Kitesurf in Santa Pola: over the Costa Blanca

Santa Pola on the expertise of the more daring kite surfers will leave you in awe. On June 7, on July 5, the August 2 and September 6 participants Kitesurf Championship Racing Santa Pola overflew the coast of this city of Alicante with the goal of rising to win this competition autonomous. The rules of the regatta will be specific to this mode of regulation as RFEV and AEK. 

The popularity of this sport is not just those who practice it. Kitesurf increasingly attracts a good number of visitors to the shores of Valencia in order to enjoy their acrobatics, incredible jumps and colorful print that draws in the sky. 

Santa Pola in fact is, nowadays, a standard for kite enthusiasts. If you're one of them, Come next weekend and visit the Castle of step-Fortaleza de Santa Pola and its watchtowers, declared Bien Cultural Interest. Enjoy this beautiful city and used to admire the natural park of Las Salinas. ¡Irresistible!


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  1. Unknown Says:

    Loving this blog well done, great for looking up info for kitesurfing holidays around the world!

  2. Thank you for the heads up on this, i really appreciate it, keep posting.


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