My girlfriend and I spent a week kiting in Bonaire this past November and I have been wanting to write a review for all the kiters out there looking for a great new place to go.
I have been to Bonaire now 8 times now and would generally windsurf or scuba dive as it’s an excellent place for both. My girlfriend and I are still beginners at kiting, climbing that learning curve for our second year now and would highly recommend Bonaire to anyone looking for a great place to kite on a vacation and/or for lessons.
The guys at Kite Bonaire, Stephan and Roan, are exceptionally helpful and simply great people to kite with. The Locals are extremely friendly.
The beach where kiting is allowed (Atlantis and Pink) is off shore wind, so be sure to get help from KiteBonaire if you are not an expert. The beach and the island in general is never crowded and even during peak season, but can be a bit more expensive in the peak season for hotel. Scuba diving is the main tourist draw there so if you dive too, it’s in my opinion, some of the best diving in the Caribbean.
Boniare has excellent food / restaurants and great hotels. ( The Belle Fonte is the my favorite place to stay). On a budget, check out the Lizrard Inn. You will likely want to rent a car even though the island is small, everything is pretty spread out.
Check out the park (Washington) on the far side of the island if there is no wind one day, really nice but takes a whole day to get through (and you need a truck).
If you live in Europe, KLM flies direct there almost daily.
IF you live in the US, it is not easy to get there and generally takes multiple flights as American / Air Jamacia have cancelled their flights there last year. Continental flies direct through Newark, NJ and I think Houston TX, starting in 2006.
If you are considering Aruba to Kite, (I’ve been there to kite as well) Bonaire in my opinion is far better. Fewer crowds, more low key, and less expensive, more beautiful. If you like the wild nightlife , gambling, sandy beaches, etc..Aruba is probably the way to go though. Bonaire is very quiet.
Happy travels
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