Byron Bay beginning of April.

April is not the best month... either summer or winter are good. Autumn gets a lot of westerlies - offshore. That can be OK at the Pass (faces west) or in Ballina River but pretty gusty. April winds would probably be better further north up into Queensland -- not sure tho.
Byron at the end of Feb is usually still good. After hot still humid days, the wind kicks in from the north or NE... 15kn average. Often get a couple of days change from the south - stronger wind... good then at Flatrock or the open beaches. Sometimes get the tail end of a cyclone swinging down from Queensland, so big swell days (sometimes)...
Tallows is a great kiting Beach - but strangely I'm often the only one there... most tourists stay in Byron Bay itself. Tallows is accessed through Suffolk Park a little to the south. Plenty of space. Good waves. Good on a NE (summer pattern) or SE (winter pattern).
Watch out for turtles - they are lucky to have survived already. Check the dolphins... you probably will see some - there are 2 local pods.
Please please please show RESPECT. We do not have kiting restrictions here... but if someone starts smartarsing-kiteloop-mobe-bigair-speedkiting through swimmers or surfers at main beach, that will be the end of that freedom. Please keep your distance - both rigging - and kiting. Main Beach is only for experienced kiters... it gets too crowded with picnicers, swimmers, surfers, etc. to risk injuries from beginners.
kite Instructors - there are 2 I know of - will try to post links if I can find them.
Have fun, see you round, please ALL show Respect, thanks 
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