Windsurfing in Essaouira

   Windsurfing holidays in Essaouira
The ancient fortified city of Essaouira offers a unique blend of culture and Atlantic sailing conditions. This is a fairly whitewashed town was a prosperous port of fifteen centuries, and with a rich history offers interesting and fascinating rest.
Essaouira has become a magnet for poets, artists and craftsmen from the eighteenth century, in the tiny streets crammed with the local pottery and handicrafts. In the evenings fisherman to return to port in their brightly painted boats, their nets bursting with sardines, and people jostle to buy fresh fish berth. You will not be able to find anything fresh for lunch! ON SPOT
Main Gulf in the form of sand crescent bay Essaouira offers a mixed environment with a flat shallow water closer to the city, crushed in the middle of the bay, and the waves downwind. Ideal for all levels, as well as the wave of newcomers.
MOULAY BOUZERKTOUNE: In sideshore wind stronger than Essaouira, where the Atlantic and the Northeast bidding meet, Moulay offers one of the best wave spots just outside Europe. In winter with 2 - 5 meters waves this place for sure just wave sailors.
SIDI KAOUKI South of Essaouira is 5 km beach again with a cross shore wind and waves good winter. The conditions here may vary, with different entry and you will find the right waves for beginners and more advanced wave sailors. WIND

In the wind (north-east trade wind) blows offshore side to side to the right. In the summer months, that is in June - August, in thermals created much difference in the land and sea temperature accelerates trade winds averaging bft 6 - 8, but because of the massive beach area, it is always safe, even for less experienced.
Autumn and winter winds can during the tour, and comes from the left and it is easy to an average of about bft 4 - 6. It is also the primary season with light waves wave sailing spot in the main by about 1-2 meters, but completely in the wake of navigation in the main wave spot at the end of the main bay and Mulay. In WINDSURFING

Essaouira offers windsurfing opportunity to swim in a whole different conditions. During the summer months, you can count on finding minor windchop in flat conditions in the morning, with waves building in the afternoon at the end of the wind-down day Gulf. Wave conditions particularly well on the south side of the Bay in spring and autumn (-4 m 2), but lower for the period from mid-June to August (0,5 to 1 m) for beginners wave sailors.
Water temperature is typically 20 ° C in summer (shortie) decreased to about 15C in the winter (full 5 / 3). Typically, the conditions are suitable for all levels, in the summer sailors and waves in winter. Other events

With wave surfing spots nearby are very popular in this area. You can take a boat trip to the Mogador islands and bird sanctuary at Purpuaires lies. For more active quad bike is very popular.
Old Town is well explored - in a maze of streets and alleyways always like to throw new look or sound at every turn. On a hill Safi is potters quarter, in which you will find dozens of famous potters creating their difficult work. Along with carpets, glassware, leather goods, etc. This silver shoppers paradise! In KITESURFING

Courses and sets are rolled in Mistral centre. The conditions are usually ideal for beginners, in the morning. In the long sandy bay and curved cross shore winds, these very safe teaching conditions. In NIGHT

Stores are open till late at night to a bustling city and takes on a new aura after nightfall. There are several excellent restaurants offering local seafood and delicious tagines (casseroles). In Morocco predominantly Muslim, you will not be served alcohol in restaurants, but you will find a few bars. Made claims

UK / EU passports Full 10 year passports are valid until at least 6 months after the date of return. No visa required. Other passport check with the Moroccan Embassy (020 7581 0719). HEALTH ADVICE

There are no mandatory vaccinations when travelling from the UK, but we recommend to check with your GP for the last council.
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