Dakhla: Windsurf Challenge

After the success of the event first played in Madagascar in September last year, where Victor Fernandez won the remaining nine riders acomplejantes their guests with combinations of jumps, Windsurf Challenge organizers have launched this year by three waves of testing in exotic spots: Dakhla, in the Spanish Sahara, Sumbawa in Indonesia (no wind during the month of May) and again in September, Madagascar. In this report, under the pretext of talking about a test waves, you can see what the Atlantic in the winter gives each spot located 15 minutes from the school of Rachid Roussafi ... The windsurfer got a Moroccan kiter Dakhla we had sold as a flat water lagoon! 
Morocco. February 2006. 
By Fanny Lestelle 
Photos of Julien Schlosser / Taka Productions 

I know that is not original but the story begins in an airport: Last call for flight to Casablanca ... Where the hell are the Brazilians? Kauli, and Ricardo Brownzhino (Marcilio Browne) is managed for the lost billing and the gate. The temperature in Paris is 12 degrees below zero, but even so, I appear at the end of the hall to enjoy ice cream each. Nothing happens in any case, the porters are playing Tetris with boardbags of our friends, trying to place them in the belly of the plane. The output will be delayed. Already on board, and Ricardo Brownzhino vie for the seat in front. Interestingly, the youngest, also did not have the best seat in the boarding card wins. Marcilio to 1-0. Also flying with us and the French Victor Fernandez Fabrice Beaux and Baptiste Gossein. Moroccans Boujmaa Guilloul, Fettah Ahllamara and Rachid Roussafi ahead in our destiny. At Casablanca. The first Tagine of meat with vegetables, cakes first, the first tea, typical tables and chairs, mosaic ... Welcome to Morocco. 

Arriving in Dakhla 
Tea in the village and Ricardo has already taken his revenge with the seat. It is impossible to keep the account because they are all the time with one another by picándose nonsense, sometimes almost with violence ... until they erupt in laughter again. If you take the trouble to try to find out how fast speak Portuguese, you discover that the topic of conversation is always the same: girls. It seems that the prettier sister Kauli is one of the recurring topics of the other two, which bothers the champion of the world ... Worse than boys. 
But back to Dakhla. The name of this fishing village in the middle of the Sahara is beginning to be known by many windsurfers, especially in Europe, but will become much more in the future as it surely deserves. Is a few kilometers from where Rachid has mounted his camp beside a large lagoon. From here, the nine windsurfers will be moved to wave spots in the area. For some, the atmosphere reminiscent of Punta San Carlos in Baja California, while others enjoy life desoccidentalizada, though without giving up their laptops. 

Foum Labou 
Is the name of one of the spots the wave of Dakhla, Fabrice Beaux opened as soon as I arrived, still out of competition ... I did not expect a wave so close to Europe. Is comparable to that of Punta Preta. While water comes out, Victor admits that just take the right longest of his life ... The magic of discovery is here. In addition, the wind is side off, perfectly designed, and no one else in the water. As Kauli says, is like a water park: no running water is clean and beautiful, the weather is excellent, long surf ... Every day you can surf, surf, and if you are forces to surf again in the afternoon. Until the water park, running before the competition, can be reached by road. It is not the most environmentally friendly way to travel but the only one to reach the beach from the camp today. In addition, drivers are an inexhaustible source of experience and conversation, though, for fear of laughter from some and others seem to manage better the kettle that the steering wheel. Between sitting and sitting, teas loaded with sugar substitute to the best energy drink in Europe. 

After a few days without wind surfing who took as if there were no tomorrow, the wind is back, and with it the competition. First round: three sleeves of fifteen minutes and three riders on each. The first ends with Baptiste Kauli and Victor, although both have an option to repechage. The judges were unanimous in the other two duels: Fabrice ahead of Ricardo and Rachid and surprisingly beat Boujmaa Marcilio Fettah and, through a better selection of waves and the introduction of several Flakes in the middle of the surf. Second round: it's time for the repechage in which the two disposed of each sleeve in the previous round. Rachid gives way to Victor, whose surf demolisher convinces judges, and Kauli Marcilio, commented that the benefits of this system of competition in which riders are judged each other ... Who better than them to know what is truly radical or not? 

The repechage 
Continue the sleeves, but now the waves are not so perfect and good positioning is crucial. Spend the repechage, in addition to Victor, and Boujmaa Ricardo. We have six participants who will make the final thirds, since the final three. This time Brownzhino unable to repeat the gesture of the first round and was taken by Victor. Beaux from the sleeve and Boujmaa is much tighter but the Moroccan knows how to impress the judges and the press machine in full sleeve. As for the battle between Ricardo Kauli and the latter gives greater speed and fluidity in their bottom turns and rollers while Ricardo inexplicably refuses to introduce his incredible skills freestyleras in the waves, leaving the road to final for Kauli. 

Victor in absentia 
The slow wind and the night is coming, but a little rosy forecast for the next few days they decided to proceed with the final between Kauli Victor and Boujmaa. A controversial decision ... Victor, with 75 liters and 5.0 meters of sail, the greatest thing that has been brought because it was assumed that the Windsurf Challenge takes very good condition or not, is clearly lacking in power volume and to select good waves and good points but pulls in getting grip, leaving a half-sleeve. Almería, about fifteen pounds more weight than their contestants, do not agree to hold the final with a wind and waves stunted ... Regarding Kauli despite being overrun by a terrible virus that prevents you from breathing normally, it's like another planet. Knows exactly how to organize their breadth and surf without any hitches two waves from the peak to the edge: two aircraft, three or four rollers, and attempts to Taka Goito ... Benefits unconditionally plantearte do if you really needed to come to Morocco to designate the winner. 

The cartoon crisis 
It is worth commenting on the visit made to our children of secondary school in the village. In a long meeting, in English class, introducing the students and vice versa, the conversation ranged from the wind and the lives of the competitors in each country to big issues: the crisis of the cartoons of Mohammed in world in full swing, the kaulis do not hesitate to touch upon, to the nervousness of the teachers who seem to prefer to extend the conversation about aseptic windsurfing. But everything goes so smoothly and was really surprising to see them so interested in politics. Marcilio also concerned, but in this case you would go to jail for trying to link with a Moroccan girl. While the answer is no, it is debatable whether the idea in a country where its citizens need permission to talk to tourists, one of the many contradictions of this charming Morocco. 

Surf against calories 
In the last few days in Morocco, to escape the wind, the main activity was to catch waves, building to discover the many peaks surrounding quality of the area, until the time came to leave the quiet camp and Rachid, to Ricardo, pay your account chocolates: 250 dirhams. Finally, at the reception hosted by the Director of the Center for Local Investment in the presence of the Governor of the region, do not miss anything: barbecue, fresh fish, camel, kefta, couscous ... The authorities showed great interest in developing tourism in the area and in particular by the wind and, therefore, our riders were treated to desharrapados body of the king. 
Now back in Paris, the Brazilians have to spend a night in the French capital before flying home. Ricardo, asking questions as always, this time to Nicholas, the organizer: I get time to buy chocolate?, Can we go to the Eiffel Tower?, Can we at least go to McDonalds? Windsurf Challenge While this has been more rewarding than a typical PWA competition, there are habits that do not change so easy! 

Dakhla practical as Víctor Fernández 

How to get there. By plane: we must fly to Casablanca and then take a direct flight of Air Maroc, Casablanca, Dakhla. By road: caravans and many European Van roam there. Are 2000 km and an area between Morocco and Casablanca Dakhla we must pass through escorted by the Moroccan army, as the Frente Polisario should not walk away. 

Accommodation. In Dakhla village, which is five minutes from the spot, is the four star Hotel Sahara, as well as many other simple accommodation. In the spot, the best option is the field of Rachid. You will stay in igloo type tents for two people or more within a Jaima giant. The stores include the mattress and you provide them. The sleeping bag so you should bring. The price of accommodation in Rachid \ 's Place includes meals (rich and diverse Moroccan food), water (bottled) and take up the spot of waves on a daily basis. In addition there is another big Jaima that serves as a lounge, dining area to be (when you're in the water). There are toilets, shower rooms, mobile phones and coverage ... is less radical than it may seem from here. If you want tailored to your van, you can also get closer to the waves with her and sleep walk to spot, more than interesting choice for the more fortunate. 

Epoca. The wind is the same trade winds that of Cape Verde, being the best months for surfing waves, not only, in January and February (and there is time to go to plan). Freeride in the lake almost every year to surf and waves from autumn to spring. 

Material. Rachid is headquartered in the wind and kite saltwater lagoon at the foot of camp where you can also rent equipment. If you want to surf the waves of the magnificent place, they take you by car to the water, about 15 minutes of all-terrain (assuming you're staying with them). 

Internet. www.dakhla-attitude.com

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