

No miracle thus that it might have been new Aufriggrekord, until we were on the water in the middle between relaxed LOCALs and long, cleanly breaking waves.

After we also our cars surely by the beach from the wet sand excavated and considering the Irish traffic rules - which blökt, has right of way - to our accommodation, waited as beginning and for outward warming up and for internal warming up a glass of Irish Whiskey had brought a flickering peat fire for us…
Whiskey is an alcoholic beverage won from grain by Fermentierung and distillation. The word Whiskey, for the first time 1736 mentioned, leads itself of Irish uisce beatha (spoken: ischke baha or ischke ba) and means life water (uisge/uisce = water, beatha = life). “Water of the life” is called uisge/uisce well beatha. The anglisierte form usquebaugh has itself from the gälischen discussion form uskeba developed, how one finds it often also in Scotland, Ireland and Wales with place names, however today uskvebaw (“u” as in CUT, “aw” as in law) or yuskibaw is spoken. (Source:
One must have drunk probably also some at Whiskey, in order to become halfway powerful either Gäli, that from celtic coming language, which is still far common straight in the southwest of Ireland, or measure around itself with ex-Hurricane Issac.

Kilcummin offered wrecks stranded with Side Onshore wind of perfect conditions for the 3.7er, one not at the remainders there of the 1846 probably with similar conditions failed at least so long and the fate of the crew did not divide.
This probably is on one of the numerous old purged cemeteries - the perfect window blind for each Grusel and ghost film.

We had more luck, in particular Flo, which landed finally Pushloops more or less accident-free, with what we again a reason had, against evening directly from the beach - in the meantime experienced in the excavation of the car - the Pubs to head for… however one needs one in addition actually a reason?
The Pub (majority: the Pubs) is in Great Britain, Ireland, Brittany a tavern and has there its firm place in the social life. The designation „Pub “is an invention of the Viktoriani age and meant originally decreases/goes back on the Roman Besatzer of the antique ones and „public house “(public house). Pubs differ from usual taverns, by being furnished with wood and carpets predominantly. Likes is standing at the bar or at high tables. Dartboards and Billardtische are very frequently. Sounded windows cover the view from the outside and give to the whole one a somewhat schummrige atmosphere. The Umgangsformen are uncomplicated, one introduce themselves on the islands by first name. Is drunk traditionally beer from a rich selection, which one must get oneself at the bar. Enterprise comes correctly into the Pubs, if after end of workday to a beer together-find themselves an employing of the surrounding enterprises still fast. Later associate the evening guests with while the regular customers seemed to be anyway always already there. (Source:
With which we would be again with the beginning, the rain. There is an Irish proverb: “RK leases it doesn't rain into the Pub!”. The weather is surely one of the reasons for the high number of Pubs as escape places, because even in a place, which consists only of 3 houses, one is with security a Pub and thus a much more than a simple tavern. It is rather a place, at which one meets, eats, talks, really celebrates… a trick and a pivot of the Irish life.

Even during the week are in almost each Pub Lifebands, which fill the sober definition of a Pubs likewise with lives like the friendly native ones, which emerge somehow and somewhere, until the Pub is crammed and one feels somehow at home.
And during itself Fischer with rubber boots beside distinguierten gentlemen in the Tweedanzug at the bar comfortably to a “Craig” and a “pint”, a Schwätzchen and a Guinness meet, which sizzle chimney fires and the black Gebräu drives us out after a further grandiosen Surftag the salt taste, already curve our thoughts for the planning of our next Trips, of which one will lead us with security also again into the Brandon Bay.

Perhaps we still another a Guinness or Whiskey on the local holy ones should drink, so that it carries providing for our imminent return…
Brendan the traveler (* about 484 possibly in Annagh on the Dingle peninsula; † 577 in the monastery Annaghdown CO. Galway;) was an Irish holy. Brendan became a probably 512 priest and created numerous monasteries. The different reports on its life are legendary nearly all. Only secured date is the establishment of the monastery Clonfert (in the county Galway) around 560. Admits is it by the Navigatio Sancti Brendani, a report common extremely popular in the Middle Ages and over a sea voyage, which it is to have undertaken between 565 and 573 with twelve companions. The goal of this journey (with a Curragh one undertook), was the “Terra Repromissionis”, a promised island in the west. On the way to these Brendaninsel (in several medieval maps is registered) he experienced a great deal adventures. The description of its journey arranged to in 18. Century expeditions to the search for Brendans island. Since that 19. Century besides was tried to adapt the descriptions of the different islands on material islands in the Atlantic. The assumptions hand America from the Kanari islands over Iceland until, can however in none of the cases conclusively be occupied, what will be possible probably also never in view of the mythisch religious character of the travel description. 1976 knew Timothy Severin however actually with a Currach to America sails, which lets assume that a discovery America was at least possible at this time. (Source:

As a name giver of the Brandon Bay Saint Brandon, both protection patron of the travelers and sailor, is and probably also the Surfer. Because these are constant on the journey, the expedition, the search, after the perfect place, the perfect conditions, the perfect moment.
We found both also in the following days, in the Brandon Bay in Ireland. In view of the name patron not necessarily a coincidence…
Thus it means for us: Until soon - Slan leat!
For the entry to Ireland only a valid identity card is not necessary, currency is the euro, duty fees.

Weather information

Either by ferry with own car starting from approximately 300, - € (zzgl. Spritkosten); is worthwhile oneself only with longer stay. Alternatively by airplane, e.g. starting from Frankfurt cock after Kerry or from Luebeck and/or Duesseldorf Weeze to Shannon (over London) with Ryan air ( Return ticket gives it starting from approx. 40, - €. Material taking along costs 30 during previous registration for each luggage item approx., - €, nice-proves uncomplicatedly and without restriction of weight!

Rented car
Rented cars are generally relatively expensive in Ireland and are subject to age restrictions. At all well-known rented car companies (Sixt, budget, Hertz, Alamo, etc.) no roof luggage carriers are offered (but expressly forbidden), so that one should rather book a category more largely. The search for a transporter remains alternative, approximately with (very friendly and uncomplicated!).

Approximately over the Brandon Bay is houses for several persons particularly in the Nebensaison affordable and recommendable. Info. gives it among, or Maralyne Spillane, 066 7139509/Eileen lynches, to 066 7139108/John Joe Flynn, 066 7139553.
The Spots lies side by side in the Brandon Bay. Approximately around the Brandon Bay everything one orders, which a Surfer can wish itself, to inclusive Flachwasserspots. Due to the form of the bay Sideshore conditions are during almost each wind direction, whereby the waves break depending upon Spot on sand or reef and become of various sizes. Here in sequence, from west to east:

Fermoyle - Beachbreak with west wind and alternative, if the Swell at the other Spots becomes too large.
Kilcuminn - something similar as Fermoyle, at ebb-tide rises up left from the river the remainder of a sunk ship out of the water.
Gowlane - Beachbreak in the Worldcup format. SW-wind is Sideoffshore and in the bank range easily böig, but the waves can become largely and above all clean!
Stradbally - something similar as Gowlane, perfectly if in Gowlane completely offshore wind is.
Dump - with wind from right here good ramps are for jumping, the current continue to increase at the end of the bay.
Mossies/Shitties - Reef and Beachbreak at the end of the bay, directly in relation to the cult Pub Spillanes. Here break waves over flat reef, therefore absolutely on LOCALs respect, which the time window, in which this Worldcup Spot is mobile, perfectly. With material fracture it becomes long swim a home.

More information are also in the Kite and Windsurfing Guide Europe!

Ex-Worldcupper Jamie Knox leads in the Sandy Bay a Surfschule, here can one material rent, pieces of advice, information and in case of emergency also substitute get: