Safaga windsurfing

At 50 kilometers south of Hurghada is the most democratic, the Egyptian resort of Safaga. In contrast to the noisy beach-offs of Hurghada and romantic nastoreny lightly El Guny, where the mountains can be seen only from afar, to Safaga, they fit close to the sea, creating a microclimate. Shallow lagoon turquoise waters stretch along the beach, offering excellent conditions for windsurfing and Kitesurfing lessons learning. Safaga spot universal and suitable for the novice rider, as well as for the expert. 

Where to live? (CERF hotels and prices) 

In Safaga not expect Arab luxury mishlenovskie restaurants and sophisticated service of local staff. The main advantage of Safaga hotels - their beaches. Long, sandy and mostly uninhabited, they can not be better to resemble serfovyh vacations and holidays with children than with the pleasure enjoyed by the European serfyry. To recommend suitable accommodation Menaville 4 *, Lotus Bay 3 *, Holiday Inn 4 * and a simple but comfortable Shams Safaga 3 *. 

Where to learn Kitesurfing lessons? (kite school and prices) 

The bay in front of the station at the time of high tide to become a better place for learning Kitesurfing lessons. Waves ostanavlivayutsya 150 meters from the shore, so shallow water level is particularly useful for beginners kayterov. After several lessons can be improved in the high seas, or go by boat, which departs from the station in Kiriyazi. Refined kayterov in Safaga waiting for even the wind and the miles of desert and sandy beaches. Wind from the shore is convenient for kite trip to the island of Taba, in the 3.5 km from the coast to the kite at the station. Refined kayterov in Safaga waiting for even the wind and the miles of desert sand and nice beaches. Available to students and spacious lagoon experienced Riders, can diversify their skating in the surf safari to the island of Taba. In contrast to the noisy-offs spots of Hurghada and romantic nastoreny El Guny, where the mountains can be seen only from afar, to Safaga, they resemble closely to the sea, creating a microclimate. 

Where to learn windsurfing? (surf school and a price) 


Windsurfing. Spot on which the station is convenient for teaching windsurfing and water starting in the shallow lagoons. An advanced rider will love surf trip to the island Toubia, which adds variety to the usual skiing. On the way you try different conditions kataniyaa to consolidate. Here you try to jump or ride the waves normally. To surf trip to possess the skills necessary to start the water. The north wind blows in Safaga, on the very morning. Morning, from the shore on the left side in the direction of side off shore (at an angle from the shore) during the day changing the direction of side shore (along the coast) 


Visa. Single entry visa for tourists is issued on arrival at any of the Egyptian port of entry into the country. To enter you just need to have passport, expiry date of not less than two months from the date of completion of travel. In some cases, border guards may be required to submit a voucher and medstrahovku. The airport visa pasted in the passport stamp, valued at $ 15. For children, the parents entered into the passport, entry is free. Children have their own passport, pay the same amount as vzroslye.Srok act tourist visa issued on arrival - 1 month from the date of entry. 


I S M A and M and A P O N D 
  22 21 22 23 25 26 27 28 27 27 25 24 
Water ° C 
  20 22 23 25 29 31 33 33 31 29 25 22 
Air ° C 

Climate. Safaga climate is hot and dry continental. The hot season from May to October, when the air temperature is warming up to 35 - 40C, and water up to 24 - 26C. The coldest month of January - February. In winter, daily temperatures can climb to 25 - 30C, and at night drop to the 10s and below. Average water temperature in the winter of 18 - 22C. In winter and spring often be dry and hot wind «Hamsin», the temperature at this time povyshatsya to 40 - 45s and the humidity falls below 10% and sand storms occur periodically. Rainfall less than 200 mm per year in most parts of the country there are periods of 2-3 years, when rainfall does not fall at all.
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