Windsurfing HURGHADA

While alcohol is not illegal in Egypt, it is hard to find, and therefore expensive, especially in the hotels. It is illegal to import alcohol in Egypt, but a good, and legal thing to do, is to buy a few cases of beer, or hard alcohol at the airport in the duty free when you arrive. Make sure that you hide them in your luggage before going to the hotel, as most hotel specify that it is not allowed to bring in food and beverages.Especially for women, but applicable to men also: Egypt is a mainly muslim country (there are about 20 million cristians) therefore it is nice to show respect. When in the vincinity of the hotel or surf center you can dress any way you like, but when leaving these premises, please respect other people's religions and wear decent clothing, women should at least cover their shoulders and legs at least to the knees. Men can wear anything, but a t-shirt and a pair of pants is recommended.If you go and visit the archeological sites, remember that it is these people's history and that also people will come and visit these sites for many years to come, scratching your name on a nice statue is a very nice sign of stupidity. When visiting tombs and other places that have been closed to light and normal air for thousands of years, DO NOT TAKE FLASH PICTURES as the extra light will cause the hieroglyphs to lose their sharpness and colour and also DO NOT TOUCH THE WALLS, this will also cause the hieroglyphs to fade and even crumble, these things are extremely fragile. I know it sounds stupid to warn you now, but despite all the warnings and the signs, during our visits people were still touching and taking flash pictures, it does not only get the local guards and guides mad, it is a blatant sign or retardeness, stupidity and disrespect. If you want pictures you may take as many non flash ones (for a fee), or buy postcards, they are better anyways than any picture you could take yourself.Bargain: when buying anything (almost) you should bargain, it is expected from you and will definitively lower your budgeted expenses, it may take time, but is enjoyable. Remember to bargain in a friendly and civilised way.We were a week to Hurghada, I and a friend, to do windsurfing.
We start from the hotel, the Melia Pharaon, one of a thousand hotels that devastate the landscape desert ..... The hotel was very clean, the rooms look nice, but otherwise poor: food cooked and absolutely incommestibili male, all with a single unpleasant taste .... lAmmetto to be accustomed to eating well, but I have always adapted to the strange cuisines, this is not strange because it is international cuisine, is simply obscene .... In addition to meals, the hotel offers little, little animation, beach spacious but "pretend" (and get into the water must travel a long wharf planted in the middle of the sand ...). The hotel also is huge, from the lobby to the beach on foot it takes 15 minutes.

For wind, we found the beach at Tommy Friedl, wonderful! A real beach! Across sand with huts made from palm leaves to cover themselves from the wind, bar by the sea always in palm leaves and videos chiill out. Surf center equipped with latest Neilpryde Sails and F2 and JP boards in + there are also two Egyptians who carry the equipment in water! For the wind we were very lucky, it was always left with 7.4.

Hurghada town is a classic Arab town, very poor and devastated tourism.

ADVICE: Always contracted prices! For taxis contracted before the price rise (do not pay more than 20 Egyptian pounds - 2 euros). Do not drink water from the tap or even ice, and bring back medicines type Imodium for diarrhea. The bottled water is rich in minerals and salt, and this seems to not drink more in no way effects our diuretics comer .... A water like ours is that Nestlé is in the market at Hurghada. The Italians were good then you are smiling with the Egyptians and treat well. Bring sunscreen, sun li no joke! The temperature is around 45 degrees, but dry and not sweating and not suffering from the heat, but watch out that our physical tires before. For more information contact me via mail also.

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  1. Hurghada is a great place to windsurf, and I hear that it has come on a long way in terms of hotel accommodation since I was there in 1997. It was a bit rough around the edges in those days.