Bahia Feliz

Gran Canaria was the home of international windsurfing elite in the past few years. Stars as Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Marcos Perez, Vidar Jensen and Moreno sisters lived here since they were very young, or even born on the island. Others, like to come here by train. This is not surprising, since the conditions perfect. The trade wind blows almost constantly throughout the year!

Club Mistral centre will be located directly behind the glorious Gulf Bahia Feliz, which adjoined a holiday resort, in the garden, which is more like a park. In winter, Bahia Feliz is one of the best places in the Canary Islands. Sideshore wind blowing from the left and inside the bay, with its flat water conditions are suitable for practicing beach and the water starts or gybing. In addition waves of newcomers will find swell, with waves that are just right for jumping. It is not only an advanced user will receive this place; newcomers, too, will generally find some calmer conditions in the morning, which made its first attempt at windsurfing.

In summer, the trade winds are stronger and more permanent - but they mostly increasingly from the north, so the Bahia Feliz often in the wind shadow of the island during high summer. However, we have used our imagination, and now offer surfing excursions in the very center of the bus during the summer, the high wind sites in the vicinity of the famous places in the Pozo Izquierdo, Salinas de Arinanga or ketchup.

Gran Canaria in the mountains, which up to 2000 meters high, beckoning you to go mountain biking and hiking. Beautiful scenery of dunes, strange rock-arrays, fertile valleys and subtropical forests alternates, all in a very small distance.
As you can see, there is quite a variety, and this, coupled with pleasant temperatures year round.

Our insider tips:
Most fresh catch of the day can be found in one of the many fish restaurants directly on the fishing port Arguineguin - 15 km away from the Bahia Feliz
An excursion to the remote mountain (2000) on the rental car or helicopter
Mountain bike tour across the island - Happy Biking offers a wide range of guided tours
One of the interesting and pristine environment for shopping, tourist, or feast awaits you in Las Palmas - 45 km von Bahia Feliz