Jericoara, windsurfing and Brazil

Windsurfers and lovers of giant waves, the ideal place to spend a few days of pure adrenaline is in the state of Ceara, Brazil. Hundreds of miles of deserted beaches on which blows a constant breeze. The most exclusive place for the serf is Jericoara, a small paradise hidden in the dunes and reached by a jeep. E 'a place that anyone who knows him, fortunately deemed abandoned by God, pure, pristine and wild. In the small town there are no roads, walking on the sand, clubs and cafes are constructions of natural wood. E 'a paradise for surfers who enjoy the day to challenge the nature and the giant waves in the evening and relax on the large dune participating in the collective ritual of sunset, dancing the capoeira circle. The evening is even more beautiful. We can relax on the beach and drinking colorful cocktails. To sleep, if you want, you can go to the pousadas. There are many, the most charming is undoubtedly Vila Kalango ( Br). Ce a pousadas Italian Pousada Casa de Areia. So there's nothing to do. Brazil is the birthplace of fun and happiness. Advantage to have fun putting to the test with your passion for surfing.
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