Masters of Speed 2007

Saintes Maries de la Mer in southern france will open its Speed Canal again. The chase for records and the 50knots barrier will take place with a selection of competitors on a 1000M canal in Les Saintes Maries de la Mer, France. The event is slated to take place throughout the entire winter months of 2007/08 for a period of 5-months. This is the ideal time to harness the energy generated by the famous South-East and Mistral winds and the location is proven with eight outright world records in the past 20 years.
The 'Canal', as it is known to the sailors, is the unmistakable location where today's windsurfing technology has the potential to explore the unknown depths of speed. The trench itself is 1,100 meters long with a width of 30 meters.
There are three overlapping, 500 M courses on each side accommodating the four quadrant wind directions. NW, N/NE, SW & SE. The two most favourable directions are the widely known 'Mistral', which blows from a N/NE direction and the 'Le Marin', which blows from the SE. This particular wind carries enormous potential to deliver on a grand scale.
The Canal will be moulded and cared for by Christophe Simian and Fabrice David, who are very experienced collaborating record attempts in Stes. Maries and all potentially fast times will be officially ratified by the WSSRC, who will have an observer on hand.
Finian Maynard (11): two-time outright world record holder, fastest current speed of 48.70-knots
Karin Jaggi (14): former outright world record holder, slalom world champion, Best personal speed 41,25 knots
Patrik Diethelm (ITA120): production speed world champion). Best personal speed 43,09 knots
Valerie Ghibaudo(444): speed world champion, Best personal speed 39,02 knots
David Garrel(22): former French record holder, Best personal speed 45,51 knots
Cedric Bordes (91): Best personal speed 39,78 knots
Marion Raisi
John Smalley(K42): Best personal speed 40,75 knots
Farrel O´Shea (K81): Best personal speed 39,07 knots
Andrea Baldini (ITA223): Best personal speed 36,64 knots
Francesco d´Urso (62): Best personal speed 39,55 knots
Markus Pöltenstein: Best personal speed 39,08 knots
Henrik Klagges (111): Best personal speed 37,88 knots
Thomas Gaudiot
Interview by
Pascal Maka (Organiser):
"Masters of speed is on again!! This year our motivation has been really activated since kite riders have done good times in Namibia.
In mid of October we have started the hard work part with our excavator pilot to re shape perfectly the new streamlined banks of the canal, it is very important to get perfect wind in the bottom of competitors sails and also to have the right water level for a flatter water surface. Christophe and Fabrice have tuned the timing system. Our goal this time is to break the 50 knots barrier.
When I watch the video tape for the hundredth time Finian and Karin's world record runs on April 10th 2006, I can tell you now 2007-2008 MOS competitors have a wide range to break new world records: more than 50 knots for Men and more than 45 knots for Women...
We have extended the world record attempt to 5 months to get more chances to score the right wind conditions during the winter time.
Let's hope we make it again - but this time 50 Knots +!"
Finian Maynard (Outright Speed World Record Holder):
"I am very excited to come back to the Canal in France which is a location with a proven track record in the chase for higher speeds and ultimately the 50-knot barrier. This winter we are all putting in a very big effort in the form of a 5-month period and I hope we get the perfect day in which to realize windsurfing's true potential on the speed course. F2 is fielding a strong team for this challenge and we are after many different records! I hope we can achieve what we set out to do. Stay tuned."
Karin Jaggi (F2 Team Manager, Female Windsurf Speed World Record Holder):
"Just a few weeks ago I lost the outright women speed record to Sjoukje Bredenkamp, a female kiter. Many people asked me how I felt... All I can say is that I am soooooo much looking forward to a windy day on the canal! I always stated that the two days of record conditions I experienced at the "ditch" are some of my favorite windsurfing memories I have from 15-years touring the world. The beauty and force of nature – the raging elements – a team of friends gathering around the "ditch" – ready to brave the elements together in the pursuit of theirs dreams – I am getting excited every time I even think about it! And I finally have a goal and reason to be there again – thanks to Sjoukje!"
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