Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean. This island is almost surrounded by magnificent coral reefs, where you can find an abundant and unique marine life. 

Travel to Mauritius Island, the perfect destination and one of the best in the world to kite, in its spectacular clear-water lagoons and protected from the waves of the Indian and the white sharks, constant wind and white sand beaches, the most experts outside the reef, wind and waves to enjoy and for those who do not kite, nothing happens in paradise, enjoy it .... simply unforgettable. 


Emeraude Hotel 3 * 

Located in one of the best beaches and lagoons of Mauritius, only 1 hours drive from the airport on the island. 

Is on the east coast. The beach of fine white sand, protected by a coral reef. It has 2 swimming pools, barbecue, Italian restaurant, spa and many facilities for water sports. Double rooms to support a 3rd adult. 

All rooms have 2 beds, bathroom with shower and window, tv, telephone, individual air conditioning. Very well located with respect to the spots and kite trips
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  1. wow this quite amazing.. I've got interested with that..I think it would be a lot of fun..