Costa Rica

Wave-ride in Costa Rica

All warnings to the defiance we flew nevertheless now with intermediate stop in the USA to Costa Rica. It was stop most favorably and it gave also at all no problems in America. It folded everything marvelously! It is worthwhile itself to also look for little time in the Internet a favorable flight. We became fündig with Travel Overland and received the flight for 630. - Euro. The route led across Paris and Atlanta, to we evening in San Jose, Costa Rica then late landed.
We in-rented ourselves for the first night in the hotel Mi Tierra. A small hotel in Alajuela approx. 5 minutes of the airport removes.

On the next day we could be brought then from a shuttle service to the beach Santa Teresa. It lies on the Nicoya peninsula in the north of Costa Rica. The travel there takes approx. 4-5 hours. For the first days we in-rented ourselves in the Raratonga. That is a small, super beautiful and clean hotel with breakfast. The hotel is led by two very helpful Italians.
The waves in Santa Teresa are really good. It participates for the beginner up to the Könner everything. The beach is to be found largely enough around a peak for itself alone. The waves were always from belly to over head high and thus could I in the constant conditions finally times the different Finn sizes of FCS test.

After 9 days Santa Teresa we had further. Costa Rica has to offer so much, there can one not possibly only at a beach remain.
We procured ourselves over to drive as favorably as possible, a car over brokers a car hire and from Santa Teresa to Playa Avellanas drove.

Avellanas lies about 20 minute south of Tamarindo. The beach and the waves are must for each Costa Rica travelers. A variation of BREAK inspires: A Leftpoint, Beachbreak with different peaks, a Rivermouth A-Frame, a right POINT little Hawaii.

The water can be colder here, because that strong off-coast wind (dec. January. February. March.) the Oberflächenwasser raus floats. A Neo Lycra is there very pleasant.
In Avellanas it gives to in-rent itself different possibilities. From 12 US$-90 US$ participates everything. We have for 40 US$ in read Casitas de Avellanas used. 2 rooms with kitchen and bath. It lies about 3 minute with the car far away from the beach. One does not need a bell, since the roaring apes in the Mangobaum wake early enough.

Approximately 5 kilometers far away Playa Negra lies. Here breaks a Rechstwelle, which has pressure at ebb-tide properly. There are good living and Essmöglichkeiten also here.

Again on the way toward the south. A goal: Hermosa.

Over Santa Cruz and Nicoya one leaves since the newest Penicsula peninsula over a bridge. The travel after Hermosa takes approximately 3.5-4 hours and is equal the next beach after Jaco. Hermosa is a pressureful Beachbreak with many peaks. The conditions are much like and it give a multiplicity at accommodations. We in-rented ourselves in mansion the Pura Vida. A small, clean and very private hotel, which is directly because of the beach. Rooms are to be had starting from 45 dollar. Hermosa is to be started super around its Costa Rica Trip or terminated, since it is appropriate for only approx. 1.5 hr. with the car far away from San Jose.
pps: Only as fast drive as permitted, since approx. all 20-30 km police control is.

Meal with native ones is mostly more favorable. Noon and dinner are to breakfast approx. 1000-1700 Colones (2-3 dollar) in such a way about 1700-3500 Colones (3-7 dollar)

Absolutely high sun protection (30plus.) use.
Board: Everything which be surfen can!!!!

If one is with the car or bus on the way, then it helps to speak little Spanish since not all English can speak.