Kauli in Jaws

Kauli Seadi is not a usual Jaws as Kevin, Robby, Polakow and Stones Rundle and other residents of Maui. Actually happens or not half the time them on the island and this was the second time I table (the first was years ago, on a cloudy day and smaller) ... Began to swell hit the North Shore of Maui on the morning of April 9, a little late for this season is that waves in Hawaii, and was supposed to reach its maximum size at midday, but anticipated the waves and then took off the wind, so that when they started the same evening rular photos of Kauli among residents, more than one hair is pulled from seeing that the Brazilian had made a super session alone in front of their noses. John Carter tells us. 

Kauli see that the whole world would know what that was all well planned ... 
The day before at night and gave us in the nose was going to be working but thought it would be really great. Maintained under the prediction of waves past two days and the maximum size would be for the following afternoon. Since we were halfway through the photoshoot of Quatro, Hookipa had left at 10.30 pm to arrive before the lot of people. There were big waves, but information is scrambled, like a storm, and it was best to take pictures. We were stopped, deciding what to do, when they arrived a couple of great series that broke away from Turtle Bay to Lanes. Seeing, Keith (Teboul) and I said: Follow the photoshoot in Jaws! . So we discard the plan and Hookipa went to prepare for jet skis Keith. We did not have time to go first to Jaws to see how it was, so we decided to take everything and go over there, risking that it might not work. 
Now what of the bike ... 
Yes (laughs) ... the bike had stopped a long time and the battery had discharged. Put it to charge for an hour but Keith did not thank you very much the idea of leaving the battery to the load that would be olona. We had a time of downturn, the feeling that the matter would not come out well, but Keith began calling people to see if someone left another battery. When we went to leave, Maxi, a friend brought us a brand new battery. The truth is that I felt frustrated so far. I wanted to surf Jaws, but it seemed that everything was being twisted. 
What were you when you look at the port of Maliko salisteis? 
We had too much weight on the bike and we were fatal. After turning just outside and was afraid that no re-boot. We were three on the bike and I had to go all the way back in the skate. In fact I trip on the road. I was nervous and, to cap it all, we started down the material ... The truth is that it was all a bit botched, especially to go to surf the biggest waves of my life ... 
And they lost the mast of Keith ... 
None of us realized that we were draining the bumper on the road. It was a bad round because he was the best gigs he was getting up there and suddenly had no neck, like a nightmare. I could have left the mine after it was short sail to sail. Keith was mad about sailing but I knew that Maliko back to take the car to go home to pick up another stick and again until there was a move impossible to do. So the loss of the mast meant that I was going to have to sail alone ... Even just browsing in my home in Brazil I do not like, but just be Jaws with waves of 20 feet ... I do not mind admitting that he was cagado. 
How was the bathroom? 
Amazing. The best session of my life big waves. Undoubtedly the biggest waves I've ever caught. I was super focused on my surfing and not thinking about anything else. He was very clear that he did not want to fall. I knew that photographers were on the hill and that Keith was on the bike, but I was only focused on the water around me. Was a single bathroom. Adrenaline was 100% and I love that feeling ... ¡Aaaaaaah! 
How did you know where to take off the (starting to get off the wave)? 
I started with great care and really do not risk a lot in no time. Look no further vertical downspouts of my life, if you mean that. He had a new table in order twin (two keels) that had not ever used, had no experience with it. If you are honest I was quite scared. He had a Boxer 4.5 meters and the table was a small 7 3 shaped by Keith. I was amazed how well the table was so big in those waves. Actually, not so much a twin who was so inadequate, but that was so cortita clearly too short to split this size. The only thing special about wearing a wetsuit was made by Mormaii with added buoyancy in case. 
Anything in particular that of the wave that you remember? 
I caught two in the huge bathroom. In two series was clearly larger than all others. The only thing that I thought was to throw straight and not commit any error. In the second I could hear the water of the bike shrieking with excitement to see me get off that. It was huge! At least three tall masts, and could notice all that power behind me ... In fact, I was crying too ... It was probably the biggest wave of my life. I was scared but it was enjoying the most amazing bathroom in all my years of windsurfer. However, it was impossible to hit the lip, I admit. 
What happened at the end? 
I made a decision. The wind was away and got too close to a cut back. It was a small section over and I fell over without problem but the next wave broke my neck. At least I am still alive after the bath. That is what is important. After the flow of the canal and pulled me out desaparej√© to go. 
How did you feel afterwards? 
We went home to celebrate ... I like getting tested. In a way this meeting was something I was missing in my career that I have no doubt. I mean these were the biggest waves I've ever caught, and just surf Jaws is quite unusual. As for Keith, I was annoyed at not being able to get good but not that it had been at home watching TV. I did a lot of questions on the table and I think she enjoyed seeing how well it was in its new shape such as a wave. 
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