Holy Thursday epic

The anticyclone was well placed from the third day of April, so I prefer to spend Easter at home. As in August with my friend Miguel del Toro, but this time the title would be: Galicia, a spot in seven days. The conditions, as always, very good side right off the waves and half a meter and half the day. Since Tuesday I knew that Holy Thursday we have something special, and leave the water, I commented to Manel (ratilla windsurfers sailed to 100% of days). The forecast was for sun, wind and swell sluggish Northeast Northwest of three meters. 

Tomorrow at ten o'clock began to enter my phone calls. Alejandro (the pilot) I'm at the airport of Vigo, how do you see? Victor (of Waira) Here in Vigo, calma chicha, what do I do? Manel (Network) ¡¡uff! Que buena pinta, go up to San Jorge?. My answer to all was: ~ Syo climb to San Jorge and I think it will be a day not to miss ~ T. Thereby encouraging more colleagues Victor de Vigo, like Manolo or Roberto (Pumuky) and Alejandro (the pilot) and the Dani Lanzada. I called Caesar. The one we were all in the water along with other friends in the area: Javi Tena Quinito, Zambo, Carlos and Fernando de Gijón. The meeting was a ten. Wave singles. I left, and surf virabas alone. Six hours without stopping, each with a different style, from the tombs at the bottom of Zambo, wanting to fly from Caesar or the Pilot, the Manel control of the spot or we descend olona Roberto Dani and me. I really realized how good it was the day when out and fall under the right looked like Victor and Manolo superglass caught waves with emerald-green sea. It was not a day of jumping, but sometimes you run the square and the vertical wall of two meters backloops allowed so perfect that you become a spectator of the maneuver. Burst finish, and while desmontábamos, my obsession was to see the photos that had Maru (official photographer), 360 in total, reflecting all the details. Manel, I also had the smile of the winner and Dani said: what a day!. 
In Galicia, are few sessions like this magic, so I went to celebrate with my wife and my son Lola Sebas recommended by Javier Tena, a seafood dinner at the fish-hatchery Albariño de San Felipe. The next day, I just wanted another day of waves that did not come, but on Saturday, this time in another perfect left-wing spot north of San Jorge.
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