Maui Hookipa

++ we have here at present wind force 9 from left in Hookipa and Jaws, the waves are epic to closeout ++

The Kona storm given apart from some humidity from above also fat waves. Jaws and Waimea are “on” with 20 Hawaiian Feet, and/or Waimea this morning with 35 Feet. The river precipitates, the roads lies full trees, on Oahu stands some under water. No sock is on the water, yesterday afternoon has we Michi Schwaiger in Hookipa windsurfen nevertheless briefly to see. He got 6 waves. Although we sat above on the skirt in Hookpia, it often disappeared between the waves for 1-2 seconds.
Then it has it zerissen and it without material of Lanes clean-swam. Rausgekommen is it Pavillions….

Yesterday - 31.01. - was again around numbers better, actually unbelievably. Robby Naish, Jason Polakow, Robby Swift, Michi Schwaiger, Kevin Pritchard were outside and Lanes gerockt. Otherwise none, and it gave the tendency actually tyische for Jaws: ahhhhs and ohhhhs of the inspired quantity
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