Australien Westcoast

10 years passed since my last west Coast stay in Australia. At that time I lived three months in Ford a Falcon station Wagon and exclusively nourished myself from a cool box, each quantity wine from cardboards as well as “Emu bitter” - beer.

What changed in the meantime? Instead of 3 months time I had this time only one, everything else remained with the old and that was also well like that!
Arrived at Perth, I spent the first night at the air haven, in order mean buddies from Munich, arriving later, in receipt to take.

The Vorfreude on it was enormous, since he had not only his own, but also my entire material with itself. Through this fox idea we saved some Euronen for the over luggage and I the always pre-programmed stress with the Einchecken.
Our first goal was Yallingup. 250 km south of Perth convenient, our SWCCC (Strategic west Coast COMMAND center) for the campaigns was furnished here along the coast.

After our Headquarter was set up with our acquaintance Andy in its semifinished house consisting of straw balls, the first employment was long in coming not, because in only 40 km removed Margaret River suspicious white Schaumkronen at the horizon were announced.

In the afternoon the Sea Breeze coming from southwest did not leave us in the next days in the pass.
Caution was however always required, since not only the powerful waves, but also the far scattered, scarcely under the water surface lying reefs always for surprises ensures. After I explained to my colleague for a long time, where that was about 500 meters distant Channel for crossing the Reefbreaks, I heated full euphoria on it too.

The Vorfreude was however fast to end as I with full speed on the reef to the centrifuge fall set. “Fortunately” I ruined myself only the fairing and the fork tree. With some grazes and rather frustrated paddelte I to the beach back.
10 days later it was time for the north. Stage way worked ourselves we over Lancelin and Geraldton the coast up. My buddy set at short notice to the hunger strike to come in order to loose-will the Pounds set in the south again, there it according to own statement with light wind of problems had into sliding.

Our goal was the Gnaraloo lying beyond the civilization. After we examined daily the waving and wind forecast, we already suspected, what could expect us - the best Swell of the season!
At the object of the longing arrived, we let once in detail explain only the “reef situation” and were surprised that nearly all Windsurfer carried shoes. A dutchman, who still asked me with the entrance in the water: “You're going out there without booties???” still mine increased self-confident its.

After I successfully crossed the shore BREAK, happened that, what one expects to few. For instance 1km of the mainland removes fallow with the first neck my mast.
A Swiss named Neil and Heinz from Germany rendered in the not whole harmless situation first help to me and brought fork tree, mastfuss as well as Extension safe ashore, during I (times again) on my together-rolled sail the home journey began.

The bank lying in the distance was explained as the goal of the daily and successfully reached under observation of the underwater world after approximately one hour.
On the next day, as expected, the large Swell came. With mulmigem feeling in the stomach and full reverence it went into the first sets. Mast-high waves showed me clearly, where it went long - down the LINE, fast! One was recompenced with up to eight turns on a wave! My initial fear yielded slowly a constant Dauergrinsen - A perfect day!

The wave of the daily by the way got a Belgian, who was fed by 6 meters a Wasserwand with alive body. Material as also it remained as by a miracle intact.
After approximately one week we decided to break itself open again into the south. With a mouse as blind passenger in the car we left in the express speed the Camp occupied of flies and still on the same day with a 5,3er evening session in Geraldton were recompenced.

To short pause in Lancelin, where we came into the benefit of the first fresh water shower after approximately three weeks, it went back to the SWCCC to Yallingup.
The last days were coined/shaped due to the removing Sea Breeze 4WD Offroad expeditions along the singular coast, solid wave riding as well as extremes Wine Tasting route by the excellent wine wine cellars of the Margaret River AREA - life CAN good…
Also the mouse found a new at home. She lives now in the 1500km removed, cooler Albany. Whether it pleases her there, we do not know.

Us it did to Australia in any case again and with security to come we in the next years again.
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